BIG (빅) E01

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I'm sorry, excuse me.
Aigoo! (Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Thank you!
Please be careful.
This is a bridal bouquet.
The bouquet is here!
The bouquet--
Why is the bouquet--
Da Ran...
Min Ju,
you're the bride?
Oh, hello!
Long time no see, how are you?
Everyone is here?
Da Ran,
I couldn't send you a wedding invitation
because they ran out.
I'm sorry.
Min Ju, congratulations.
Thank you.
Bride, let's take a picture with your friends.
Come, stand closer together.
Da Ran, come take it with us too?
Oh... I can't.
I still have goods to deliver, I need to go now.
I'm so happy I saw you today.
Congratulations, Min Ju. Congratulations. Goodbye!
See you. Walk slowly.
-=Bride's side=- I came to deliver the bouquet.
Please give me a stamp.
Please give me a food coupon.
Look at this.
I should pass this time, the wedding invitations can only be received by those who already passed.
If I don't pass, I can't get married.
Yes? Hello?
Yes, I've finished all the deliveries, I'll be back soon.
What? The wrong bouquet was sent?
The ceremony has already started.
Why is it my responsibility?
Da Ran, you haven't left yet?
I'm also her friend, I have to stay till the end.
Gang Min Ju, your luck must be real good.
You only spent 30 000 Won,

yet you got a million Won bouquet for your marriage.
That bouquet, I have to get it back.
Yes, I also gave my cash gift.
I'm eligible to catch that bouquet.
Throw it.
That day, although I didn't catch my friend's bouquet,
I caught myself a man.
Flying over 36 steps,
I broke my tailbone and my wrists.
I missed my professional examination that took place 7 days later.
I was hospitalized for 2 months.
In that time, that man treated my injuries.
That man is a doctor.
He proposed to me the day he took off my casts.
A month later, I'm getting married to him.
=If I could have such good luck with meeting people,=
=I wouldn't mind rolling down the stairs for that.=
=I'm also preparing for the next professional examination.=
=Starting this spring, I will be working at a high school.=
=I want to be a good wife and a good teacher.=
=Please cheer me on.=
=Now, to the author who gave us such a good article,=
=we will give them a gift as encouragement and congratulations.=
=We've prepared a high pressure rice cooker for them.=
=The next song is Lee Seung Gi's "Will You Marry Me".=
I don't know him,
why did he kept staring at me?
Hey, wait up.
Are you following me off the bus?
Omo, what to do? (Omo - oh my)
Look, I'm getting married to someone soon.
Furthermore, I'm a lot older than I look.
Please don't be like this.
Uh oh, I don't mean that.
This is mine.
This is my umbrella.
You took my umbrella when you got off.
That's why I followed.
Let go!
What do I do now?
Where's my umbrella?
On the bus.
You didn't take my umbrella when you got off?
Why would I take someone else's umbrella when getting off?
I took your umbrella when getting off,
you should have taken mine when you got off.
We should take care of our own umbrellas.
It's all because you kept staring me,
I was too nervous and took the wrong umbrella.
You stared at me, didn't you? Didn't you?
So what if I stared?
See, you stared!
You stared at me, and even laughed, right?
You're right.
Yes, right.
You're right, because it was too funny.
It's funny watching you listen to the radio.
=We've prepared a high pressure rice cooker for them.=
Electric rice cooker, yes!
That's why you were staring at me?
Was I the only one who stared?
Everyone on the bus was looking at you.
Does that mean that you only had eyes for me?
That's probably true.
Ajumma's don't see ajussi's. (Ajumma - older lady, aunt; Ajussi - older man, uncle)
They only see handsome young men.
Getting so happy that they even take the wrong umbrella off the bus.
"Are you following me off the bus?"
Oh my God.
Are you planning on following me the whole way?
No, I'm going now.
I'm sorry, I misunderstood you.
I regret that I didn't take my umbrella off the bus.
Is the high school that you're working at here?
You don't need to know.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
Teacher Gil Da Ran.
You look very cool today.
Yes, I lost my umbrella on the way over.
That's why I got rained on.
Teacher Gil, did you eat breakfast before coming here?
She didn't forget to eat breakfast.
Looks like Teacher Gil's stomach
is smarter than her head.
Although you're not formally a teacher,
even if you've only been employed for a short while,
you should maintain your image as a teacher.
Drill that into your brain.
If you can't keep that in your head,
might as well keep it in your stomach.
What are you doing?
I'm a transfer student.
This is Gang Gyeong Jun, he just transferred here today.
