iPhone 5 Full Review

Uploaded by sikmenios on 26.09.2012

Hey guys SIKMEN here and today Iím going to be giving my review on Appleís new iPhone
5. The 6th generation iPhone comes in at a skinny
7.6mm, thatís about 2 millimetres thinner than the 4S and 1 millimetre thinner than
the Galaxy S3. Instead of making the phone bigger like a chubby Android phone Apple made
it slightly longer but not that much by making the top and bottom bezel smaller and this
iPhone 5ís gain in height is great to help bring the ear speaker and bottom mic closer
to you ear and mouth for an improved phone call experience, but the best thing that the
longer design allows is the gorgeous 4î display that not only keeps its retina quality with
the same amount of pixels and width horizontally but it also has bump in contrast ratio making
the display much more lifelike and crisp. And unlike most Android phones with bloated
displays on the iPhone it is still as easy on the old iPhone to type text messages but
the horizontal keyboard is a bit more stretched out which took me some time to get used to.
The retina display has been lengthened enough to achieve a 16:9 aspect ratio that is perfect
for video buffs that can now watch widescreen YouTube videos and Movies without those annoying
black bars at the top and compared to the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5ís display is massive
when viewing videos. A downfall of this is that it can make browsing a bit awkward with
the wider display when you turn it sideways itís akin to looking through the world through
a slit. The Facetime camera has also been moved to be above the ear speaker.
Now to the back of the device with its new, two toned design looks stunning with an aluminium
slate middle and gorilla glass on the top and bottom for signal passage for the iPhoneís
vast array of transmitters. Compared to the 4S that was so remarkably weak that it could
be shattered with only one drop apple made a remarkable improvement with the iPhone 5
with it being so strong from drop tests we could see that the iPhoen 5 beat the Galaxy
S3 and the 4S by a longshot being able to be dropped myltiple times without any damage
and I can vouch for this with my iPhone 5 having had a pretty bad drop and coming out
with no problems. Thatís not the best thing about the design
though itís so light that it feels almost hollow and this plus the colouring make it
akin to a candy bar but just a warning, donít take a bite out of it because it scratches
very easily. After only one day of having my iPhone 5 I put it in my pocket where I
always used to put my iPhone 4 without any problems and when I took it out it had a massive
scratch on the side bezel where the black colouring has been removed to reveal the metal
structure. Now to the bottom where you can see some big changes. The headphone jack has
been moved from the top of the device to the bottom where it belongs that makes it a lot
easier to take out of your pocket and to allow this change was the move from the old outdated
connector that Apple has been using for a decade to the new 8-pin connector that Apple
dubs Lightning but despite the name it is barely any faster than the old one which was
fairly disappointing. One thing that I really like about it though is that itís less prone
to getting tangled with all your wires. Also noteworthy are the new grilled speakers and
mic that provide better quality and slightly higher sound output but unfortunately Apple
still hasnít fixed the issue of having your music becoming staticky on itís highest volume.
But on the bottom isnít the only mic with the iPhone 5 bringing to the table 3 microphones
for improved background noise reduction. And turning the device over you will notice a
smaller nano-sim slot that fitís Appleís new sim design which is 40% smaller than the
last to help pack in all the features and components into the device.
And to make this powerful device come together is the operating system, Appleís new iOS
6. Now although it might be a bit boring, looking much the same to previous generations
of iOS it has a new colour scheme that helps refresh things and why would Apple would want
to completely redesign an operating system that already works so well? Despite that Apple
added some great new features like more Siri features, reply with text message for phone
calls and the new Maps app. Although I would be a bit hesitant to call the maps app a great
new feature with it being a bit lacking in the navigation department and although the
3D maps are cool it takes a dramatically long time to load over the old Google maps. Also
street view would have been great but despite all of this Iím sure it wonít take Apple
that long for Apple to get their Maps app up to speed. Another negative is that there
is still no easy way to toggle settings other than stopping what youíre doing and going
into the settings app. Apple have already stole almost all their iOS features from Jailbreak
developers so I ask them, why not steal SBSettings? And with the new Screen Apple have updated
the stock applications to support the larger screen really well with more information being
displayed or buttons being made bigger to make them easier to type.
