T-ara Hello Baby Ep 1 4/4 ENG SUB

Uploaded by PudLov3Icecream on 30.11.2010

Mason, try it... Let's practice
We'll start now
Will Mason choose the kimchi or the bread?
Of course its kimchi! Try it like this~
Heres the whole bread and theres at least 10 kind of kimchi
The challenging part is here! Are you ready?
Please start now
Mason, mason, Ah, Maden Maden
He stopped
He stopped...
There are 3 bears living in a house
Mother bear, father bear and the small bear
The father bear is sang first
Mother is performing right now so sing mother part first
The mother bear is very slim
The small bear is very cute
Want to let him sit here?
Come sit over here
Stop! The time is over! 5 minutes is over
We are done here~ Lets go!
Unnie help to clean up
Within 5 minutes, you have to finish helping him to wear all the clothes and go out
But the shoes is not yet wore properly
You didnt say we also have to go out
No matter what, the shoes are not wore properly
The shoes are wore properly...just only the straps of the shoes
You can wear the shoes like that if theres wind
We already did our best
What did you eat? How come your mouth became like that?
Failed already?
Then what should we do about Mavin?
The team which succeeded in the mission will take care of Mavin
The unsuccessful team will be fired from Hello Baby
You mean us?
Then the 3 brothers will be taken care by them?
So our part in Hello Baby already ended?
We are happy to have met you
100% Impossible to success in the mission
I think unnie they all also cannot succeed in the mission. Isnt it?
We already had some feelings towards each other
You are not going home
What should we do? I also want to take part in Hello Baby
Noona is going to leave
The one who leave should be him
Do you want to leave?
He is going to leave like that?...
It seemed like he came here not yet even for 10 minutes
We are sorry because we are unable to finish the mission in a faster pace
I even thought we might do it well
We are thankful for this period of time
I also want...once again...
Please dont leave~