He has studied at the most prestigious school in Western US.
He's an excellent student with outstanding grades.
A student of this caliber transferring to our Jaeil High,
we as teachers should also display
an attitude that is comparable to that of prestigious American schools.
Teacher Gil Da Ran?
Did you close your eyes just now?
No, I didn't.
I was blinking.
Then, if your big eyes
are done blinking,
give this student a tour of our campus.
Teacher Gil Da Ran,
may I follow you this time?
Follow me.
Whether you're in the US or in Korea,
School is school, prestige is prestige.
High schools should be similar across the board.
This place is really small.
Although it's small, it has everything a high school should have.
I don't think it does.
Gang Gyeong Jun.
That was only a brief encounter earlier,
so I'll overlook it.
Now I'm the teacher,
and you're the student.
Aren't your words a little too short?
I'm talking to myself.
Don't tell me that in South Korea,
I have to speak politely to myself as well?
That's not the case. I'm just telling you to pay attention to it.
Let's start with the library.
We can skip the library, where's the gym?
Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?
That's not talking to yourself, that's obviously asking a question.
It's still a little awkward for me to speak Korean.
You just came back from the US, so you might not know very well.
There's a very famous line in Korea, make sure you remember it.
I'm the teacher and you are the student.
I am a teacher.
You are a student.
Okay, Gil Da Ran.
Gil Da Ran?
Teacher, teacher. Teacher, teacher.
Okay, Teacher Gil.
Teacher Gil?
This is the broadcasting room.
Don't fool around, if you break anything you're dead.
How do you say this in English?
Mr. Yun Jae.
Mr. Yun Jae.
Yes, I can answer the phone, I'm not doing anything right now.
Yes, where should we meet for dinner?
You're very busy?
It's all right.
What a fool.
What? Really? It's okay if I go to the hospital?
Yes, it's no problem for me, I can go.
I'll buy something delicious and bring it over then.
Yes, see you later.
Is that the doctor you caught while breaking your tailbone?
On the radio, the program that tells stories.
Gang Gyeong Jun.
That story you heard on the radio, can you keep it a secret for me?
I didn't even dream that a student at my school
would know that I took part in that program.
I only did it for fun.
And because you wanted the rice cooker.
That's true.
- Okay. - Okay?
In return, I'm still not very good at Korean.
So don't correct me if my words are too short.
Teacher Gil Da Ran.
I won't harp about it. Get better at it.
Let's go.
I'm done here.
Hey, Ga-Gang Gyeong Jun!
There's a door right here, why do you jump out through the window?
This guy is a real kid, he thinks that it looks cool.
I heard that you came from the US?
I too went to school in the US.
Are you Pak Min Sik?
Transferred in middle school.
You don't even know about States?
Oh wow English! He's pretty good at it.
My name is Gil Chung Sik.
Are you... can... Korea?
Do you not know Korean?
You don't understand what I said?
Stu-- Wait a moment. Wait a moment.
What did he say?
Krystal said that everyday in High Kick 3. (High Kick 3 is another Korean sitcom)
Isn't that an insult?
Hey, you said that because you understood my words, didn't you?
Hey, kids. Leave me alone.
If you understand all of it then say it in Korean, you brat.
So annoying, get out of my sight.
This brat is really...
You rascal!
How can you do this? How can you?
I didn't hit him yet!
I don't care if you actually hit him or not, you were going to.
Teachers in South Korea can hit students however they want to?
No, they can't.
Can you sue that teacher then?
That teacher is Chung Sik's nuna. (Nuna - older sister)
You can't!
Let me take a look.
Forget it. Get your hands off me.
I can forgive you if you're grades are bad but I won't allow fighting.
That brat ignored me first, he pissed me off.
Even so, you can't hit your friend.
Look here, that's a scrape.
Is it bleeding?
Nuna's a teacher, yet you still hit students. I'll tell dad everything.
You want to be scolded by mom then?
It won't scar. You should go to class, get up.
Sorry. But don't fight.
Really, I didn't want to fight.
Still saying it wasn't you?
Oh, hello.
Oh, hello.
You came to see Yun Jae?
Yes, we're eating dinner together.
It's not far from the wedding is it? How many days are left?
The wedding invitations are printed already, did you not receive one?
Is that so? I didn't receive one.
Maybe Seo Yun Jae's been too busy and forgot about it.
Ask him when you see him later.
The furniture and appliances haven't been used very long, so there's no need to buy new ones.
Even so we should at least buy some basic things.
