Video Report - Ace Team Racing - Estoril 1 (2012)

Uploaded by AceTeamRacing on 18.05.2012

The 2012 season started at the Estoril circuit, with Anubisnetworks Ace Team
bringing home two podium finishes in the first round.
Pedro Monteiro number #7 this year,
started the race from the 4th place on the grid
in the Promomoto 1000 class,
straight into the race leadership
and fought for the 1st place until the end.
We started well and strong
it was an exciting race
we started from the 4th position
and it was a race that we attacked from the beginning
since the first lap
We had the race lead for a long period
several times
and several interesting fights during the race
with our closest rivals,
namely Mário Alves and Ricardo.
It was 14 laps of pure emotion and fun between the 3 riders,
always with a lot of fair-play!
I think it was a very fun race
and a great show for the fans
a lot of overtakes, riders always very close
a lot of fun!
We are happy with the 3rd place
a podium finish is always good.
There are still 5 races left in this class,
so until the end, a lot of laps to race.
After winning his first trophy of the day,
the rider would climb back up on the podium to receive yet another trophy,
this time in the Superbikes class.
Pedro Monteiro started from the 2nd position on the grid,
7th overall position
in a race that joined the Superbike and Superstock 600 classes.
This was another race where again
the same rider Mário Alves and I fought for 2nd place
through almost 16 laps,
with amazing overtake maneuvers,
and I think that once again we gave the fans a great show.
In the end Mário took the upper hand again,
but I’m still happy anyway with this 3rd place.
We have more races ahead and I’m sure great spectacles,
I hope that more riders and teams will join this class
so that the crowd will have great entertainment.
In the same race, Ricardo Santiago number #127,
made his debut for the Anubisnetworks team
and finished one position behind a podium celebration!
I had a good start.
I finished the first two laps with the front runners.
I felt motivated and good
until I had a high-side in turn 1
and that makes you lose confidence
leads you to feel cautious.
There were some dark patches along the track because of a new tarmac,
and that takes some confidence away,
I felt that I didn’t get into my riding rhythm for this circuit.
Although he suffered a scare,
the new rider was satisfied with the season start.
It was a positive weekend,
with good feelings and a fantastic group
with regards to the race:
I felt that I was not in my rhythm.
It could have been a little bit better,
but it was positive anyway
I scored some good points and the overall result is good.
Contributing to the Teams good results are the new equipment’s.
The riders felt the difference with their new helmets!
The Helmets are just amazing!
Very comfortable, very silent inside,
the aerodynamics are very good for the sport we do
at high speed, very stable!
We have to thank NEXX for their trust in us
and we hope to continue scoring good results
so we can better represent NEXX.
Pedro Monteiro now has 16 points in both classes,
Superbikes and Promomoto,
while Ricardo Santigo has 13 points.
The next round will take place in Braga
on the 16th and 17th of June.