Lagaan (2001) w/ Eng Sub - Watch Online - 5/20

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This game is for\Nour fields and harvest.
Have you forgotten? lf we win,\Nwe'll be happy for three years.
Just think.
No lagaan for three years.
You know what that means?
lt means our grain will be ours.\NOnly ours.
Not a grain to be given.
The welfare of our children,\Nour entire village, is in this.
Our sweat will run\Nas blood in our veins.
Such small eyes\Ndreaming such big dreams.
Yes, Arjan, l have a dream.
And only those who dream\Ncan make them come true.
lsar Kaka, three months is time enough.
We can defeat them.
A whole year of hitting with a stick\Nwon't teach you...
...this game!
l know this isn't easy, Lakha.
But, Chief,\Nit's not impossible either.
l need your support.
Nobody in this village\Nwill support you in this madness!
-But lsmail--\N-Enough.
We've only one hope.
We'll all go to Rajahji once again\Nand beg him to save us.
What are you thinking, Mother?
About what happened today, son.
l swear on you, Mother!\Nl did what was right.
l feel rage when we pay lagaan\Nto the Rajah.
And he gives it\Nto those filthy whites.
You tell me, Mother.
Who ploughs the earth\Nto sow the seeds? We do.
Who waters it?\NWe do.
So why should we fill their coffers?
The white sahib said that lagaan\Nmay be cancelled for three years.
How could l remain silent, Mother?
You tell me.
Should l have stayed silent?
What are you looking at, Mother?
You talk just like your father.
He was just as spirited.\NAlways spoke the truth.
Go and sleep now.
Don't let this burden you.
Gauri?\NWhat are you doing here?
l came to see you.
To tell you...
...that l am with you.
l have faith... you and in your courage.
That's all l came to say.
Bhuvan Bhaiyya. l lost my gilli.\NMake me another.
What's this?
l'll tell you.
Who knows what'll happen?
lt's not at all difficult, Tipu.
They play it wearing pants\Nand call it '' kirkut.''
We wear loincloths and call it\Ngilli-danda. Get it?
Our fathers and grandfathers\Nplayed gilli-danda.
Go over there.
Back. Further back.
A little more. Stop.
Now catch the ball.
Catch it properly, Tipu!
Toss it to me. l'll show you.
See that?
lt's very easy.\NWhy, even you can learn it!
This game is just like gilli-danda.
Very good!
What a catch!
Well done, Tipu.\Nlsn't it easy?
Now throw the ball.\Nl'll show you how to hit it.
Wow!\NThat's some throw!
You throw well, Tipu!
Gauri.\NThrow it here.
Hey, Gauri!
What are you doing?\NGo heat the water.
Here, Tipu.
Now watch me this time.\Nlt's very easy.
Damn!\NThe stick slipped.
My hands are sweaty.
This should do the trick.
Okay, Tipu, throw.
And don't feel bad.
This time l'll whack it.
'' l'll whack it.''
Hey, Bagha!\NThrow the ball.
-May l say something, Father?\N-What?
l feel Bhuvan is doing\Nthe right thing.
All right.\NGo see if the water's boiling.
That's it, Bagha.\NHit it hard.
Well done, Bagha!
Bhuvan, like Bagha,\Nl am also with you.