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Hello and welcome, My name is Agata and I work for Carat Promotions – a supplier of
corporate gifts, promotional gifts and promotional items for the UK and Ireland.
This video is to briefly explain the different types of promotional lanyards that we can
brand at Carat Promotions. Lanyards are quite tricky because there are so many variations
and options available. So at the end of this video you would have learnt about the different
materials, printing methods, lengths, thicknesses and fittings.
The first thing to consider when choosing a lanyard is what material you’d want your
lanyard to be made of.
Polyester Lanyards are durable and strong. They can come in either a flat or a tubular
shape. This is a flat polyester lanyard and this is a tubular polyester lanyard. As you
can see, its got like a double layer to it.
Polyester lanyards are suitable for silk screen printing. Silk Screen Printing uses silk screens
to transfer each colour of your artwork onto the lanyard.
Nylon lanyards are tough but with a much softer feel to them. They are very smooth and have
a shiny finish. They can also be screen printed as can be seen here.
Both polyester and nylon lanyards come in a few standard colours which are red, white,
blue and black. The lanyards can also be pantone matched to your specific colour.
These are lanyards printed with heat transfer, otherwise known as dye sublimation. This method
is perfect for full colour designs. As you can see here the printing is photo realistic
and the details are very clear and vivid. The finished lanyard is very soft to touch.
Ribbon lanyards are lightweight and flexible and much better if you want a more subtle
solution. They are 15mm wide and come in a wide range of colours.
This is a woven lanyard. As you can see the design is not printed but woven into the lanyard.
These are made out of a jacquard material and the designs can either be woven into a
flat or a tubular construction.
As far as environmentally friendly options are concerned you can have a lanyard made
from recycled PET. PET is the type of plastic water bottles are made of. It is a great way
to make useful things out of our waste and be good to our planet. These lanyards have
an off-white colour and are very smooth to the touch. They are printed using dye sublimation.
The next is the length of the lanyard. They come in 90cm when open as standard, however,
depending on what you’ll be using it for; we can make them longer or shorter. Apart
from the length, our lanyards also come in different thicknesses. These are 10mm, 15mm,
20mm. And some of our lanyards can also be 25mm thick.
The standard and most basic fitting that all the lanyards come with is the dog clip. You
can replace it or add to it a variety of different options and I will present just a few because
the list is so long. This is a swivel dog clip fitting – as you can see the clip moves
round independently. This is a crocodile clip fitting. And here is a combination of two
fittings: the standard dog clip and a mobile phone loop. There is a lot more examples shown
on our website.
It is safer to include a safety fitting on your lanyard, depending on the type of campaign,
the purpose of the campaign and the age group of the lanyard users. This is what the safety
break looks like this is how it works. When your lanyard is being pulled or it gets caught
in a machine, rather than pulling your neck with you, it will just snap off like that
- and then you can easily put it back together like this and use it again.
So to recap, these are the things you need to keep in mind when choosing a lanyard: Material
– polyester, nylon, ribbon, woven jacquard and the eco-friendly type which is made from
recycled PET
Printing and Branding – silk screen printing for simpler designs that don’t have gradients,
heat transfer or dye sublimation for full colour artworks and weaving your design into
a jacquard lanyard
Length – 90cm as standard, Thickness – 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, Fittings –
dog clips, metal swivel clip, mobile phone loops, crocodile clips and the all important
safety break.
I hope you liked this video and that it will help you choose your lanyards.
For further information about promotional lanyards and other promotional gifts and solutions
for your business, please call 0208 941 5405 or email
Thank you for watching.