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This is James Corbett of CorbettReport.com and this is James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com
and we both welcome you back to another jam-packed episode of the New World Next week which of
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to the Sky satellite. So James, without further ado let's get to this week's stories and our
first story goes straight to your backyard. From the Sydney Morning Herald: 'Cablegate
Shows Japan Set Up Secret Intel Unit to Spy on China' - "For the first time since World
War II, Japan is establishing a secret foreign intelligence service to spy on China and North
Korea and gather information to prevent terrorist attacks. The spy unit has been created under
the wing of Japan's peak intelligence agency, the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office,
or Naicho. It is modeled on Western intelligence services such as the CIA, the Australian Secret
Intelligence Service and Britain's MI6. The existence of the new Japanese espionage capability
is revealed in a leaked US diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks and provided exclusively
to the Sydney Morning Herald. Japanese military and naval intelligence, together with the
infamous secret police, the Kempeitai, ran extensive spy networks throughout east and
south-east Asia up to the end of World War II. Successive postwar governments in Tokyo
have been reluctant to establish a foreign espionage service for fear of diplomatic risks.
Tokyo's need for intelligence collection to complement its signals and technical intelligence
capabilities was supported by candid admissions to American counterparts about the lack of
information on North Korea's secretive leadership." Now if we jump down to the very last paragraph
of this article it notes that Naicho head "also confessed that Japan's best insights
into Mr Kim Jong-Il came not from a secret source, but from his Japanese former sushi
chef who had published a memoir." James? Well, an interesting story indeed and certainly
interesting in the light of the recent re-militarization of Japan that's been going on quietly and
sort of informally over the last several years and just sort of introducing it to the Japanese
public here but I think this story is interesting for what it shows but also I think we have
to be naïve to believe the Japanese haven't been doing conducting this type of surveillance
and spying over the years even without the formal creation of an office or an intelligence
bureau per se and I think there's a wealth - Recently I was watching or listening to
an excellent interview with Sterling Seagrave on Black Op Radio and I'll have to listen
to it a few more times because it is just jam-packed with information but basically
he was just going over the history of how the Japanese Imperial family was using Japanese
Secret Societies in Korea and in Manchuria to conduct surveillance and intelligence operations
and to loot the gold which was looted from various Southeast Asian countries over the
50 year period of Imperial Japan aggression and then was stored in the Philippines and
where that gold went and how it was perhaps pilfered off by the US and all very interesting
story but it sort of shows how I think there's a lot of the ways in which the Japanese government
is there for show and what really happened on the surface of the secret societies and
the Imperial family and, of course, the Japanese mafia which famously has an 'understanding'
with the Japanese police and so there's a lot going on underneath the surface of this
type of story but at any rate it's uh it's very interesting to hear about the open creation
of a Japanese version of the CIA and we have to watch out for that because of course we
know what the CIA has been up to around the world over the years. Mm, hmm. As we will
see further in just a few moments. So we will provide a link to that interview with Sterling
Seagrave in the show notes for this episode and we'll also mention that within this Sydney
Morning Herald article it notes that this cable goes back to 2008. So here we are in
2011, so chances are if they were going to set something up, it has been set up and is
most likely operational. James, as a sort of sidebar to this, since we're discussing
your backyard in Japan, I'll make a brief note about my backyard here in Portland, Oregon,
where we just learned yesterday that they've now delayed the decision of whether or not
Portland is going to rejoin the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, this all coming in the
wake of Mohammed the Portland 'Treebomber' patsy, set up and funded and trained by the
FBI. So, we see these things that again it comes out years after the fact sometimes and
it's just another notch, it's just another confirmation of things that we generally have
already been aware of, unfortunately.
So, before I digress too much, let's move to our second story and we'll take this from
AllGov.com: 'US Admits American Arrested for Murder in Pakistan Worked for the CIA' -"Classified
a 'diplomat' by the Obama administration until Monday, February 21, the man arrested in Pakistan
for killing two men in Lahore has turned out to be employed by the CIA. After conducting
interviews in the U.S. and Pakistan, the British newspaper The Guardian concluded that Raymond
Davis was a former Army Special Forces soldier now employed by the CIA. One senior Pakistani
intel official was quoted as saying, 'It’s beyond a shadow of a doubt' that Davis was
working for the spy agency at the time he gunned down two Pakistanis. Following The
Guardian story, U.S. officials admitted Davis was a security contractor working for the
CIA. Like other American news outlets, The New York Times initially sat on the story
of Davis working for the CIA, after the administration asked that the information not be released
while he was still in Pakistani custody. U.S. officials argued the revelation could put
Davis’ life at risk. But of course once The Guardian published its story, and the
CIA lifted its requested hold, the Times produced its own account, which described Davis as
being part of 'a covert, CIA-led team collecting intelligence and conducting surveillance on
militant groups deep inside the country.' Davis has been charged with murder by Pakistani
police. He shot the two men allegedly for trying to rob him while he was driving through
Lahore. Local authorities say the American was found to be carrying a Glock handgun,
a flashlight attached to a headband, a pocket telescope, three cell phones, facial disguises
and multiple ID cards. He is reported to have worked for years for as a mercenary for the
CIA, including a period with Xe, the private security contractor formerly known as Blackwater.
