Dr. Robert Corwyn: UALR Faculty Excellence

Uploaded by UALRVIDEO on 03.05.2010

My name is Robert Corwyn. I am an assistant professor in the Psychology department. I
use large data sets to find out what makes children develop successfully. Dr. Robert
Corwyn is one UALRs most prolific researchers. His work in delinquent behavior, social work,
education, and psychology has cast him in the national spotlight. In collaboration with
colleagues, heÕs produced than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on childrenÕs
welfare and child and adolescent development, and seven publications on pediatrics and developmental
psychology issues. As principal investigator, Dr. Corwyn received approximately $150,000
in funding to evaluate after-school tutoring in Arkansas public schools. He received an
additional $150,000 grant to investigate the influence of socio-economic status on childhood
development. He is an advocate for undergraduate research and has great success with his students.