Real Love, Episode 4, Chapter 2

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Let's be honest, Manoel! The responsible for this whole big mess was Alvarez
I believe he won the elections because he cheat the administration
If he was a patriot like you say he would voted to Miguel Varanda for President!
It was the administration which cheat because the aristocrats promised to stop to invest in the Country!
The money is the law, Manoel!
The Country needs money to survive!
I agree with you! But this money should be to everybody not just for the rich!
Don't tell me you are the otherside?
I think in this whole situation the law was broken!
Stop talking about politic!
Every meeting that I go people just talk about Alvarez and Varanda! This conversation makes me feel uncomfortable
This is normal, mama!
But it's boring!
What do you want to talk, mama?
What do you think about something less controversial?
Daughter, why don't you tell Manoel about your work on the garden?
I don't think he would be interested!
Besides I'm a beginner I just spend some time working in the garden
In San Caetano there is a kind of lilly very rare
If you want I can send to you some seeds
Oh, you don't need to worry!
It wouldn't be a problem! I'd feel happy to do this
Please, sorry about my sister She is not used to men around her, you know
She is shy!
Or maybe she doesn't like me
Oh, no, Manoel!
Just give some time to her
I want you to be honest with me
Is your sister interested by another man?
Why do you ask?
It would be normal She is a pretty girl
Do you smoke?
You don't have to worry, Manoel! I'm telling you!
If she likes someone else of course we'd know about it!
Let's make a toast for Mati!
And for you!
Your behaviour was terrible!
What do you want me to do?
You need to be more kind and thankful to the man who save your father's life!
I already said thanks to him, mama
Don't pretend to be silly to me because you know what I am talking about
I think for you nothing is important You don't care about decence, honour and the good name of your family!
Oh, stop right now! Don't bother the girl!
What do you want? That she starts to dance every time she meet him?
I don't ask for your opinion! So shut up!
I must go now! Because when you start to act like that I would need the patience of a death and I'm not dead yet!
Well, mama, let's be honest!
I already know that Fuentes Guerra saved my father's life and that he's going to lend money to the mortgage
But if there is something else Please just tell me now!
Do you wanna know if he is insterested on you?
I'm sorry to disappoint you, daughter but Manoel don't tell me anything about you
I've been thinking about to get a job
What kind of job?
A bureaucrat
Well, I think any job would be nice to help your family
Yes but there is humiliating jobs!
These jobs are humiliating for someone from my social position
Don't you think is more humiliating to exchange your sister for money?
In our social position the marriage is a business
And when someone from the family has financially problems the others helps This is family!
You'll be my brother in law
Or not?
Well, I'm not sure yet!
I must go now, Doña
Why so soon?
I have something to do!
Thanks for the wonderful lunch!
I'll see you later, Ms. Matilde
Have a good day!
Please, say good-bye to General
Tell him that I hope he feel better soon
Excuse me!
It was a pleasure!
I'll take you to the door
He seemed upset
Maybe Humberto asked the money to him and he doesn't liked, mother
I'm going to my room Excuse me!
Why he was so upset?
He is an honest man
I think he is worried about the deal and because your daughter doesn't care about him!
Did he told you?
Yes, he did when we were inside of the office
He ask me too if Matilde was interested in another man
Do you think he heard some gossip about that Tenent?
Nah! He would tell me
This man doesn't have problems to say what he think
Do you know that bastard Adolfo Soliz came here?
Before lunch when Manoel and your sister were talking outside
That jerke wanted to talk to your father!
We have to resolve this situation soon as possible and you must go to see the General Dominguez Cañedo tomorrow
Do you think he will help us?
Well, depends of you!
To be honest with you I'm sorry about that deal!
Are you frustrated with the girl so soon?
No, she is beautiful and sweet...
...but the truth is she is not interested about me!
Do you wanna know what I feel?
I feel she is a poor victm and around her there are three crows: her mother, her brother and myself!
Good afternoon
Good afternoon, sir
Do you think the General is not part of it?
I don't think so
What make me feel bad is that I created this situation
So what? Are you going to quit?
I'm thinking about it!
What do you think to think about it tomorrow and today we are going to have fun!
Yes! I think you had a great idea!
Yes, of course!
This saddle is my favorite!
I met her last night after the play
Her name is Adelaide
And she invite me to this party of her Teather Company
I'll call her!
Good evening! It's a pleasure to see you guys
Let me introduce you to Mr. Manoel Fuentes Guerra
Ms. Adelaide Sandoval
Nice to meet you
Please to meet you too!
He decided to join me the last minute Is there a pretty lady to make company to him?
Of course!
The gentleman wants some company
Oh, I would like but I'm waiting for a friend
Ok, but can you join us for a one drink?
You should to talk to me first about his interest for Matilde
Well, I thought you wouldn't mind because Fuentes Guerra is rich, young, educated...
Is good for you?
He should be good to Matilde not for me!
She likes him!
Yes! He didn't told her yet about his interest, me either so keep your mouth shut too!
So they'll be free to fall in love!
I'm sure he'll be a good husband for her
I think you are right!
It's too bad we don't have much money for her dowry so we have to tell her...
She knows already
What she did say?
She says to be our daughter is the most treasure of her life!
I can't forgive you to wait so long to come here!
I'm happy to be here!
Are you coming back tomorrow?
I'll be here for sure!
What about you?
If I can I'm coming tomorrow
I'm sorry to interrupt Ms. Bernarda Ramirez?
Don Humberto is waiting for you
Tell him I'm going!
I must go! I'll see you again?
Excuse me!
See you!
Here I am just for you!
I just called the blue moon name Bernarda!