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Hi and thanks for watching!
In this video, we will show you how to use
the Battle Pet System in World of Warcraft.
Each chapter of the video can be accessed directly by clicking
the links in the table of contents currently shown on screen.
The time to become a Battle pet trainer has finally come!
But before roaming the world to tame wild companion pets
and challenge trainer NPCs and players,
we need to find someone to teach us the basics.
Battle Pet Trainer NPCs can be found
in each of the starting zones,
in Stormwind and in Orgrimmar.
For about a hundred gold,
they will teach their art to characters of level 5 and above.
There we go!
Great news!
Once learnt by one of our characters,
the Battle Pet profession will be shared across
all the characters of our account.
Likewise, our characters share all the pets they capture and
account-wide progress from the Battle Pet System.
Time to get ready for battle!
Hmm... We can’t really pet battle without a pet.
Let’s just get one from the Trainer.
Just a quick check in the Pet Journal tab,
found in the “Mounts And Pets” window,
to make sure our pet is assigned to a Battle Pet Slot.
All OK?
All OK? Let’s rock!
All we have to do now is find a challenger for our Jade Crane Chick.
No problem.
The pet tracking skill we just learnt
shows nearby pets available for battle.
A right-click on the Spiny Lizard makes the battle screen appear.
Come get some!
Go Jade Crane Chick!
Use Slicing Wind!
Yeah a double hit!
Come on! Just a few more hits…
and K.O.!
At the end of each battle,
our companions earn experience and get some health back.
YEEEES! It has gained a level and
even learnt a new skill to use in future battles.
After a few more battles,
Jade Crane Chick has reached level 3.
This unlocks the trap skill which allows us to capture weakened,
unowned, enemy creatures during battles.
Let’s take a closer look at our new acquisition
in our Pet Journal.
The level, type, fighting capabilities and skills of
the selected pet are shown on the right hand side.
For captured pets, we also see the quality
which determines how strong they are.
Mousing over a pet’s portrait displays how
or where it can be acquired.
Right-clicking on a pet gives us some additional options.
Tradeable pets can be put in a cage via this menu
so they can be sold on the auction house or
traded to other characters.
The caged pet will be removed from your collection
and go straight into your inventory.
It’s time to finally give our champion a proper name.
Ah! Here’s a name to instil fear in the heart of our foes.
Players can have up to 500 companions
with a maximum of 3 per species.
Should we run out of space, in our search for the perfect specimen,
we can always release the weaker ones.
Yeah! We have unlocked a new Pet Battle Slot
to which we assign our Spiny Lizard.
We now have the possibility to swap pets during battles
which allows us to combine their skills, like buffs or healing fields,
for synergetic effects.
Having more than one pet in our battle roster
gives us the option to switch to a companion that deals bonus damage
against the type of creature we are fighting.
Even the best trainers can face defeat.
Should our pets get low on health or knocked out,
we can heal and revive them with this option.
When on cooldown, we can always ask a stable master
to patch them up for a small fee.
All that’s left to do is to unlock our last pet slot
and build some experience.
Then it will be time for us to use the “Find Battle” option
to test our mettle against fellow players.
Let’s see if we can become the best trainer in all Azeroth!
We hope you now master all the basics of the pet battles
- otherwise you’ll never defeat us!
Thanks for watching, good luck
in your battles and have fun!
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