Scarface (6/8) Movie CLIP - No Wife, No Kids (1983) HD

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What the fuck he doin'?
What the fuck is that? Hey, come here.
- You told me she took the kids in the other car. - She did, boss.
She did evey fuckin' day. l don't know what's goin' on.
Hey, no fuckin' way. Hey, no fuckin' way. That's it!
This fuckin' guy.
Fuckyou, you fuckin' vulture.
Two little kids in the car. This is so fuckin' bad.
This is so fuckin' bad.
l see 'em, all right?
t see 'em!
Shut the fuck up, okay?
You don't have the guts to look 'em in the eye when you kill 'em.
You gotta hide with that fuckin' shit.
[ Chi Chi ] Tony, he's getting up. Come on. let's do it.
Makeyou feel good, huh?
Makeyou feel good to kill a mother and her kids. Makeyou feel big.
Like you big man! Well, fuck you!
What doyou think l am? You think l kill two kids and a woman?
Fuck that! l don't need that shit in my life!
- You die, motherfucker! - [ Groans ]
[ Horns Honking ]
Whatyou think l am? Whatyou think, l a fuckin' worm, likeyou?
l toldyou, man! l toldyou, don't fuck with me!
l told you, no fuckin' kids!
No, butyou wouldn't listen! Well, you stupid fuck! Look atyou now.