Minecraft Tutorial : Chicken Trap / Egg Farm

Uploaded by Demonairing on 06.02.2011

My Egg Farm
Start by building a channel 2 blocks wide and at least 8 blocks long.
Build walls around the channel at least 4 blocks high.
Now place Sign Posts down each side of the walls 1 block above the ground.
Block the end of the channel off 1 block above the end of the sign posts.
Now place a Water Spring above each Sign Post till the water turns still.
Add at least a 1 block high wall around the water and a couple extra blocks on one side will be handy.
Now take any Eggs you already have and chuck them at the wall till you have alot of chickens.
And lastly a couple water springs to complete the channel below.
It took the chickens a couple mins before they started laying eggs and is probly on a timer.
The chances for geting a chicken from a egg seem to be random. I got 11 from 40 eggs then 1 from 16 eggs.