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bjbjqPqP Our thoughts. To help us have beautiful thoughts. It seems appropriate that Jophiel
would join us today as we will be talking about the power of the subconscious mind for
healing, and mind programming. Our subconscious mind often seems to be somehow frightening
and the place where we hide the things we don t want to see, or know about ourselves.
So on today s show we re going to be bringing light into those lost, shadow places of our
mind, to be re-joined within ourselves, so that healing and wholeness may occur. There
s a full moon in Gemini tonight at 11:30pm Pacific time, that is 8:30pm Eastern. The
full moon is an excellent time for letting go and releasing old patterns and things that
no longer serve us. The electro magnetism of the waning moon serves to empower your
release and letting go of the old. The full moon is also an excellent time to perform
Ho oponopono. oponopono means to make right and is the Hawaiian word for forgiveness.
oponopono restores your light or energy body and your e-motion, or energy in motion. Through
your light body you are connected with all of life. Through your e-motion you are always
affecting everyone around you by your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Anytime of course
is a good time to do Ho'oponopono. Currently we are experiencing a great purge and breakdown
of old systems in our world as this is happening we are also experiencing the need for purging
any old repressed emotion in our energy body. I recommend doing Ho'oponopono as a daily
ritual. It will help you to handle the power surge of energies being released presently,
and more easily handle the powerful energies we are feeling to release that are no longer
working or unsustainable. Through performing Ho oponopono forgiveness meditation you will
be loving and accepting the lost, disowned and abandoned parts of your self, and powerfully
activating the law of grace to operate more fully in your life. Through the power of grace
you can know the blessing of absolute and unconditional self love and acceptance, and
awaken your compassionate heart. In truth when you experience loving yourself completely
you love everything and everyone through all dimensions of time and space. This simple
act of transmuting darkness into light, bringing your shadow into the light, provides wonderful
nourishment for your soul, and assists every living creature on planet earth at this time.
Your awareness of your action to assist everyone multiplies the effects of your meditation.
Ho oponopono Forgiveness Meditation empowers you to shine with brilliance and renewed Self
love. Ho'oponopono in essence means to make things right with your ancestors, or to make
right and create peace and harmony with the people you have relationships with; those
with whom you are entangled, or connected, and and most especially with yourself. In
the Eastern cultures there is a tradition of honoring your ancestors. Being aligned
with and cleansing ancestral relations is considered absolutely essential to experience
prosperity in all areas of your life. Without reverence and gratitude for one s ancestors
prosperous circumstances will always be severely limited. In Japan, China, and the Hawaiian
tradition it s important to cleanse any past problems you may have had in relationships,
especially with one s relatives. There may also be family patterns you do not want to
continue. Generational themes are passed along through the family lineage, like depression,
poverty consciousness, addiction, or other unfortunate character traits. Ho'oponopono
allows you to cleanse your ancestral lineage. This cleansing and healing of relationships
within your family lineage brings you the highest and greatest good fortune! This is
my own version of Ho oponopono. The Process of Ho oponopono is for healing yourself of
any uncomfortable feelings within yourself, and between yourself and others. Remember
that what you see in another is a reflection, a mirror of something within you, so all healing
is self-healing. The Course in Miracles says, What you perceive in another you are strengthening
in yourself. No one else has to do this meditation for you to experience the desired results.
Do Ho oponopono with every person in your life with whom you feel misaligned, including
conflicting parts within yourself. You may repeat the Ho'oponopono Meditation as needed
to cleanse all negative emotional blockages. For the Ho ponopono meditation it s good to
have a white candle to focus your attention and help you center. If you don t have a
candle immediately available just close your eyes and think the words candle flame. Now
calm your mind and sit quietly. Breathe deeply, and allow yourself to be quietly present with
your Self. Within you is a sacred inner space where the creative spark of life dwells and
animates your being. This is your own personal pilot light that you can turn to as needed
for guidance. Now is the time to go within your sacred inner space and be still. Light
your white candle (if you have one) and focus on the flame, or continue to think candle
flame with your eyes closed. The candle light is a reflection of the Divine spark of light
within you. See a person with whom you feel discomfort within a healing circle of light.
Now see yourself within this same healing circle of light. See a beautiful cord of golden
light above your head connecting you with your greater self, or guardian angel. See
a beautiful golden cord above the other person's head to their greater self, or guardian angel.
Now see a golden cord of light between your greater self and the other person's greater
self. Continue to breathe. Now see a beautiful golden cord of light from your heart to the
other person's heart. Feel the free flow of love moving through the golden cord of light
connecting you with the other person. To heal any split or feeling of separation within
yourself, or between you and another person, first say with genuine feeling, "I apologize,"
and then, "Please forgive me." You say this to focus your awareness on any thought, feeling,
attitude, or behavior that has gotten into your bodymind system and is disturbing your
peace of mind. You don t need to know why or understand why you think, feel or have
certain behaviors. By saying "I apologize," you are asking for forgiveness inside yourself
in order to release and let go of any bad feelings of discomfort like guilt, and shame
inside of you. Forgiveness does not mean you are condoning anyone s behavior. Forgiveness
simply means you no longer wish to suffer from a past issue. End by saying with genuine
feeling, "I love you," followed by, "Thank you." Continue repeating, "I love you," and,
"Thank you," for as long as needed until you feel complete and free. You may return as
needed until you feel complete resolution at the core of your being. Complete Forgiveness
and letting go of an old grudge or hurt takes time to heal. So be patient and remember to
breathe deeply and exhale as you let go of any toxic emotions and stagnant energy. The
sound of the words, "I love you," act to transmute the vibration of life force energy from stuck
to flowing. I love you, reconnects you to your wholeness, your Holi-ness. Since the
Zero Point field or Akasha is absolute pure love, and has zero limits, when you express
genuine feeling of love you automatically begin to resonate and harmonize with a state
of ever flowing grace. Conclude your Ho oponopono meditation with, "Thank you," to express your
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