Definitely a big bed that we like.
You're right, we have to buy a bed.
I have my eyes on a bed, it's very big and pretty.
That will be very comfortable, it'll be great right?
How wide is it?
This wide.
Or is it wider than this?
This wide?
If it's this big, it's big enough.
Yun Jae never opened this box of wedding invitations.
Is he not curious about how they turned out?
Oh, Dad.
You're back?
You haven't gone inside yet?
What about you? Went to see my son-in-law?
If you were serious, get married after you finish your examinations.
I'm not sure I'll pass.
You must pass!
Even if your partner is a doctor, you can't think "So what if I fail the test?"
That's why I'm working hard too.
What to do? I have to focus on studying.
That's not something you would say.
What is this?
After nuna gets married,
nuna's room will be used as a gym.
Your nuna still has to study for the exam, what gym?
Why did you buy that?
Da Ran also has to study this.
Lose some weight, manage her skin.
She has to prepare for marriage.
The most important thing Da Ran should prepare for is her exam.
Da Ran, go wash up and then study.
Honey, honey, teacher?
Is teacher angry?
Nuna, did you go see brother-in-law?
Looks like I should take a trip to the hospital sometime.
Don't go. If you dare go without telling me...
Yun Jae, you seem busy, so I'll go first.
We're going to go see the furniture tomorrow, so see you tomorrow.
This is the motorbike you talked about right?
Here's the key.
I spent a lot of time trying to find this and buy it for you.
Sometimes the meaning comes out different when you use Korean.
You used my mom's inheritance,
so you didn't buy it for me, you bought it on my behalf.
Correct. I bought it on your behalf.
Gyeong Jun.
Gyeong Jun, you've been using the same bed since you were a child.
Should I buy a new one on your behalf?
It's fine, if it's not that bed I can't fall asleep.
Perhaps it's because the house is too big that you can't fall asleep?
That's right, the house is too big for just one person to live in.
What if i find a smaller place for you to live in?
It's fine, mom bought the house for me, so I'll just stay here.
Our Gyeong Jun is all grown up.
You'll be an adult if you sleep in your own bed by yourself.
Shall we sleep?
Go to sleep now.
Close your eyes.
So pretty.
Big enough, I've grown big enough.
This bed is not bad isn't it?
This is the only one left.
It looks pretty good, but I have to sleep on it to know.
If I can fall asleep on it, then I'll buy it.
Aigoo, you came again.
Yes. I want to look at that bed again, and then sign the contract.
Another customer is looking at the bed right now.
That person is sleeping on the bed right now?
He said that if he can fall asleep on it, he will buy it.
He will sign the contract immediately.
Excuse me.
I picked the bed first though.
I picked this, really.
I came here with my fiancé to select wedding furniture.
But, are you really going to buy this bed?
I'm considering it.
There are so many good beds here, this is nothing.
It's pretty good.
I've seen a lot of furniture recently, so I know.
This material is bad to the human body.
Doesn't feel like it to me though.
Also, although it looks pretty sturdy,
this support is actually very weak.
Look at how long your legs are, what if you hit it when you walk by?
Look how it wobbles!
You think so?
Also, look at the top, it's not very stable either.
Who would pull on it on purpose?
Why wouldn't anyone pull it? Of course there's a possibility.
It'll drop if you pull on it.
This is the contract for the broken bed.
He had his eyes on the bed too.
This place makes the best beef soup in Korea.
Drink it while it's hot.
The part that was broken on the bed just now,
does not affect its function in any way.
And you won't notice it after it has been fixed.
No one will intentionally go look at that area either.
I can give you a big discount off the price I bought it at.
How much?

Okay, 50 it is then.
You promise to buy it then?
Didn't you say you were buying just now?
I did not.
To me it is my bridal furniture.
Can't you be understanding of me and please buy it?
I wasn't buying it, I was just taking a look.
How could I have the money to buy it?
Aren't you buying for your parents?
Teacher, did you not see my records?
I'm an orphan, I don't have parents to buy for.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Yun Jae.
You can't make it?
What can we do, you're too busy.
Don't worry about it, it's okay.
Yes, yes.
- The operation is finished? - Yes.
I'm hungry, let's go eat.
Seo Yun Jae, when do you plan on sending the wedding invitations?
That's right. Are the wedding invitations not printed yet?
Not yet.
Go change your clothes, then let's go eat.
Now is not the time to sleep.
If I'm late the principal will scold me. I'm going nuts.

I'm going crazy here!
Quick, go in.
Hey, male student.
