The Google Beat for November 5, 2010

Uploaded by Googlebeat on 05.11.2010

Anne Espiritu here with the Google Beat -- bringing you some of the week’s hottest
searches on Google in the US.
Last week, we talked about some of the most popular Halloween-related search terms. Searches
for halloween peaked on Oct. 31, and searches for nyc halloween parade, halloween music,
and makeup were also up that day.
Some people were clearly inspired by costumes they saw on popular morning shows.
Searches for regis and kelly halloween 2010 and today show halloween costumes shot up
on Oct. 29.
Americans have also noticed that it’s getting darker earlier these days.  
Searches for daylight savings 2010 were up 250% this week, and time change fall 2010
was so popular last Saturday that it became the #4 search term on Google Hot Trends.
Oh, and don’t forget to roll your clocks back an hour this Sunday!
Tuesday was Election Day. To get in the mood, viewers across the country were interested
in Jon Stewart’s interview with President Obama on The Daily Show.
Searches for obama stewart rose well over 1,600% this week. And searches for daily show
were up 250%. People also checked out Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC.
According to Google Hot Trends on October 30, terms like rally to restore sanity schedule
and attendance also skyrocketed.
Since San Francisco is home to many Googlers, we’ve been paying lots of attention to the
World Series... and so have many of you! Searches for world series 2010 were up 120%. That term
peaked on Saturday, during game 3, and remained high through the final game on Monday.
And even though Texans were more likely than Californians to search for world series 2010,
there were more people searching for the term giants than rangers.  
And on that note, a big congratulations to the Giants for their first world series title in
San Francisco.
Well, that’s it for this edition of the Google Beat.  I’m Anne Espiritu, and I’ll
see you next week.