CGRundertow SEA WOLF for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 04.02.2012

Much to my dismay, this is not some aquatic prequel in which we discover that Liam Neeson
actually takes a boat to the plane and that it, in fact, is attacked by a strange pack
of creatures called sea wolves.
A pack of creatures he disposes of one at a time.
No. Instead, this is a kind of remake-sequel-type-thing to an arcade game that was released in 1976.
And though it’s thoroughly Neeson-less, it’s still pretty badass. The spirit of
the original resurfaces on the iPhone in Sea Wolf.
From the team at Coastal Amusements, Sea Wolf is a simple action game built from addictive
gameplay that proves its arcade DNA. Controlling a crosshair on the center
of the screen, you blow stuff up. Boats, bridges, airplanes, icebergs—all are suitable targets
for your torpedo-fueled rage.
Release the Sea Wolf.
The catch with Sea Wolf is the game is controlled entirely by motion and touch. Aim simply by
tilting the device to the left or the right like a steering wheel. Shoot torpedoes by
tapping the two fire buttons on the bottom of the screen. Use anti-air turrets with a
swipe of your finger. Express frustration by throwing the device with your arms.
Crazy and perhaps annoying as it all sounds, depending on your perspective, the controls
are fantastic. It can get pretty hectic, with all the touching and tilting—as you can
plainly see—but the controls are very responsive, and they totally fit the premise. You actually
feel like you’re looking down a periscope while frantically trying to keep your vessel
Of course, while your first instinct will be to shoot everything in sight, that’s
not the approach to take in Sea Wolf. You have a limited number of torpedoes, and unless
you refill your stock by shooting crates, you fail your mission if you run out of ammunition.
So the objectives actually require a more deliberate and careful approach than the game’s
chaotic appearance might suggest.
Translation? I ran out of torpedoes a lot.
So the gameplay is great, but the biggest drawback with Sea Wolf is that the game looks
kind of drab. The colors aren’t very bright, and the environments in which your battles
take place aren’t much to take in visually. It’s not bad-looking, by any means. Just
a lot less exciting to look at than to play.
Fortunately, though, it is exciting to play. And for two dollars, it’s definitely a game
arcade fiends and old-school gamers should check out. If you’re looking for a retro
experience that benefits from modern controls, put Sea Wolf in your crosshairs.