Sakhy_Part 11/14 (English Subtitles)

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Don't worry! I'II not kidnap you!
I am Raghuraman from Hyundai factory speaking!
What do you want?
I want to meet you personaIIy for a smaII taIk!
Your famiIy had insuIted us isn't that enough?
PIease,onIy for 5 minutes!
When you're going home,I'II meet you at Besant Nagar Bus Stop by 4 PM
I'II meet you by 4 PM onIy for 5 minutes,pIease!!
It seems he is that Hyundai Guy!
OnIy God shouId save!
My famiIy was destroyed dispersed and perished!
Are you happy?
The day you came and went away they had started crying...
It hasn't yet stopped! Is it enough?
Whatever happened,has happened?
If you think that aII was wrong because of our wrong doings...
I don't think this wiII come good...
CaIIing personaIIy one who is depressed to feeI happy!
What do I do without getting angry on such peopIe?
Excuse me! You onIy caIIed me!
You onIy caIIed me! Am I mad?
No! You onIy caIIed my factory to meet personaIIy...
Not me! You onIy caIIed my bank!
Wasn't it you who had taIked?
ToId me to come at 4 p.m to disrespect me personaIIy!
Who's that,who had caIIed me by 4.30 p.m?
I am 1uitting from this game!
Is it your handy work?
What do you think of yourseIf?
Are you bringing a coupIe together?
Otherwise are you working as a Marriage broker?
I feeI Iike using choicest abuses...
The marriage which was stopped because of me!
A smaII wish that it may happen that's aII!
You have done so much for Shanthi!
For that,I wanted to repay by doing a good thing but...
PIease forgive me!
What? Is it a fIop?
Is it a bigger fIop than our company?
Its more than 10 days since we taIked with each other!
Marriage means,it'II be Iike that onIy!
Do you know that,not a singIe day passes without me and Rajesh fighting?
We were never Iike that!
May be Karthik doesn't Iike me anymore!
Leaving you,he isn't roaming with other girIs! Why bother?
Look,everything wiII be aIright!
I was considering you both as perfect in aII our group!
Why are you bothering yourseIf? ...Come...!
One ice-cream for both of you!
What did you say?...
What did she say that day...
...Am I a marriage broker to bring a coupIe together?
She wanted to mouth choicest abuses?..
Now,it doesn't seem to Iook Iike that!
Are you both convinced?
Why are you staring? Come on teII!...
Hey! When is the marriage?... When is the marriage?
He has toId that he'II come and taIk in another 2 days!
I want to teII you one thing...
Okay,I'II teII you Iater!
In my office Rohit's marriage has been settIed!
With both famiIies consent!
...Not Iike us!
Tomorrow,aII my friends are going out together!
We two are going... Did you hear?
There may be 100 probIems between us!
But no one outside shouId know about it!
They are thinking that we both are an ideaI coupIe!
Come atIeast for me!
How did you manage to bring her?
Everything is Iike that onIy!
Now it'II be Iike that onIy!
But after marriage you're a gonner Doomed forever!
Hey! Ashok! Keep 1uiet!
You seem to Iook Iike a very good girI!
How did you deceived Iike this with Rohit?
Just as I got deceived by Shanthi Another sinner got stucked up!
Hey! What's aII this guys? Instead of Greeting,why are you scaring me?
Buddy! You're getting reaIIy married! No,don't do it!
It'II be very difficuIt! Isn't it?
WeII said!.
Hey! You'II get thrashed!
You are married and happy!
Are you scaring one who's going to get married?
Hey Boy! You don't worry!
After marriage aII men wiII be Iike this onIy!
Their true coIours wiII be out!
First they'II open the car door!
After that,they'II hoId the umbreIIa!
After that,with great Iove... they'II chase Iike gentIemen!
But after marriage...
They wiII get after another woman
Look at me! I am even pressing my wife's Iegs!
It's more than enough if you don't puII my Iegs!
OnIy 25 days are remaining for the marriage!
You get married!
The difficuIties I am undergoing,Iet this whoIe WorId aIso undergo!
Okay...Okay...Who aII want me to marry?
Now who aII don't want me to marry?
My sorrow is lost...
My happiness is lost...
My happiness is lost! 01:47:28,339 --> 01:47:43,136 TeamTolly ( )
September month!...September month Lost the sorrows of the life!
October month...October month! Lost the happiness of life!
When you lost your sorrows...
Love was born at that time....
When you lost the happiness..
You got married at that time..
Oh girl! Love is like a feast of sweets! Marriage is the bitterness of the neem!
Oh! My boy! Love sees only strengths Marriage sees only weaknesses!
Oh Girl! Love is seen only by half eye! Marriage is seen by 4 pairs of eyes!
On the tip of the noses,love enjoys even the beauty of crows!
After marriage even mole hills become mountains! Why this clashes?
Men without women,man can't have the consolation!
lf women aren't there in this World men may never need consolation!
September month...September month!
October month...October month!
l have found out the love means heavy chains!
Marriage means Auspicious chain what can l do?