Do your own research!

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Do your own research! I first started hearing this argument when
I got into a facebook argument with some vegans. I warn you this video will tick off a lot
of viewers. Looks like my new years resolution to stay away from confrontational issues is
going to fail as this video will discuss diet and the next video will take on accupuncture
and chiropractic and my own journey away from medical pseudoscience The overwhelming emotional
power of death and cute can make many vegans and vegetarians act as self-righteous or irrational
as the religious. Their response to one of my points was, “Do your own research, I
don't have to study for you!” It was specifically on the protein myth which is a claim made
by some vegetarians and vegans that we actually have too much protien in our diet following
the food pyramid and eating meat or eggs. I wanted evidence besides opinion websites,
and I couldn't find anything when doing a web search. There where opinion links with
no research backing it, just more hearsay links. The only people with research links
backing them were body building sites and paleo diet pages who both heavily backed their
sources. They both called the protein myth a myth because not all proteins absorb the
same way and depending on how active you are you need a lot more animal based protein.
Being a micro and cell biologist I can understand how cells uptake nutrients and the slight
variations can change the efficiency. There is also other evidence that lack of animal
fat in your diet, especially fish, can cause things like depression and decrease good cholesterol
causing an imbalance. Just some anecdotal evidence here, since I started eating more
paleo it has been nearly half a year since I last had depression even though my current
job status should have me fighting bouts of depression like I used to.
Now their natural reaction was, “you just like meat so you will be biased against anything
we show you.” I actually have a wide range of vegetarian recipes I can cook and enjoy,
so that’s not really it at all. Its like a Christian saying that we actually believe
in god we just don't want to stop sinning. It doesn't make their claim any more valid,
and my life would actually require very little change if I suddenly realized that the Christians
were right. I haven't studied the paleo position enough
so I'm agnostic on the issue still. They cite their studies with science however. They could
be wrong, perhaps because they don't certain branches of science and they come to very
logical sounding conclusions, they just lack evidence in important areas but at least they
are on the right track. The protein myth people however have no science behind theirs online.
If you have science back linked to for the protien myth please PM them to me. If they
did I could look at both of their scientific sources and make my own decision based on
who had the best argument and data. If you don't have this evidence, then you need to
keep it to yourself and enjoy your own choice you made for yourself, much like how the liberal
religious do. I actually have 3 reasons for not being vegetarian
1)I understand human evolution, biochemistry and how cellular uptake works, there are extremely
subtle changes in the chemistry that can cause cell to not uptake like the difference between
ethyated and methylated mercury, one can cause poisoning and one will just pass through your
body. 2)I understand zoology and just how much animal suffering evolutionary pressures
cause. Every day billions of animals die in cruel ways at the claws of other animals.
Sadly many millions animals also live and die cruely at the hands of humans. Of course
they don't have to, non-factory farmed animals can live nearly like pets most of their lives
and die painlessly. One can eat meat, milk and eggs without all the suffering, one just
has to be aware and stay away from the supermarkets, and these animal products are more nutrient
rich because they had their more natural food and lower levels of stress. 3) Animals receive
more charity donations than humans. Humans generate the money and the cruelty. Until
we fix the problem of human suffering, we will not even put a dent in the problem of
animal suffering. When people are well off and less stressed their cortisol levels lower
and their oxytocin levels rise as a society making them more aware of the harm they are
doing toward others and animals. Science is already working on non-killing forms of meat,
grown in vats which if they prove to provide the same nutrients content and ability for
my cells to uptake the way they evolved to, then I will gladly switch to eating that instead
and it will have a major climate impact. The most insulting part of this rebuttal is
the assumption that they are awesome for doing their own research, and you are worthless
and lazy because since you don't agree with them you obviously didn't study as much as
they did. HeyRuka did this in her racism rants refusing to cite her sources, just read books
and look on the internets and you will come to the same conclusion she did. Because its
just unpossible to come to a different conclusion than you if you do a google search. For one
thing, there are tons and tons of websites out there, and there are so many different
scientific studies that people in ones own field may be completely unaware of.
Even once I've realized that a creationist is too uninformed to even bother with without
them doing their homework, I will still direct them to places they can start from the basics
even if I know they aren't going to do the research needed. Instead there is that attitude
of disgust and acting superior, which is a intimidation tactic used to frame the conversation
to create an atmosphere of appeal to authority of the self. There are so many studies out
there in science, its quite possible I may have not read the information you have and
missed that important paper showing your opinion to be correct. They are libraries and websites
just full of research that only get read by a few. Please direct me to your evidence or
remain silent. You are just using your conclusion from your research as a smokescreen that you
are talking out of your ass with no evidence. Your idea may be right, but the methodology
is completely wrong so I will have no way to determine if you are right at all.
While I don't have problems with debates in the comment section please keep them civil,
or I may block you, I want rational vegetarians and vegans discussing on this video and not
the fanatical ones that make them look bad.