Casey McKinnon extended interview from Dixit - TableTop ep 12

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 6, 2012


I'm Casey McKinnon.
I'm an actress and producer, and most recently the host of
A Comic Book Orange, which is a comic book review show.
I started working in web video because I was a blogger, and I
got a lot of attention for one of my blogs.
And I realized, well, why don't I pump this up and make
a video podcast?
When I started making my video podcast, I was working full
time as a secretary to a diplomat.
When I started that job, I had beautiful makeup and beautiful
hair, and then by the end of the job, I would go in, and I
had no makeup, and I looked like I'd stayed up all night,
because I had.
Once I saw Bronco Billy, which was made by Clint Eastwood,
and the moral of that story is to follow your dreams, I
realized that I had to leave my job, and I had to just go
full force in the entertainment industry.
Since then, I've got to meet Clint Eastwood.
We didn't say much but we were getting a photo taken
together, and he was stroking my back like the way my father
does when my father's hugging me.
So it was just so sweet.
And I love Clint Eastwood so much, so it was really great.
My dream in life is to be on a show like Star Trek, to be
involved in something so massive, and so friendly that
influences culture and politics, and everything.
I just try my best day to day to make
something like that happen.
When I'm inside and I have access to my technology, I
feel like I'm being hugged by so many people.
But if I go outside, or I lose internet
connection, I feel so lonely.
I do use social networks a lot, and I'm extremely
connected, especially on Google+, where I have a lot of
followers, which is wonderful.
And they're really interactive with me.
Sometimes they ask for photos of my feet,
which is a little creepy.
I started playing video games when I was a little girl.
We had an Atari, and we played it all the time.
We played a lot of Pac-Man.
so much so that my mother would actually, she would play
some, and then she would hand someone else the controller,
and she would go to the kitchen and make dinner, and
then she would come back and we'd switch out.
So we would flip the scoreboard, because we'd just
continue playing.
And it would just be like, 999,999, it would just click,
back to zero.
I'm not a multiplayer gamer.
I like to play on my own.
And I think the most triumphant moment for me was
reaching 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption.
Look, I had to pick herbs to get this 100% achievement.
And I had to kill a bear with a knife, so
it was pretty intense.
I love tabletop games.
My family did play.
Every Christmas, we always played Connect Four.
And we used to play a lot of Monopoly, but I guess because
I just kept kicking everyone's ass, that didn't go over so
well in the long term.
Gaming is my favorite hobby.