СтопХам 24 - Астраханский Абзац/ Peacedeath from Astrakhan

Uploaded by StopXAM on Feb 13, 2012

-Drive back!
-Hello, why do you drive on the sidewalk?
-I understand, Im sorry.
-Drive back, its a sidewalk.
-Go back!
-Take away you camera, who te hell you are to film here? -And who are you? -Drive back, the same way you got here!
*Man falls down, sound of broken bones* (need some trash)
-Explain, why do you run over the pedestrians? -Who runs over? -But is it your jeep? -No, not ours. -Its cool, dont worry - we have registered the car number!
-The hell with you, smartass? -Yea, Im smart! -The hell with that? -Im gonna fuck you up, for being smartass!
*Unknown dialekt*
-What you gonna do? -Wait up.
-Who? Me? -Ill fuck you up
-Whats up with you, cool down! -Take off your camera, come here, im gonna fucken tear you!
-Sorry, but such people as you, should go straight to prison!it?
-Drive back, heeey! -The fuck youre going?
-May I see your documents, please? Leave him alone! -Step back, step back... Be patient and take away your camera. -Go back.
-Nobody ran over anyone.
-Ok, ok.
-Hello, Im TAS inspector. -[dafuq he is answering.] -May I see you documents, please? -No, first, you show me the papers, because theres plenty of cases when people just left! And thats it!
-How long will it take guys? -We will fine you for two thousand for driving on the sidewalk and thats all - you may go.