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Uploaded by PinturaFacil on 11.11.2012

Hello to all the PinturaFacil’s!! Today we’re going to paint Christmas balls
with a technique
I have called Gold Patchwork
and I hope you stay with me to watch it
to paint
this gold Patchwork ball
we’ll need a foam ball
already prepared
to paint a nice Christmas ball, acrylic paint
in red, green and gold
flat brush and a liner too
and... a little trick i’m going to show you
to do with a pencil and a thread
The first thing to do
will be turn the thread around the ball to divide it
in 4 areas
and then we’ll draw the lines with a pencil
to paint later the patchwork
when to get the 4 areas
we’ll put the thread perpendicular to the lines
we just draw
to divide the areas in 2
so we’ll get 8 small areas
we’ll start painting
every one of these areas. So we’ll start
to paint one of them with forest green
taking care of borders. Then
we’ll start painting
the opposite side
to intercalary colors with red
we’ll paint with red always intercalary
We have to paint 1, 2, 3 painting layers
to well cover the ball, and we’ll let dry between layers
You can use all theses timeouts
to working in series
lots of Christmas balls like this one
we’ll paint the same way the bottom
we simply have to change the side colors
to intercalary them, so they won't be together
After painting with red and green
well covering the ball
we can start decorating with gold
we’ll start making dots in one red area
using the brush stick
for next green area
I chose to make groups of 3 dots each
using the same brush stick and the same gold paint
so we’ll make 3 little dots
with adding more paint in beteewn
you’ll do: dot 1
2 and 3 … and you’ll see that the first one
is bigge
the second one is smaller
and the third is the smallest
this happens because in the first and then in the second dot we release much painting
so fill the area with these 3 dot groups
in the next green area, I chose to paint little stars
you simply have to paint them with a liner and gold paint
In the next red area I painted nice spirals
that combine very well with the other designs
next step will be to repeat the same designs to the bottom of the ball
but changing the locations
so they’re not together. With a little floating medium
brown paint and an angular brush
we’re going to do a floating on the edges of every area
so we’ll apply a kind of shadow
to put some volume to the ball
with a dry stencil brush and gold paint, we’ll use the
“dry brush technique”
so with the dry brush we’ll load a little gold paint
we release some of the paint on a piece of paper
and then apply light areas
on the ball
to put some bright flashes
The ball is almost done. We have to let it dry
and apply 2 or 3 varnish layers
to well protect it
and hang it in the tree this Christmas
I hope you enjoy this gold Patchwork ball project
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