The Kill on Two Volleyball Podcast: Episode 23

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Hello and welcome to the Kill on Two Volleyball Podcast. This is Episode 23, we're back!
it's been a while
I may be recognizable, I'm Cameron Kerr
and I'm joined by a new face in the studio, Everett
We're not even in the studio anymore, we're in my living room. Everett, why don't you introduce yourself to the podcast?
has it ever and ever to laura man
silver city and helping out and make the the brand new two hundred podcast
excited to get back we have the money is in a while
and you know if allot of change us haha happened over the years been focusing my
kind of attention on our places and
we really did make a lot to talk abt somehow you that
we're gonna be doing us who are going to be trying to make this a regular thing
as well
national why was that reading and writing doing alright
first then
use for the key impeach volatile scene
login technicians partners with eds well partner switches the lord
we have
two thousand olympians
uh... jonathan stock mark marguerite are no longer together
and then pretty much everyone else who was also on the national team
split-up split up
celebrant graphic right now so you can see
but the current
partnerships for the twenty thirty season i i'm not sure if this is the
twenty thirteen season orifices
just wait now these might change ncl
but right now from what we see
we have
matter catch and jonathan stock
possibly the most
mls fiery team in international law involved it will be a very good team to
watch this year
became shock
and then saxon
you know they were coming off that i must say uh... nor is it going
absolutely so they'd be very clean it together and begin to see them
uh... working in the next year
martin returned since dr
so another that's another beauty make this a lot of
conflicting styles for me to make it work out
yells offices do track and uh... magnesium christian redman
zig chest fees are as many others who knows your name wrong
but its
it's a grab bag and one of the things that
i first thought of women
when i saw him sweatshops is that
it seems that
every year almost
subsections year every year
there are new partners
yet it's been a while
hearty can remember the past you know three-four years where there's a timer
all do you see here
on men and women signed out looks at the women studies in europe consistency for
next year yes
which is which is a good thing
cert on some past you know maybe just not getting a partnership chance to grow
these are no and
dot how's my concern you know when we have
a lot of other partnerships being in north america one of things that we see
lawyers as the u_s_ partnerships with
the process of not
time fail
they you know the technology armstrong and johnny together
for years and you were able to grow together as a team
do you feel that no
our partnerships in our guys are not
really doing that because the update let me just for example dot is an excellent
last year he went to the olympics with martin here before he was playing with
rach he acted he's
the although please
anorexia and as for at least two seasons track partnership out
you know know even more more than that writer for a whole quiet
and really go for what one could go and if instead of just looking for that
instantaneous success yes
no preconditions if you look at that you're going to check the link below to
check in saree
breaking recommended them together for
ages filetype
rosi rosilene chomic all these teams have been the other for a long time
they've been able to create a chemistry and
know that hard to know what each of the lights and should it be tough times
like any partnership but
it would almost i would say don't speed that urge to see them
stick together
through tough times rather than something on timesjobs items come back
and forth absolutely
so this is this still incredibly young we have one event coming up to him
wasn't earlier january yet we're changing world cup for cop
because of all his partners sweatshops the canadian representatives for the
world cup
is half the time by financial consequence first
which will happen on november thirtieth and that the finals will be on december
first yes of this year's went well
the way so that they can do is there's going to pick
out of a bag seventy five s_ seeds
wanted for war
pickup an envelope late rather than in the finals will be on the first
that will be
two very interesting does added let's go out there to see abstract repellent
absolutely and i would be uh... that'd be a great experience in c
and of course the world cup canada does get it to the fact that we got a bit in
the pics
so we do have a spot for the men but not women
which is subway uh... strangely maybe it's due to the fact where we home gets
popular julie completely
has there been any press release of course yourself there is that if there
is a press release for the opportunity
but many think it was because
we won the nazi at continental com
of tara gastro
serious candidates have
uh... assy for both the men and women i'd assume that the women is going to be
hasn't happened
that's one
what because
within her one hotmail com posturing renewals
and after they want to go in our going into the season activities they also
median that point
a bubble can appoint system uh...
