(Eng Sub) Shinhwa- Making of 'We Can Get it On' & 9th Album Recording (1/2)

Uploaded by crystalis0324 on 25.03.2010

I have a sore throat.
Hye Sung warms up his throat ahead of time.
Today it's the first recording of SHINHWA's 9th album.
It is the first song and I am the first among the members!
Completely the first! No. 1!
This is the very first recording.
If I make a start on this...
the members will come by one and twos
fill it with their voices and start recording.
In order for them to do better
I am preparing for the base. I'm working on that.
You will hear my husky voice in a long time.

It feels good but a little bit hasty over all.
I want time to go as if it were pushed backward.
<'Voyage' from SHINHWA's 9th album>
At every interval, it's marked. It's the original simple style...
What chorus is going to be used?
What is put in right now is that. That's all.
Oh, is that all?
Please play the entire piece repeatedly once.
I don't feel good.
Did you catch a cold?
Yes, for yesterday's shooting...
Got it.

<'Once Again' from SHINHWA's 9th album>
My nose doesn't clear up. Oh, it's annoying.
Was it too bold?
<'2 Ma Luv' from SHINHWA's album>
Everyone has mustach but I don't have.
I'm beardless.

It looks good.
My toy.

So many pages!
Look at this guy here.
<'2 Ma Luv' from SHINHWA's 9th album>
Jin, see you later.
Why are you trying to make us laugh only because of the camera?