Homeland Security's Deadly Ammo Plan

Uploaded by zionget on 29.08.2012

Homeland Security just bought a load of deadly ammunition: Some 750 MILLION rounds of hollow
point bullets...so deadly and inhuman that they've been outlawed by the Hague Convention
for military use. But Homeland Security is looking more and more like a 'para-military'
operation with little regard for humanitarian concerns. Now, on whom does Homeland Security
intend to use these bullets on ... enough to kill every American not once but twice?
And does Congress know about this outrageous purchase? Of course they do. You see, the
main players behind Homeland Security are Jewish Senators: Joseph Lieberman, head of
the Senate Committee for Homeland Security; Carl Levin, head of the Senate Armed Services
Committee; and Diane Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Don't be misled...Janet
Napolitano, an alleged lesbian, who Alex Jones calls Big Sis...has absolutely no power at
all. She's nothing more than a puppet. Now throw into the mix former Homeland Security
chief, Michael Chertoff--whose porno scanners are in airports across Amerika...and all four
of these Zionist Jews' intimate ties to the Israeli Security Apparatus--and you've got
a made-to-order Jewish Gestapo operating under the cover of 'Homeland Security.' You think
I'm kidding? It's all up on AIPAC's Website under its supportive: "Homeland Security Monitor."
Now AIPAC -- part of Jewry's ever-expanding international police state -- boasts that
Napolitano just signed an agreement with the Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman
allowing Israelis to breeze through Amerikan TSA lines. No pat downs...no porno-scanners...while
the rest of us gets the shaft. What I'm getting at is this. The infamous Patriot Act grants
to Homeland Security the right to have its own private army. And this 'militia'--now
in formation--is arming itself to the teeth. Just who is Homeland Security arming itself
against? The Taliban? Forget it. In a disturbing yet not surprising development, the multi-million
dollar Jewish Lobby, the Southern Poverty Law Center --the SPLC-- was absorbed into
Homeland Security in 2010 to "counter extremism" in Amerika. Apparently, part of the SPLC's
role is to train local police in "pre-incident" terrorism. Returning Vets, Anti-Abortion and
Anti-Homosexual Groups...Pro-Constitution and Patriot Groups like the Oath Keepers are
included on the list. Lots of Christians here...apparently targeted as "pre-incident terrorists." This
is no conspiracy theory my friends. This is fact. And the Black Vans are already picking
up Vets like Brandon Raub...and now an unnamed decorated Veteran whose father is a Christian
Pastor. Not charged with any offense, but after confiscating their guns, thousands of
Vets are disappearing into Psych Wards for the 'crime' of criticizing the government.
Bottom Line: A Jewish-inspired government persecution of Christians is now upon us.
But not only against Christians but on Liberty-Loving Americans as well. Homeland Security's FEMA
camps have plenty of coffins ready to stuff their targets into. [Clip: "What in the hell
is this? Tens for thousands of coffins. Officially, they're 'plastic grave liners.' The company
that makes them says they're just being stored for people's pre-needs. Well, who in the hell
has a pre-need for this many coffins? Unless their planning a massacre."] And the para-militarists
at the Jewish-led US Department of Homeland Security are gassing up their Black Vans -- and
if that doesn't work -- to open fire on us all.