so uh... it would be
it would be and
the obvious choice to go with them again
and that he and uh...
no he did bhula extended william wildfires that you could make an
argument that's what
presents of all the talk of the
university college will hold off of the men and women let's start with this yes
evidence yes you know where we're coming into the end of november which brings on
december tenth he really rest exams happens there's no ball and also the
first half of the season once a first couple months
who would you like it
on amazon again
one of its side its
it's difficult not to stay in the west yes you know you've got offered a you
got real estate any moment or what
alberta still has some strong members of the team so that you and mister said he
still let you know home said on that website
i believe both my mccree interest not bristol holding down the middle
and not to make you bet
terry dundalk hen love eric mattson so in alberta
is always maybe one of the she wins for
yeah i can't remember any years recently where they haven't had exceptional team
trained west indian roots quite a few guys your temporary for hoof
is no longer there
marc alston is no longer there obsessed
thirty-year ben also longer there
but the same time they're pretty often national team players
off the bench we're talking about whether it's nicole bianca who plays and
for the g_d_p_ casualty man breed sugar broadcasting you know they all have
different international can experience
that's me right there and there's been a crummy sitting at seven one was on the
one loss tbc
back to you if there is of course therebetween
and then once again got manitoba distiller crisp often selecting pati
though three teams to me are
the big three better
that are holding a town right now the csce the other big one
going to watch a realistic mastered last year
no we had in our call upon counter dot com about some of their
suzie meeting last minute recruits
yet you can see the head of the press is being doing some work
they look really good
absolutely addition of
they picked up three
super huge recruits is here this is danny jenny jenny nato who plea for the
gene national team this past year and
isn't multiple time
a national championship with
the crash five auckland
and she was scheduled slated to meet at u_c_l_a_ yes
and clifford yugoslavs throughout their
but he turned that down who was obvious
yet right after right after playing with the g national t_v_ turned down u_c_l_a_
he was a little but like
it was it was really right after he was because the key using usually
with co-chair press play about a lesson that and divide that from what i've
heard is useless knowledge
he didn't want them to states that the lawns
being and he wanted to
the part of denouncing team but as well as part of the system that not having
and yet i want to see more estimada was slated to go to you
president begins his own sastry white
and he made his decision to sometimes nationals to see you know what
uh... wise
really far from home for for me
so what i what i go to work in progress and canada
uh... with the master hughes and other people and he's sixty on the left side
he's physical
and then the third one in that
is just perfect
obviously a little less known has been weekly with the crash photo cook for one
year did win a national championship with them
interests as well
but he's a six ten lefty on the right side and play for the archer provincial
team so he's another big one to look at
it'll be interesting to see
com national championship time
doesn't matter spontaneous looking like this that matches on his computer
right now for a burn unit where consistent about without issue on
cockpit okay
this is what i can stand
again this is happening this happened
two years ago because the valve three years ago caught a metal position which
gave them an automatic burst into the previous
soap a couple of hours the host and of course low balance seems always as we
can b_r_c_ q
record acknowledge that
montreal or sherbrooke is going to go to the national championship vin
is the host jean they got an automatic bid
one of those two other teams there's only three teams in that in that
international's right now the varsity three four
situations like this
were glad to see
a fully seated
national unseated turn
but the same time
i fear
that if we had a national theater
have you want extension of maybe two different
it's a it's a stronger identity um...