Another update is to the iPhone 5ís cameraÖ lens. The iPhone now comes with a sapphire
crystal lens that Apple says is clearer and more strong to avoid scratching. But donít
worry the camera is updated at least a little bit over the 4S with it coming with improved
video stabilisation that is absolutely stunning making video almost look like itís been recorded
with a tripod. Now Iím going to show you some samples. Now
in this sample we have the iPhone 4ís recording on the left and the iPhone 5ís on the right.
I did this with the iPhone 4 because doing this with the 4S would be pretty pointless
because they have basically the same cameras. As you can see the iPhone 4ís one is a lot
fuzzier and the colours are less realistic while on the iPhone theyíre much more crisp
and lifelike. And here we have an image comparison with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, these are
just normal pictures taken without the flash of this nice little plant here. And as you
can see the iPhone 5 has a lot less wash out with the light there. And again the iPhone
5ís looks much more crisp and lifelike. And to test the low light performance of the iPhone
5 Iíve taken a picture of this Bilby with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. And as you
can see it performs much better. Now letís test out the new panorama feature. Here is
the image, full panorama and all. And here is the full scaled up image to fit exactly
within this videoís pixels. This really shows just how detailed this picture is and it really
is 32 megapixels like what Apple says. And hereís a picture of the white iPhone 5 that
I took with my black iPhone 5. This can also give you a little idea of what to expect with
the white model. On the front of the device you will find another
camera which is the Facetime HD camera which Apple claims is HD but looks more like a blown
out version of the old one or like youíre recording on a cheap chinese camera you got
on eBay. But with the smaller bezel on the top providing barely any room who can blame
the tech giant? Now letís zoom over and take a look at the
speed of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is the most powerful consumer phone out at the moment.
Thatís right the most powerful. Full stop. Yes, despite what Samsung says with their
phone looking better on paper specs really donít matter and what does is the overall
performance and use you get out of the phone and the iPhone 5 wins hands down. When comparing
the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 4 you donít really see much of a difference but when youíre
actually using it you can really tell the difference, everything just flows so smoothly,
it takes barely any time to load and itís absolutely amazing and saves so much time.
And to power this beast of a device is the new upgraded battery but you really wonít
notice much of a battery life difference between this and the 4S.
And the new iPhone is bundled with new earphones or EarPods as Apple calls them that provide
dramatically clearer sound than the old ones. So just to recap the iPhoneís key features
are the new two toned longer and stronger, thinner and lighter design, speed increase,
relocated headphone jack, better battery, headphones, dock connector, sim card, and
cameras. So should you buy the iPhone 5? If you are
running a 3GS or anything lower, definitely yes. If you are funning a 4 I definitely recommend
it if you have the budget and for the 4SÖ yes I do recommend it. Why? Because Apple
currently employs a two year relese cycle with their phones. Every 2nd year Apple releases
a big upgrade and the next year is a little upgrade and the iPhone 5 is definitely a big
upgrade. This is why I bought the iPhone 4 less than a year ago instead of the 4S and
this is why I recommend you buy the iPhone 5 even if you have a 4S and just sell your
old one. Unless you want to wait for Appleís 7th generation iPhone of course. I hope you
like a speed increase and some tiny software and hardware upgrades with pretty much exactly
the same design because if the past iPhoneís are anything to go by, thatís what youíre
getting. Of course if you want to get a new iPhone every year thatís up to you but for
the average consumer Iíd say itís a bit excessive. And just remember that the new
iPhone doesnít make any older iPhones any more featureless and they still work just
about as well as the day you got them. Unless of course youíve damaged it which is always
a great excuse to upgrade. And also you can have exactly the same iOS features on the
4S and for the 4 this can easily be achieved by jailbreaking and since the iPhone 4 has
an A4 chip you can easily jailbreak it right now on any firmware. Which by the way I have
heaps of tutorials for. Now to colour, I prefer black because when youíre watching movies
at night it makes it so much more immersive if you canít see the screen and the display
is very visible on the white model. Also the display blends into the bezel much better
than on the old iPhone and this makes old letterboxed apps that havenít been updated
look much better. If you are coming from an android phone or cheapie phone be prepared
to commit because with Apple itís not just a phone, thereís your iTunes collection,
vast App store and everything that makes the iPhone so much better that you just wonít
want to leave once youíve gotten used to it. Appleís devices are a part of an ecosystem
and if youíre buying an iPhone be prepared to enter it.
Also some people say that Android phones are more customisable this is completely untrue,
you can easily customise your phone with jailbreaking. Although a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 hasnít
been released yet it will be released very soon.
So anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you want to check out my other iPhone
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