Is this your school uniform? Where's your school uniform?
I haven't bought it yet.
You'll be deducted points in the future, buy it within the week and wear it.
Teacher Na Hyo Sang, good morning!
Come over here.
Stand properly.
Come here!
Come here quickly!
Have a seat.
What's the matter?
I saw it earlier.
I feel bad if you go to school like that, a school does have its rules.
It wasn't hard for me to get these clothes,
so don't feel bad about wearing them.
Put them on before afternoon classes start, put your name badge on too.
I saw you stick your hands in your pocket during class earlier.
Don't do that in the future.
I said I'm an orphan, but I didn't say I was a poor orphan.
You think by yourself too much, Teacher Gil.
I wonder why it wasn't hard for her to get these, this fabric is...
Attention, greet the teacher.
Hello, Teacher.
Which page did we stop at last time?
Teacher, sit on the chair and talk.
I've never seen the cushion before.
We prepared it for you.
Doesn't your tailbone hurt?
Don't hold the pen either, your wrist will hurt.
I'm not hurt anywhere, keep quiet and listen to the lecture.
Thank you. Thank you. My tailbone broke and I went to a hospital.
You come even if you're injured, so thank you. Thank you.
- And he's even a doctor! - Thank you. Thank you.
- Keep quiet! - Thank you. Thank you.
- Everybody all together. Thank you. Thank you. - All of you keep quiet!
Thank you. Thank you.
Stop it.
They crack childish jokes like that, they're children after all.
Don't think too much about it.
But, I still feel ashamed.
What's there to be ashamed about?
After you broke your wrist, you hung on to a good guy's ankles.
That's a lucky thing.
Then conversely, if I was a doctor,
do I get married to someone who accidentally broke their wrist?
That's really bad luck then, mom.
That's not a nightmare,
that's a... love story, a love story.
Love story.
That's right.
A couple that can not care about status and simply get married,
I can't say about anything else, but they have a strong love between them.
Like I said.
Ah, you're going with Mr. Yun Jae today to see the newlywed house right?
I'm so envious, a love house.
I'll leave first then.
Yun Jae.
Where are you at?
Oh, is that so?
It's a house we're going to be living in together, we should go see it together.
Sorry, Da Ran.
Are you that busy?
=I have an emergency, so...=
Is that so?
It's all right. We can't do anything about it.
Is it really all right?
Actually... actually, I'm not all right at all.
I'm very tired...
Because Yun Jae, you said you felt sorry for me,
you said you wanted to take responsibility, that's why you wanted to marry me, right?
Is that really true?
Do you want to marry me because you feel sorry and want to take responsibility?
If that's not the case, do you really love me?
If that's not the true, it's okay if we don't get married.
Not bad, she laid everything out in the open.
Oh... what do I do?
Am I crazy? Why am I like this?
What should I say?
Really, what should I say?
Give it back!
Hey! Are you crazy?
Yes. Although you had to pull me here,
this is pretty nice too.
If I call him back to say I'm sorry, and ask him to pretend it never happened,
I'd be a weak, spineless woman then.
Thank you for stopping me, Gyeong Jun.
I didn't know how far out I traveled.
Why am I bringing myself more annoyances?
I know how your heart feels.
What do you know?
Why are you laughing?
What are you going to misunderstand this time?
What is it about my heart?
It's because you're sorry, isn't it?
The radio program rumors, you spread those didn't you?
It's all right. It's not like it didn't happen.
It wasn't me!
I'm not the kind of person to do childish things like spreading rumors.
Okay, I know.
It really wasn't me!
Don't put me in the same group as those children who were making a fuss just now.
I see both them and you the same, as students.
What's the difference?
You're all the same anyways.
Aigoo. You have aged, you must be so happy.
For taking care of me. Thank you.
You don't do it like that.
But, thank you. Thank you.
You have to do it like that.
Forget it.
Thank you. This is the latest trend.
If you don't know this, you can't fit in with them.
Don't tell me you don't know 'ppuing ppuing' either?
I don't know.
Ppuing ppuing! You don't know this?
Who are you teaching?
Follow me and do it! You have to know this.
Ppuing ppuing!
What are you doing?
Ppuing ppuing!
Follow me and do it! You have to know this.
Your phone.
Yes. Yun Jae.
I'm sorry I made you tired.
You wanted to ask me something, can you say it again?
Do you... do you love me?
Where are you?
Let's meet, and then I'll tell you.
Are you coming here? Here is...
Here is... where is this place?
Where are we?