that's a lot of the relationship that half of the way that is what we tried to
leave initiated a west you do have pregnancy in fourth with the sixty-two
marido india light
brennan could i possibly debauchery book
allows the any
there's no doubt but at the same time
cuz i believe you and we will be getting to get this year
in or just the gist of what
highfalutin you know
its but because it's based on this posting its won the last three medalists
of last year's gets one and then there's the representative instruments yet
you know i would work for that that scene that scene going to be ontario
actual fallow
you know that ours aristide to you
uh... conference is very strong
anything it's the same thing without peace in the
eight u_s_ conference you know
and visit dock right out there between
darling you would be two weeks ago
they split their sears you so it would be going to the days where you know dial
one twenty five st
uh... eighty west
contraceptives is in a row and they would
be an actual medal contender
admitted that that you'd like to have
got the site yet that death was talking about the other women for a little bit
of buster teria nowhere from
online york
are both undefeated and now the issue here really is all in
one man conference there's no longer a piece in the west division that's all
saw one which is great
you're looking really good
york is looking very strong uh... the display of consistent paper volleyball
and uh... melissa manifests
officer matching that through the company
fish world arm
she puts the ball and i know that you've got revoked happily for now
happy about
on the right side
plastic international michele kestler middle
they've got a lot of weapons but they just don't make very many errors
and when they do the snap out of the great progress on and there are some
treatments go
and they were down by i believe six late in the first set
and they can at least army commanders and its its
to very clean way to play right where is all i want is a very very physical t
twenty-year talking about
the investments and they're both six one six two
on the left side right side and you've got
uh... true twenty who's actually uh... please is from brazil
she found less as well and she's about six feet tall
catherine we're nose pretty big i'll see you guys in those days through these
means are mucin piece uh... and what we have some that is that i'm from ottawa
they are extremely fiscal team anurag very very good offense
but they do have a stripped-down your last year
with your being eliminated from the only way rival quarrel with that whole
or for karla that anyone thought it was that she would
and queensland and i was there that weekend creatures great
consistent level global worked our butts off
for three nights
virtue batches sorry
and you know they were supposed to be tried on the beach when they were
exposed to the auto baby daughter was so
at that point i wouldn't
i wouldn't
rule queens that either you know there's been not as their servant
at sixty two
and uh... they picked up a growing up in the name of congo v who last year was at
the full time training center in winnipeg with with his national
and solution that she's back with winston last night
so there have been selected further down the road
they could be a serious contender communal ontario that
assault cc delay
uh... the star of the men
determines what the next step
first of all i'd like to congratulate you for people dunno whoever is
whatever's many positions in of all i want to use the assistant coach
of the george brown
man's what what program xd
and it just came back to you that your quota yet obviously this is the second
year this is the second year the program last year they finished one spot of the
playoffs this delay playoffs with a record of
eighteen twelve
uh... into something else that lost a that's right on wednesday may be played
seneca who were sitting pretty informal
uh... had just come up the
nine upset but a big winnings algonquin college
and we are menzione itself in an ice flowing down to nothing early
and coming back and taking uh... tunic and five so i'm not gonna lie i did come
to that match my locked up for the second satellite tickets to go see sky
for member manual non-pilot side
uh... without much trouble could be there theaters were a lot of other i
want to see that there's a comeback
it was uh... our guys displayed criticism but we'd be awsome to
involuntary getting players you know
demands the foot the whole but
having one already at this point season happened is that we did last year that's
a huge poorly for a program that's great but at this point we are looking to move
forward and really
certain pressure activities contrast you construction on guys
on the george brown team
one thing that
we noticed
when going over the
cc double a
how would you describe that who say that
don't seem very
it's it's it's a we're doing it album
yet for those who let's go to the real-time terribly
read your properties first douglas-fir bc
make the same r_j_r_ spirit
as you are the issues for us
before the development of web which is uh... dot no
is from from kaback isn't isn't it
como said bc is the sixth
little though
tibetans and seven
from alberta st
harbors man
and math bridges tent
no i'm specifically looking at uh...
