How to Enable Mod Rewrite Friendly URL's

Uploaded by vBulletin4 on 15.10.2010

Hello everyone! Jasper Aguila here from Today
I’m going to show you a tutorial on “how to enable the Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs”
option for your vBulletin forum. I will turn your default url structure from
this To
This Using vBulletin’s simple to use admin control
panel and by doing a simple file edit. As you can see on the screen, the url which
contains the red border around it, is much more dynamic in nature and much easier to
remember compared to the default url that vBulletin gives you.
Enabling friendly URLs, can dramatically increase your site's ranking in search engines and
can be useful for users to understanding the URL's that they follow.
However, before I begin this tutorial, in order to use the Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs,
the appropriate rewrite rules must be defined for your server. So it is imperative that
you make sure that your server has mod_rewrite enabled. The best way to make sure is by contacting
your host provider and confirm it’s enabled. If not, ask them to enable it, because otherwise
this modification will not function. With that said, you must also be familiar
with uploading and downloading files to and from your web servers via file transfer protocol
clients because this step is essential to successfully completing this tutorial.
So if you’re certain you have mod_rewrite available and the knowledge of downloading
and uploading files from your webserver, we can begin the process.
So the first thing you want to do is go to your vBulletin admin control panel and click
on Settings>Options> and scroll down until you see “Friendly urls.” Click on it.
And On this page you will see numerous options for editing your url structures. Though the
only thing you need to really edit on this page for this tutorial is the “URL type”
category. By default, your vbulletin 4 forum should be using “Advanced Friendly URLs,”
but we want to use the mod_rewrite friendly urls. So click on that option and save.
Now if you go back to your board and click on a forum or a thread, you will see a page
error. This means that the “Mod_rewrite friendly urls are enabled, and we now only
have to edit our .htaccess file. A .htaccess file is basically a configuration file that
is placed inside the web directory, and configures access control and other configuration settings,
mostly related to content control. Your vbulletin forum .htaccess file is located
in your forum root home directory. You need to go to your main forum directory using a
file transfer protocol client or as people might like to call it “FTP client” and
download it to your local host computer. If anyone is wondering, I am using the software
program Filezilla for downloading and uploading my files.
So once you’ve downloaded the .htaccess file, open it via “Wordpad.”
Afterwards go to the url that I provide in the description section of this video, and
copy the code that is given in the first post by one of our members.
So copy it…. And go back to your .htaccessfile Delete ALL the content in the .htaccess file
and paste the whole code that you’ve copied inside the document.
Save and then upload the file to your forum home directory.
Afterwar you've uploaded the file to your server, go back to your vBulletin board and
click on one of your forums or threads. You should now see a wonderfully rewritten url
structure in the url form in your browser. That’s it! Congratulations! Your new friendly
URLs, can dramatically increase your site's ranking in search engines and can be useful
for your users to understanding the URL's that they are following.
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