H+ Episode 1: Driving Under

Uploaded by HplusDigitalSeries on 08.08.2012


Good evening. Top story today,
Irish biotech startup HPlus Nano...
A new breakthrough in implantation technology
might just pave the way...
Computers in the brain? Sound like science fiction?
Well, not according to HPlus Nano.
The company has just released the medical implant
that they say...
It does more than just a merging of man and machine.
This implant gives patients a window's view
into their own body.
HPlus is giving consumers exactly what they want,
and Mortle Systems has the most reliable
network infrastructure.
The problem is
-we have anti-trust laws.
-Oh, come on.
-This song and dance again.
-I'm serious.
Do you see this, one day, replacing doctors?
If you look at our African Youth Initiative, for example,
we're doing exactly that.
Well, I have just one anti-trust law.
I don't trust anyone who wants to stick a computer in my head,

especially if they're Irish.
In other news, world tech stocks fell yet again.
REPORTER [ON TV]: Protesters are part of a larger anti-technology movement
enflamed by the recent deaths of four human tests subjects.
These scientists need to understand
that we are people, we're not their toys.
Hundreds of millions of people worldwide
stood in long lines today to be the first to try out...
A computer in your head.
WOMAN [ON TV]: HPlus Nano's long-awaited successor
to the N-54 medical implant has finally hit the shelves. And...
It may look like a hallucination,
but that floating interface
has everything you need from chat to video.
What if I wanted to listen to some music?
For all you grown-ups out there considering the implant...
Just swipe over to the music guide...
Consider this.
Four data centers were breached this weekend.
It's creator, A.
Compromising the personal information.
Does not support it anymore. B. Has been missing for weeks.
The world is in you.
You're always online.
You're always connected.
JULIE: You sent Brian our travel plans?
JULIE: The hotel info in Santiago?
JULIE: And you talked to him about the party thing.
LEE: No parties.
JULIE: Like I said, I don't mind if he invites Jimmy over, but...
Oh, look. These people are leaving.
Hi. Does it look like we're leaving? Thanks.
JULIE: My. Whatever.
MAN: Baby, don't be rude.
JULIE: It's probably an electric spot anyway.
Lord, it's freezing.
I know I keep saying this,
but if it snows while we're enjoying
-a Chilean summer-- -Crazy.
Electric, electric, electric. No love for hydrogen.
Anyway, Brian.
Oh, go around us. It's not brain surgery.
JULIE: Calm down, Mamma Mia.
We're trying to find a space like you.
Jeez. What is it with these people?
JULIE: Lee! LEE: I saw him.
No, you almost hit the guy.
God, this weather's making everyone crazy.
Oh, great.
Now P4 is totally offline.
We're gonna be parking in the sewers.
Let's just drive. Lee, Let's go.
[WHISPERING] Go, go, go.
Yeah, go. What's the problem?
Oh, my God.
JULIE: Are you kidding me?
Hello? You're still watching that game on your implant.
LEE: Not today.
JULIE: You've been watching it
JULIE: the whole time, haven't you?
LEE: Here we go.
I got the transparency set at five percent.
Oh, you are something else, you know that?
It's dangerous and it's illegal as hell.
Now drive. Thank you.
Come on, baby. It's double overtime.
And there's not gonna be any reception down there.
This is gonna be some vacation.
I'm sorry I snapped.
I just hate that.
I tell you something and you--
Jules, I got it.
Yeah, sure.
You got it.
What the hell?
What? Hey.
What is that?
Do you hear that?
Is that a plane?
Oh, my God.
LEE: I got you.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.