POWER MIG® Quick Start, Pt 1

Uploaded by lincolnelectrictv on 16.08.2011

After you've purchased your POWWER MIG 180 Dual,
I'm actually going to show you how to set it up.
I've laid out all the parts here so you can see
just to show you what comes complete with the machine. Again, it's a complete package,
comes with everything you need minus your gas. So what you've got of course
is your gun. You've got your solid wire which we're going to set up today.
You've got your flux-cored wire, self-shielded. Of course you've got your
manual, you always want to read the manual. You got your pieces and parts, your tips and
your extra drive roles and that kind of stuff You've got your regulator, your
hose and a bag to store everything, and then an adaptor for a larger spool.
And of course, you've got your ground clamp.
but one of the first things you want to do is decide what input voltage
you want to run the machine on.
For this demonstration, we're going to run it on 110.
Remember, it's a dual voltage machine. It comes with both input voltage cords.
I'm going to use the 110 cord.
And all you have to do is of course take it out of the box,
connect it to the back of the machine,
then you've got your input voltage all set.
What we've done here also is we've set it up for solid wire and gas, which is
positive polarity. The machine comes set up on negative polarity, so you actually have to make
a connection here. You actually have to switch the ground clamp and the input
power block, then you've got to set the gun up with the cone, so
you're ready to go for solid wiring and gas. We've done that already for you
so again the machine's really set up, ready to go. You've got all your pieces and
parts here. Again, you've got the manual, make sure you read the manual,
important information in there. First thing I'm going to do is connect the gun
to the machine, that's one of the first things
to do, and to connect the gun basically you just take the gun,
you connect it right inside here, loosen up this little star connector, push the
gun all the way in
and then tighten it.
Then you've got your trigger connector, which screws in the bottom here.
So now the gun is on the machine and is ready to go. And I've already taken
the ground. The ground clamp actually goes and makes the connection here.
I've grounded to the table for our welding demonstration. So the next thing
we're gonna do is again you would put the drive rolls.
I've already put the drive rolls and the guide tube in here already so ready to go for you.
That's set.
Next step would be the wire. With these machines, you want to make sure that when you
install the wire that wire feeds from the top.
You want the wire coming off the top, going in the drive system.
This drive system's slanted to help
the wire feed, so you don't want to put it upside down. So you actually
put the wire on
and then you will feed it from here right to the guide system. First you'll put your
plastic connector and then your wing nut to hold it in so the wire doesn't
slip off.
Now you're ready to feed the wire.
We've put the wire on the machine.
We started it in the drive rolls, so that's ready to go.
Notice what I've also done is I've taken the tip off the end of the gun and
the cone because when we feed the wire we're going to want to straighten
this gun nice and straight to feed the wire through.
OK, we've fed the wire through. You can see
the wire came through. Now we have to put the tip back on
and the cone. So you take your tip,
put it on tight.
Then you can take
a pair of pliers and you can just snug that up, feed a little wire through.
Put your cone back on, again that helps
your gas flow.
Now you're ready to go.