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STEPHEN BOSS: What kind of special preparations did
Channing Tatum do for his role in Magic Mike?
Whoopi Goldberg and Nene Leakes sung
Glee at the same time.
Plus we get a sneak peak of Rihanna's new music video.
This is Just Dance, April 27, 2012.
What's going on, y'all?
I'm Stephen Boss, but some of you all know me as tWitch,
either from Step Up or So You Think You Can Dance.
But I'm here today with Just Dance, hosting it out, giving
you all the news from the dance world.
So we've got a lot to cover.
Ya'll ready?
Let's do it.
One of the most anticipated music videos on the horizon is
Rihanna's Where Have You Been.
She actually posted a video on YouTube of her rehearsing with
choreographer Hi-Hat.
I got excited from the clip, because you really get a
straight shot at the choreography, and it really
lets you know what's going to go on in the music video.
There's some fancy foot work in there.
And Hi-Hat is known for her foot work.
She's a heavy house hit, she's from New York, so she always
has some nice foot work going on.
And Rihanna said she was rehearsing it quite a bit, so
the dancers are going to be crazy.
They're going to be killing it, so Rihanna, please, show
us you can do more than just, you know, swing your hips and
sing, all right?
You have all these crazy dancers doing ridiculous
choreography around you, join them.
You can keep up, I bet you can.
Just rehearse and rehearse and rehearse.
The first trailer for Magic Mike is finally out, and has a
lot of ladies wishing it came out earlier than June 29.
Fellas, be warned, this is not a date movie.
Don't take your girlfriend to see Magic Mike, especially if
you're out of shape.
Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer,
and Matt Bomer are just some of the dudes who wax their
chests for the sake of art.
I'll admit, I was pretty impressed
with Channing Tatum--
for his dancing.
Turns out Channing's really good at dancing, and a natural
at stripping.
I mean, this is not his first time on a pole.
You've all seen that YouTube video, right?
Magic Mike is actually based on Channing's real life story.
And at least these days when he's taking it all off, he's
making more than tips.
A lot more.
Little monsters around the globe are gearing up for Lady
Gaga's Born This Way ball.
Her world tour kicks off today in Seoul
at the Olympic stadium.
Rumors of Gaga's top secret costumes, Richie Jackson's
choreography, and the stage designs are everywhere.
I think I even saw a leaked set list.
Looks like Gaga's got her show filled with her newer hits,
like You and I, Edge Of Glory, and Marry The Night, but is
also filling her monster's appetites with her older dance
hits like Poker Face, Telephone, and of
course, Just Dance.
So what do you think about the set list?
Real or fake?
Which ones are you excited to see?
Leave a comment right down here, let us
know what you think.
Glee aired their Whitney Houston tribute episode this
week, and the cast covered a whopping seven songs from the
music icon.
If you forgot to set your DVR, check out Mia's FYI Gleek Out
right here.
And you better get excited for next week's episode.
It's a double dose of guest stars, with Nene Leakes
returning as Coach Raj Washington, and Whoopi
Goldberg makes her debut as the head of the New York
Academy of the Dramatic Arts.
Do you think Kurt and Rachel will actually impress Whoopi
during their audition?
A couple weeks back, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and a
couple of their friends did an unofficial music video for
Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe.
It was a lot of blurry lip singing action going on there.
Now, Katy Perry's doing her thing, too, with her poolside
edition of Call Me Maybe.
I'm sure Carly Rae's not mad at all this free publicity.
Which unofficial video do you guys like more?
Comment me, maybe?
See what I did, there?
ABDC's Return Of The Superstars is really living of
up to its name.
They started off with Britney Spears, and this week was
Madonna week.
As always, Just Dance was backstage, giving you VIP
access to all the crews going for that ABDC championship.
MALE SPEAKER: Today we're dancing to?
FEMALE SPEAKER: Girls Gone Wild.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Good, good girls gone wild.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Being the newest video that came out,
this was a huge challenge to do something very different.
We didn't want to be compared to the video at all, so we
took it in a different direction.
But I have never been so excited to
perform on the ABDC stage.
STEPHEN BOSS: You know, here in LA, you don't know if
you're going to be stuck in traffic, or looking for a
parking spot for about an hour.
So in the meantime, I like to dance in the car, whether I'm
driving or sitting in the passenger seat.
And if you're anything like me, you should definitely
check out the music video from the Neon Trees.
It's called Everybody Talks, and it has a lot of car
dancing in it.
Now let's switch gears and go check in with Courtneypants to
check her review.
COURTNEY: To be completely honest, it took me a while to
actually watch the full video, because I kept getting
distracted by my own dance moves.
Honestly, you play the song, and you just
got to bust a move.
And they have a choreographed car dance.
(SINGING) It started with a whisper.
That was when I kissed her.
The car dance reminds me of the chicken dance, or whatever
that was. (SINGING) I don't want to be a chicken, I don't
want to be a duck.
I wanna be a zombie.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
I'm pretty sure that's exactly how it went.
I have a feeling that this music video was kind of
inspired by MJ, but instead of the thriller dance, we got the
chicken dance going on.

COURTNEY: Overall, I think that I'd give this music video
like three point two five unicorns out of five.
I mean, it deserves at least three unicorns.
STEPHEN BOSS: We're past the halfway point with Dancing
With The Stars.
This week was Motown week, and they had awesome live
performances from Smokey Robinson, and even The
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Justin Bieber's new video Boyfriend has been the most
over hyped thing since Kim Kardashian's fake wedding.
Well, it seems as though I'm not the only one that got sick
of the endless teases for this video.
Miranda Sings actually scooped the Biebs and made her own
music video to Boyfriend.
Our good friend Todrick Hall joins Miranda in the video, so
that makes this cover a duet.
And I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of loving their cover
more than the real thing right now.
So Justin, please drop the video.
Hurry up.

There's only three more episodes of Smash until the
season finale on May 14.
If you're slacking on your Smash game, check out
Luanlegacy's recap of this week's episode right there.
All right, you guys.
I'm feeling good.
I'm filling informed.
I'm feeling like I need to go do 300,000 crunches after
seeing the Magic Mike trailer.
So I'm going to go do that.
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I'll be right back.