NXE2GOD Install tutorial - USB - JTAG/RGH

Uploaded by TechnologyModz on 27.10.2011

Hello Youtube, I'm just going to show you how to put NXE2GOD on your JTAG/RGH
Through the USB Method.
I have already done the transfer cable method
so if you want to do it.....
um... via the transfer method just look at my previous video.
Anyway this is the USB method, all you will need is the files in the download description
and a USB obviously.
As far as I know and won't be able to boot this up on your Xbox dashboard,
but you can boot it up through Xexmenu.
As I said in the previous video this is only available for JTAG/RGH's
so if you have an ordinary Xbox this just won't work.
Anyway all you will need is
um... these files
which will be in the download description (Top link) as I said before.
uh... and a USB. So you just go onto your USB here
and then you will drag the files on
and that about it for the PC.
I'll just go over to Xbox now to show you what to do next.
Ok, now that i'm the Xbox you want to insert your USB, Boot up the JTAG/RGH and load Xexmenu.
Uh... once your on Xexmenu you want to navigate to the folder that you copied onto your USB.
You want to copy that folder
and put it into your own Xbox's hard-drive space, you don't have to do this but it's easier for future use as
you won't need a USB inserted.
Once you have done that
uh... That's about it, you just have to load default.xex but i'm going to
demonstrate how to use it.
So one of the methods is to just install it like a normal game you would.
Install it to the hard-drive.
Normally you would always need a disc but once you run it past NXE2GOD
It work. Anyway I'll just skip to 100%
Click continue
I'll just eject the disc, to show you there is no disc in at the moment and what would normally happen.
Discs Out.
Just gone on the wrong section here.
uh... here we go, right this is what would normally happen if I try to boot it out without the disc.
That obviously come up.
But a way to get around this is through NXE2GOD; so you want to boot up your Xexmenu
and navigate to where you put the folders,
Where you put the NXE2GOD folders, Where you put it earlier in the video.
So then you navigate to that.
and then you click on it
then you click on default.xex
This will boot it up, it will recognise where the installed game is saved and complete that part for you. Then press A to convert the game.
Now it's successfully converted you press B to exit.
uh... Now to show you there is no disc in the drive
Now it will boot up will a game on demand, because we have successfully cracked it.
Okay, Thank you
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