How To Dance Off Thanksgiving Calories! [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 21.11.2012

tWitch: What's up, ya'll? It's the day before Thanksgiving, a holiday that is known for
spending time with friends and family, but more importantly having amazing dinner. Right,
so, what are you doing? Cameron: Well the average person eats 4,500
calories on Thanksgiving. I'm training, duh. tWitch: You know you can make it fun and dance
it off. Cameron: You're kidding!
tWitch: Seriously. Cameron: I also only did like four of those.
tWitch: Let's just get right to the dancing, okay, so say that you actually ate 4,500 calories
on Thanksgiving. Cameron: Do you think it was the same at the
first Thanksgiving back in 1621? Woo, I'm stuffed. I couldn't have one more bite of…whatever
you eat in 1621. tWitch: Right and if only we could go to the club
as pilgrims and burn 240 calories. Cameron: So today the most popular Thanksgiving
dish is, of course, stuffing. Okay, let's say our favorite stuffings on three. Three,
two, one…
Cameron: Sardine! tWitch: Herb!
Cameron: Herb.
tWitch: Well, Cam, you know you can take down 400 calories by doing a half hour of zumba.
Cameron: Well you can't have Thanksgiving without a ton of butter.
tWitch: Right, who does not love butter, seriously? Cameron: But luckily, you can burn all that
off with just thirty minutes of aerobics, which burns 250 calories.
tWitch: But whatever you do, do not combine the butter and the dancing.
Cameron: Okay, let's move on. tWitch: Yeah, please.
Cameron: Today at Thanksgiving we like to enjoy pumpkin pie and you can burn it off
with just a bit of ballroom. Guess how many calories you burn in just one hour of ballroom?
tWitch: Twelve. Cameron: Higher.
tWitch: Eight million. Cameron: Lower.
tWitch: Thirteen. Cameron: Three hundred and twenty!
tWitch: Wow, that is a lot of turkey, I mean how can we burn that off, Cam?
Cameron: Uh, just one half hour of jive dancing burns up to four hundred calories.
tWitch: That's the hand jive, Cam. Cameron: Oh. I guess you could say he's a
real jive turkey. Get it? tWitch: Yeah, no, I got it. You know what
else burns a lot of calories, Cam? Cameron: What?
tWitch: Sweeping. Cameron: Awesome.
tWitch: Yeah. 160 calories an hour. Cameron: I can feel the burn! Wait a second. Is
this just to get me to clean up? tWitch: Nah. Nah. Well, that's it for our
Thanksgiving list. If you have any other suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comment box
below there and we'll see you next… Cameron: Uh! You can really feel the burn.
tWitch: Good, that means it's working. Good. Right there. Right there.
Cameron: I don't see it. tWitch: Huh? You don't see it? That's why
you missed it cause you, you should see it. Cameron: Woo, quite a…tWitch! tWitch?