Find Your Purpose - Political Science

Uploaded by HeidelbergU on 26.01.2011

Hi, my name is Greg Doyle. I'm a senior political science major here at Heidelberg University and over
the past four years I've had a really great opportunity, and set of opportunities, to really
find what I want to do and
who I want to be within the political science field. I'm heavily involved in Model United Nations here
Both on campus and at a conference in San Francisco
I've had plenty of opportunities to present at national conferences in St. Louis, Chicago and even Columbus
Also I guess what really makes this major and my experience in particular
really special has been the interaction and
the proximity that I have the professors. I've had a really great opportunity to
experience and grow and learn from them
as people and ultimately that translates into a great
academic experience here at Heidelberg University and has really prepared me to go into
the intelligence field, which is something I've really aimed towards as a career