Help! I got hacked! - World of Warcraft & Diablo III compromised account (WoW D3 Bnet)

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Hello and thank you for watching!
You probably just discovered suspicious activity on your account,
found out that gold and items are missing from your characters
or that you simply cannot log in anymore.
For these situations and more,
the following scenario will show you
what steps to take after being hacked
and how to get your account, characters and equipment back.
When trying to log in to our account,
we realize our password is not working anymore.
We decide to check our emails.
Maybe Blizzard sent us a notification about what's going on.
That's strange... they locked our account
and claim that abusive behaviour was detected.
It was not us so someone else must have gained access to our account.
Hmm…we are sure that we never gave our account data to anyone else,
not even to our family or closest friends.
But this would mean…
Oh no…our account must have been hacked!
Let's remain calm and think about what to do next.
A quick search on the website's Knowledge Center
reveals that there are detailed instructions available.
As we no longer have access to our account
we cannot change its password at this point,
so we move on to the Account Recovery Form.
It suggests securing our computer system first,
as it could have been compromised by a keylogger
or other malicious software that steals account information
and sends it to a third party.
We decide that's a good idea but we are not sure
about how to do an anti-virus scan.
However, our friend is very handy with computers,
so we call him and he guides us through the whole process.
He even explains the different kinds of malicious software
and what programs to use to remove them.
In addition to running anti-virus, we install and execute
an Anti Spyware program from the list of programs Blizzard provides.
Several threats are identified.
We let the program remove them from our system.
The next tip suggests changing our
email account password in case it got keylogged.
We go ahead and do that.
Now that we have secured our system, we thank our friend
and continue the account recovery on our own.
In the next step, we fill in all required information.
After clicking Continue, we are prompted for verification to ensure
we are the real owner of the account.
We try to enter our security question,
but it seems we don't remember it correctly.
As we don't have any game key at hand either,
it looks like we will have to provide a digital picture of our ID.
Fair enough. We know that Blizzard uses any data
we send them just for the purpose of helping us out,
so there's no reason not to trust them.
After taking a clear and readable picture of our ID with our mobile phone
we connect it to our computer and upload the file.
We fill out the rest of the form and click on Continue
to finish the account recovery process.
Shortly after, we receive an email from Blizzard
with a link to reset our password which we do right away.
On the final page of the account recovery form
we learn that everything else will be taken care of.
For example, any restriction put on our account
following suspicious activity will be removed from
our account by Blizzard's customer support.
They will also work on restoring our possessions in World of Warcraft
and Diablo III and contact us via email when everything is done.
Diablo III restorations can only be done by returning
our characters to a previous state.
Blizzard advises against playing the game in the meantime
as we would lose all progress if we opt for this rollback.
We keep this in mind and check the list of common thefts on
while waiting for Blizzard's response.
This should help us find out about how
our account got compromised and what we have
to be aware of in order to avoid potential future attacks.
Great news!
Blizzard has just informed us via email that the
account recovery has been completed and that they were able to
restore our World of Warcraft characters, gold and items.
For Diablo III, they let us know that a restoration via
rollback is possible, but they need our confirmation.
We try to log in to the game to check if we lost anything.
It worked! We do have access to our account again.
But…oh no…our characters have been stripped
and all their items are gone.
It's good that Blizzard offers the rollback service.
We give them a positive answer, knowing that much will be restored.
Finally, we decide that this has caused us
too much trouble to risk letting it happen again.
We read about the high level of security a authenticator provides
and a service called SMS protect, which notifies us
about account changes via text message.
As both are available for free, we activate Mobile Alerts
and download and apply the authenticator application
for our smart phone immediately.
Having to punch in some numbers when logging in to
our account means very little effort compared to
the hassle we had after getting our account hacked.
We hope this video has provided all the information
you needed to recover your account.
Thanks for watching, good luck, and have fun!
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