Many Pakistanis have been enraged by the news of an armed American gunning down local citizens.
If the U.S. convinces the Pakistan government to turn Davis over to American authorities,
Egyptian-style anti-government protests could erupt, analysts say. The government has said
it will wait until March 14 to decide what to do with Davis." And James before i throw
it back to you, we'll throw in a couple of updates as the story has grown and grown over
these last few days. From Redacted News: '2 CIA Contractor's 'Spirited Out' of Pakistan'
These would be two of the compadres as it were to Raymond Davis who managed to escape
being arrested. And just today, Danger Room put up an article called 'CIA's Spy Sparks
Conspiracy-Palooza'. And this is a reference to the questionable article coming from the
EU Times: 'CIA Spy Davis Was Giving Nuclear Bomb Material to Al-Qaeda'. James? Yes, well,
questionable indeed, considering the source. But again, who knows what's really going on
in the surface here, but I think people who have been following Pakistan for any length
of time will know that the idea that the CIA is deeply rooted in the country is not a particular
surprise, especially since the CIA founded, funded, established the Pakistani version
of its of itself, the ISI and was using that in Afghanistan in the 80s as the conduit for
funneling funds and all of that sort of thing that people probably know by now, but at any
rate, yes it's an interesting story but I think it's one of those stories where we'll
have to really wait to see how it unfolds for it on the geopolitical scale to find out
what was really happening here because I think either this will be used as a point of tension
to try to create more destabilization in the region and perhaps move the current wave of
protests and riots and things over to Pakistan or it could be something that genuinely the
CIA and the US would like to cover-up in which case it'll be swept under the rug and we won't
hear much about it again. So I think we won't know for sure what this is until we start
to see how it plays out but it is interesting nonetheless, if not surprising.
So, for our third and final story this week, James, when I saw the news it kind of surprised
me because, I guess I just thought that the election was going to happen this November,
but no! Lo and behold, this past Tuesday 'Rahm Emanuel Elected Chicago's First Jewish Mayor'
and will take this program plan off from IsraelNationalNews.com - "Former Obama White House chief of staff
Rahm Emanuel has been elected Chicago's first Jewish mayor. He faces a series of challenges,
beginning with the fact that his last name is not Daley. His predecessor, Richard M.
Daley, and his father, Richard J. Daley, have controlled the city of nearly 3 million people
for 42 of the past 55 years. The current economic crisis in the United States has affected the
Midwestern city as it has others, leading to an estimated budget deficit of some $600
million. Nevertheless, Emanuel's popularity may stand him in good stead, at least initially:
the 51-year-old former Congressman won 55 per cent of the vote in a field of six candidates,
thus ending the need for a run-off in April. Gery J. Chico, former chief of staff to incumbent
Mayor Richard M. Daley, his closest competitor, garnered less than half with only 24 percent.
Emanuel is known as a tough pragmatist and for his blunt manner of speaking. During his
tenure as chief of staff in the Obama White House, he told an Israeli diplomat that the
United States was 'fed up' with Israel. Less than a year later, however, as he considered
a run in the Chicago mayoral race, he told rabbis that the Obama administration had 'screwed
up the messaging' and failed to convey its support for the Jewish State." The man commonly
referred to as "President Barack Obama called Tuesday night to congratulate Emanuel, saying,
'As a Chicagoan and a friend, I couldn't be prouder.'" James? Hey James, do you hear that?
I think it's the sound of a victory celebration at Man's Country! Yes, well, for people who
don't get that reference perhaps they can refer back to my recent podcast episode on
'Meet Rahm Emanuel' but suffice it to say that this is an extremely worrying turn of
events and I genuinely, I truly mean this when I say, I certainly hope that the residents
of the Windy City will be able to survive the Rahm Emanuel mayoralty. But for people
who don't know, the quick synopsis is that Rahm Emanuel, of course, very much part of
the political machine in Chicago and also of course he was a part of the Israeli Defense
Force during the Gulf War, he volunteered to work with them. And he's been unfortunately
involved in a lot of scandals, he was involved with Freddie Mac at a time when they were
going through some accounting scandals and things like that and it's just continued through
the Obama administration. And if, again, if people want more information on this they
can go to my podcast, Wayne Madsen's been doing some good work exposing this, but at
any rate it is a really worrying turn of events. But hey, uh James maybe you can remind me,
what's the name of the new Chief of Staff at the White House? I think his last name
is Daley. Oh that's right! He's the brother of the now former mayor of Chicago and James
this goes right to the heart of Chicagoland, of gangster land and I'll flash this quickly
"Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography" from Webster Tarpley really gets into the
heart of the Chicago machine and Tony Rezko and Auchi and Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago
Annenberg Challenge and Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and all of these things that again James
as you said, we're hopeful and we'll pray for the people of Chicago and good lord, Larry
Silverstein and owns the Sears Tower and just - bad news. Unfortunately so, I mean uh things
are lining up in Chicago in a similar way that they were just prior to 9/11 in New York,
so I uh again, let's hope that nothing comes of it, but at any rate, it's not happy news
to end on but we'll have to end it there, so James Evan Pilato, thank you once again
for taking the time to talk with us. Thanks so much, take care.