I'm at a river bank.
Go past Olympic Avenue.
She's so excited.
Pass by the park, then after that...
Do you need to be that excited?
Yes, go along that road...
Gyeong Jun, Gyeong Jun!
If you can confirm the deceased's identity, please let their family know immediately.
I... I can't walk anymore.
Are you all right?
I want to be alone for a moment.
Please stay a moment and calm down.
Yun Jae.
Yun Jae.
Yun Jae.
Yun Jae, Yun Jae!
I thought something bad happened to you.
Yun Jae, Yun Jae.
Yun Jae, you're still alive.
Who did you say I was?
I thought you were dead.
Gil Da Ran, who did you say I was?
Yun Jae, what's wrong?
Listen well.
I am...
Gang Gyeong Jun.
Yun Jae, what's wrong with you?
Yun Jae, Yun Jae, Yun Jae, wake up!
I'm not Yun Jae, I'm Gang Gyeong Jun.
How do you know Gyeong Jun?
You know Gyeong Jun?
After I met you, I had an accident on the way back.
I hit the railing. I fell into the river.
When I woke up I've become this. I don't know what's going on either.
You had an accident when you were on your way to meet me.
I heard you had an accident, I heard you were dead.
I was too surprised.
Where am I at?
Yun Jae.
Don't tell me...
Yun Jae, Yun Jae.
Yun Jae, Yun Jae, Yun Jae.
Is this me? Am I dead?
Yun Jae.
Am I totally dead?
I'm only 18.
Yun Jae, what's wrong with you?
I just die like that? This is me!
This is someone's grandfather who passed away, what are you doing?
That's lucky.
Yun Jae, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?
Let's go out and have you checked out.
Gil Da Ran, you still think I'm Yun Jae?
Yun Jae, what exactly is wrong with you?
You're confused after the accident, wake up.
Try to recall, you came to find me.
You wanted to tell me something.
You don't remember, what I said to you?
What you said to me?
You remember what I wanted you to say?
Try saying it.
Ppuing ppuing.
You taught me to say this.
Ppuing ppuing.
I told Yun Jae to say that he loves me.
No, Teacher Gil, you taught me to say ppuing ppuing.
How do you know this?
I taught Gang Gyeong Jun to do that.
I'm not Yun Jae, I'm Gang Gyeong Jun!
We also feel that this is an extraordinary situation,
everything about Seo Yun Jae is surprisingly normal.
But Yun Jae seems like a different person now, it's a bit strange.
It's possible that those are the effects of the accident,
so we need to conduct more tests.
Are you Gil Da Ran's fiancé Seo Yun Jae?
You're all well and healthy, what about me? Where am I?
How do you do? Someone contacted me about an accident.
Gang Gyeong Ju, where is patient Gang Gyeong Jun?
- Patient Gang Gyeong Jun? - Yes.
- Please come with me. - Uncle.
Gyeong Jun!
Gyeong Jun, it's your uncle, Gyeong Jun.
What happened to him, what's his condition right now?
He hasn't regained consciousness yet.
Yun Jae.
Yun Jae.
Yun Jae.
Are you Gang Gyeong Jun's guardian?
Yes, yes.
Where did it happen? How did he get injured?
Was it a big accident?
I heard that after he hit the railing, he fell into the river.
Gang Gyeong Jun?
After I met you, I had an accident on the way back.
I hit the railing. I fell into the river.
When I woke up I've become this.
Don't tell me...
Yun Jae had the accident with Gang Gyeong Jun?
I'm not Yun Jae, it's Gang Gyeong Jun.
It can't be.
Yun Jae, I have to find Yun Jae first.
Yun Jae.
Yun Jae.
I'm not Yun Jae, it's Gang Gyeong Jun.
Teacher Na, I'm so sorry to be disturbing you this late in the night.
I contacted you because of an emergency.
Can you tell me student Gang Gyeong Jun's address?
Are you Gang Gyeong Jun?
Yes, Teacher Gil Da Ran.
-=Next Episode Preview=-
Why is this body so big?
Let's go to the hospital together.
If there's a method of treatment, the three of us will go together.
What if we call son-in-law over, and grill him an octopus?
I'm tired.
I'm going crazy!
Doing this sort of dirty deed at this sacred school.
Yun Jae is at the hospital right now?
Who is the person I saw just now?
That person who so blatantly ignored me, who is he?
You have someone called Gang Gyeong Jun at this school right?
Gang Gyeong Jun?
He grasped my hand.

-=Teacher Na Hyo Sang=-