The Epic of the Hotel Room - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 10

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FELICIA DAY: You don't want to be in that room.
The whole point was like, this is awful.
And there's six people here.
And he knows Abbott farts a lot.
You just know it.
It's the worst hotel room ever.
Nobody wants to stay in there.
SANDEEP PARIKH: This season there were some really tough
challenges because the script was so ambitious.
You don't have a big budget.
And you have a lot of scenes that take place in a hotel.
It might be cheaper to shoot there.
But then you have to factor in how much more time it's going
to take to set up and how hot it's going to get in there.
And is that going to effect the
productivity of the actors?
You factor that.
Well then maybe it's better to rent a location or sound stage
and then build a hotel.
Then, well we got to build a hotel.
So that's going to be a lot more money.
FELICIA DAY: So Jeannie, our intern, hooked us up with this
hotel room that I think her relatives manage or something,
which is great because we couldn't afford a hotel room.
I mean, we just couldn't.
SANDEEP PARIKH: They hooked us up.
And so we're forever thankful for that.
But it was really difficult to shoot in there because the
room is small.
And what people, I think, maybe don't quite realize is
that when you're shooting in a living room or a hotel room or
wherever, there's so much equipment in there.
So everything becomes even smaller.
It's always easier to make a space
smaller than it is bigger.
ROBIN THORSEN: Those lights and in that tiny little hotel
room with the whole crew and the entire cast got a little
sweat-- it was like a sweat box.
It was crazy.
SANDEEP PARIKH: We all messed up our lines because it was
just so hot and, I think, a lot of
pressure to get it done.
You want to suffer through that for the rest
of your cast mates.
JEFF LEWIS: Having all six or seven people in a scene can be
tough, because not only do you have these long scenes, you're
also having to get 6 or 7 or 10 or 20 different angles.
SEAN BECKER: The hotel room was a lot of fun because this
is the moment where Vork, one of my favorite things on set
where I actually did laugh during a take.
He takes a crowbar and starts getting all the bolted down
clock and the lamp and everything.
FELICIA DAY: Vork, what are you doing?
JEFF LEWIS: Leaving.
SANDEEP PARIKH: It felt good to watch that.
I was like, yeah, rip that [BLEEP]
lamp off the [BLEEP]
I felt a lot of pleasure in my body.
JEFF LEWIS: I had this suit on.
So I'm soaking wet.
And I'm tearing the eagle off a table.
After every take, they had to come up and hose me down, dry
me off completely.
And then I had to tear something else off the walls.
It was tiring.
But it was really fun.
ROBIN THORSEN: Basically, all I did in that
hotel room was eat.
I ate a lot of snacky food.
They're not free?
JEFF LEWIS: Anything but.
ROBIN THORSEN: My fetus made me do it.
I was living life, I guess you could say.
SEAN BECKER: And it's one of my favorite things is at the
very end, Codex has her big pep talk speech to everyone.
There's been kind of a jump in time at this moment.
And she's very serious, trying to get everyone together.
And, meanwhile, there's a peanut butter sandwich smeared
in the background.
And the room is just a mess.
FELICIA DAY: I guess my favorite part of that is that
when Zaboo pulls the curtain out, that was totally Sean who
added that in.
I just wanted them to come in and look around.
But I thought it was just a great addition and a great
button for the scene.
It's so weird that they hung a curtain there.
Thank goodness we only had three episodes in there.
That's all I have to say.
JEFF LEWIS: It's always fun to be with everybody, but maybe
in a cooler environment that's outside in a field, with a
cool breeze flowing.
Although it was still better than working in a coal mine or
storming a beach in Normandy in 1944.
SANDEEP PARIKH: And as nice as Jeannie's family is, and how
awesome they were for letting us use their hotel, if that
room got destroyed I wouldn't be too upset about it.
I just hate that room.