Enjoy the diet Love the restrictions with Hypnotic Weight Loss

Uploaded by MarisaPeer1 on 21.04.2011

Hi I’m Marisa Peer. Thank you for listening to me today. When I first worked with very
overweight people, they would always say things like “it isn’t fair that I can’t eat
what I want” “why can’t I have what I want”. You can have whatever you want
if you’re prepared to pay the price. I actually can’t eat what I want but luckily I made
myself love the food I eat. So, if you eat whatever you want and gain a lot of weight,
you’re going to have quite a restricted life. Whereas if you choose to restrict your
diet, just a little bit, everything will change. So I’ve worked with very overweight people
who have told me how restricted their life is because they cant do certain things. But
simply will not restrict their diet. What I absolutely recommend is to love the restrictions,
to welcome them. So rather than saying, “oh I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that”
you have to say, “I love eating this way. I love taking the right food with me, I love
ordering healthy food.” If you welcome the restrictions, they won’t feel like restrictions.
If you have children, you can’t stay up all night and sleep all day. We all know that
having children ends that. But we welcome the restrictions when we want a baby.
If you have a partner you can’t take your salary and spend it all on holiday and coming
back whenever you like. We understand that in a relationship, there are certain restrictions.
Even if you own a home, you know have restrictions because a big part of your salary goes to
your mortgage. But don’t we all accept those restrictions? Even welcome them? If you have
a pet, you have to walk it when you have a flu or headache. But we welcome the restrictions.
With your diet and what you eat, welcome the restrictions. Don’t bitch and moan and complain
about what you can’t eat or shouldn’t eat. Tell yourself that you’re choosing
to do this. This restrictions… not eating cheese, having certain food that are more
healthy for you not eating deep fried food. Just changing for instance having crisps to
popcorn. Don’t see it as a hardship; see it as a benefit. You’ll become thinner,
happier, lighter, leaner… go to my website marisapeer.com for lots more hints and thank
you for listening.