Windows 7: Tips & Tricks #5-#8

Uploaded by ltsonlinehelp on 20.03.2012

Hello and welcome to a Learning Technology Services’s tutorial on Tips and Tricks for
Window 7. This is a list of my favorite options that are now present in Windows 7.
Tip #5. Snapping windows to the sides of your monitors is another way to view your documents
on your monitor. Place your mouse arrow in the colored area (on my computer the area
is blue) at the top of a document. Left click and hold and drag the document window over
to the left or right side of your monitor. The arrow has to touch the side of the monitor.
The document snaps to the side. If you touch the top of the monitor, the document maximizes
over the entire screen. Pressing down on the Windows Key on your keyboard as you click
on the directional arrows on your keyboard will also snap your document window to different
positions on your monitor. Tip #6. The Search Tool in Windows 7 is a
great improvement over other the last operating system. Click on the Start button in the lower
left corner of your monitor. If you are looking for a particular document, you can enter in
a key word, and the search will reveal documents with that key word in the title as well as
in the body of the document. It will bring up Outlook messages with the same key words.
The Start Menu's search box is a convenient way to search through your PC -- but you can
also have it do double-duty and perform Internet searches as well. To enable this feature do
the following: 1. In the Start Menu search box, type GPEDIT.MSC
. Then press Enter to run the Group Policy Editor.
2. Go to User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Start Menu and Taskbar.
3. Double-click "Add Search Internet link to Start Menu," and from the screen that appears,
select Enabled. Then click OK and close the Group Policy Editor.
Now if you go to Start, and write in a search term . You will notice that you can have a
Search the Internet link at the bottom of the list. If you click on that, your surfing
on Google will begin.
Tip #7. The Snipping Tool is a great resource that has been added to the “new” items
in Windows 7. Go to the Start button and if the Snipping Tool is listed there – search
for it by typing “snipping” into the search. Open up the Snipping tool and minimize. For
my example let’s say that I intend to show my client a new tool in Microsoft Word 2010.
I go to a document and open the Insert Ribbon so that I can see the icon that I wish to
show my customer. The Snipping tool application is open and waiting in the Taskbar area. Click
“New”. My mouse is a cross hair and I drag a window around the part of the document
that I wish to send to my customer. A simple Edit / Copy will take the image into memory
and the can be pasted into an email or another document. I googled the problem, and the solution
is quite simple. I have my Snipping tool open, and select “New”. I’ll move the little
window off to the side. Press the Esc key on the keyboard. Next open a drop down window
in Word. Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard, also the Print Screen key. Click on the Snipping
tool in the Taskbar, and drag a selection around the drop down menu. Copy the clipping
and paste into your document. You can save the clipping and insert it into your document
of choice. Tip #8. Windows 7 has a nice DVD burner. It
is very similar to iDVD, the Apple App that has been out for years. Go to the Start window
and type in Windows DVD Maker. The window allows to you upload movies. The next window
offers nice beginning templates to add to your DVD. For best results, we recommend that
you purchase dvds labeled, DVD-R.
Thank you for watching. For more Windows 7 Tips and Tricks tutorials you may go to the
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