the albert estimates
if you think about over disdains you got dryer crest rate in seven th with their
second with sorry with a seven one record scene with medicine hat and
they're not to talk to him and arsenal
so i don't
they're they're they're nowhere near
they're not even talk is cheap money margaret this is that we don't know
we don't know the mat
that is being done
whether it
incorporates the sons were working on the whether incorporates some sort of
uh... arranging
you collins cranking
we don't know the math is being used to generate this acts and this is never
actually treated higher animate ones who've come asking because we have
all stands for the c_i_s_ cc delay
and n_c_ double it was a little technology dot com slash stains uh...
the best place to get or stands for all of our goals all parties
twice a day
all-party standings
this is a double a_ asked if there is any way of getting
are nationally ranked
knows looking at it
as i said well i have all this data from okc
conferences but i do not know what's being done to wear to create this was
the national rankings and the reply was
the national top fifteen based on strength of conferences
and intercom firms results
each conference
is givens
source tracks
uh... just like
for example if we talked about would say yes how
out west
conference would be considered much stronger than
here stereo
and then those enter conference results as well union
the other thing that's interesting is that
what happens for permits from these teams travel
what happens
your george brown huskies
and flavor press
he does result play
i will be for the bigger germans they do
uh... defined bigger how quick
was one of the dunes if my question like where you draw that line
i don't see
how t_v_ seconds
at seven one
ha in one of utah for conferences
with in this system and mockingbird king
my only thing that may be is that so far prior crest has not flee
any quote-unquote heart teams have been on the playground for lakeland
and nate boom
augustana is the strongest of all those teams sitting at two and six
so maybe that and and it's it's much summer with with message hack
so maybe that's the reason behind it but the same time
but there's more transparency absolutely not this is how we generally or national
is this hollywood seat
yet it's it's difficult really to say
and everything also you've got in if you're looking at a radio
unify vinod ramaswamy east
and they're not actually right
where is
you know hamburg is actually right
city at two one two
you know the the very last you susan two teams this season
the first one meaning that the same in the fall
and they often aggregates this past week and three now
magazine indexing team to watch their hosting nationals
and introduction patricia who played for the passers-by last year
these past few years so
will keep in contact with the citadel and get back to you guys
to see
if you have any clarification
as to how they
the dealer national rankings and how he sees it any differently will see that
yeah absolutely
right now that uh...
i think the species looking as the pack questions they call it off
is looking at the start of the vision with both douglas
and i was recently lost a commotion
those to changing the variance in washington dc what you can never
ever roulette with you
just that
dynasty and and how many national team plays of the it produced some city
actually lower let's talk about in the city
members of the men's national team
who retired from the national steve
and who were
part of you know couples use double agent in charge of the yeah absolutely
so we have
harnett county
mackenzie others are going on concious yet and brought up yet uh... three guys
to also played all together at albert
yes and if i'm not mistaken they may have won national championship together
in mtl
four oh five four four five yahoo
uh... so they get on the national team for quite some time now they've been
within the program
decision showing strength of our national team
uh... because i don't
these are still great players was with tons of skill but uh... asl when you've
got it
guys like you know mark absent
uh... reverb from
courtroom policy and that's come into the system
it's exciting to watch to see these guys you know what you know why i just don't
have any more of these guys that come into the system
they're bringing it
that back to me is extremely sorry for the position of the sort of history
the the future of our of our national team moving into the sex choir getting
ready for an she doesn't succeed thank you for your service to the national
team gentleman
and proximity for buying those rounds of course longer shots in kingston
couple worth butler
uh... it's at a single cardinal our national team right now is in a very
good spot you needed on
in one of the batf uses while is the strongest something that we had and
uh... bathroom
with with tons of young talent coming up and you know we've got gavin coming to
his own on the right sided
you know who work in his own and bring brendan winters with leading leading
that ship
it's sad
is exciting time for cable cotton
but it's been a rapid first on the surface of the challenge him on all
podcast will try to be back next week
no last summer sun took a couple months effect
but ever
well policy against it but should and your your week
as always you can find this still want to go
or if you need to contact us fight where we are actual onto
and the emails contact technology dot com