Behind the scenes of GSL ; Baneling Episode 18, Part 2

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2012-09-13, GOMTV Main Office, Gretech
To Ik-Keun: 'Call me'
Kim Ik-Keun Goes!
Hello, I'm Sang-Woo from the production team. There's something for you at the 1st floor. You should come and have a look at this.
5 minutes later
Ah, what is this?!
Ah, really... at least say something before you just leave something like this here.
Hello? Mr. PD? What's with the Hot6?
The Hot6 arrived?
Yes, there are 2 boxes here
So you want me to drag this cart to the Code A qualifiers in the rain and hand Hot6 out to the players?
I didn't know it was going to rain today, sorry...
We're always shooting this stuff so suddenly.
Sorry about that.
No no, you don't have to be sorry. Ok, I guess I'll try doing it.
What about that thing? I don't have that thing (helmet).
They want me to drag this cart, and it's raining!
Ok, I'll go, but at least get that camera helmet for me.
Alright, I'll get it for you, just come to 4th floor.
Ah really...
Kim Ik-Keun goes!
GOMTV Main Office -> Code A Qualifiers venue
Well at least the rain stopped, good timing.
Not sure if this means good luck or bad luck, but the rain has stopped.
Now if I want to go to Shindorim, I first have to go to Seollung station.
Since I've used this helmet once before, I think I got the feeling for it now.
In the first episode, I was a bit shy and everything, but now... Or maybe it's because there are no people around at the moment.
The players at the Code A qualifiers will probably be very nervous and tense. At such a time I think it will be a big help if I go there, hand them a Hot6, and say 'good luck!'
But really, if they have the money to prepare this cart and the Hot6, they could've just ordered it at a mart close to Shindorim and have it delivered.
PD comment: But that wouldn't be fun ^^
The first episode hasn't aired yet, so I'm not sure how this turned out.
I wasn't able to meet Jaedong because he had a personal errand to run, but I waited until 11:30 for Rain and perfectly completed my mission, that was great.
PD: He doesn't know that his camera battery ran out before he got to film Rain.
I might have a problem here, how am I supposed to do this?
Uh, uh, uh
PD: Ik-Keun is already used to taking the subway now.
He can even enjoy some rest between all those people.
Arrived at Shindorim! Where do I have to go now? Ah, my back...
There's not even that many players, they can't drink all of this.
Miss, the weather is really hot, here's a drink for you.
What is this?
It's nothing weird, I'm handing these out for free.
Would you also like a drink? Have one~
It's called Hot6, it's an energy drink.
Here, have one, just take it.
Miss, don't take two please. *she mumbles something*. Ah really? Ok..
Ah, but it's really obvious now that I gave them away.
A whole box is gone?!
Miss, have a drink, it's free for our promotion.
My head will get weird when I drink this.
Nono, nothing like that will happen~ I always drink this.
Take one~ It's free!
If I go there now, there will only be about 50 players.
I did something good for the people, handed out some Hot6.
I have to go fast now, so I can meet Flash.
Have to get rid of the evidence first.
The rainy wind is getting stronger, umbrella in one hand, cart in the other. I'm going, going wherever it takes me!
PD: I'm also curious how far you will get.
I'm here at the intel e-stadium now.
Everone is playing intently right now. Hello~
I only have 30 cans left, but there are so many players.
I'd like to have an interview with Flash.. When is his match? 4:30? Alright.
Hello Flash, you have a match coming up, right? Drink one of these and play well.
Do you know who I am?
I think I've seen you somewhere.
I'm the Code A caster, Kim Ik-Keun.
Ah yes, I think I've seen you.
Ah, really? When is your next match?
It's going to start soon.
I don't want to take too much of your time before the match. I hope you pull through the qualifiers so I can cast you in Code A.
After this is over and you've won your matches, please have an interview with me.
End of shooting~
Camera is revived? He's trying to film additional content with the camera that was attached to the cart.
Ah, thank god~
Kim didn't know that the camera ran out and was interviewing players all the time.
Flash makes it through! The SKT1 players are preparing to return home.
Flash, congratulations for qualifying to Code A!
We will now meet each other at the GOMTV studios~
Yes, please give a good cast for my games.
Of course! How did your games go today?
Yes, I think I was able to play as I usually play (during practice) and had a little bit of luck, so I was able to advance.
There was an issue where your computer turned off, did that shake you psychologically?
Actually, I'm very sensitive to that issue, when the computer suddenly turns off, so it put me off my game a little bit.
But I managed to pull through, so I'm happy about that. I'm glad that it happened in a situation where none of the players were at an advantageous or disadvantageous position.
How far do you expect to go? What's your goal?
For now, I'd say Code S.
Congratulations, again.
I completed my mission to meet Flash and also handed out Hot6 to the players.
Hello, everyone. We are meeting again for our second episode. It's the leader of Banefiles, X-Files is back with Collossus.
And I'm the leader of talking nonsense, Gisado.
We really can't stay quiet about the reactions to our first episode from last week.
If I just walk by a grandma or grandpa, they raise their hands and wink at me.
And kindergarten kids point at me, 'Ah it's Collossus!'
They point at you and probably say, 'Eek it's that *beep* Collossus guy'
You know how I walk because of that? Like this.
Anyway, this is all very embarrassing, but we will do our best and be as honest as possible on this show.
That's right. Last time we mentioned that we were a little sad about the fact that this show is a part of Baneling.
We have already gotten a lot of good feeback, the first segment was just ok, the second segment was just ok, but the third segment (X-Files) was really fun.
A lot of people have shared this opinion, so soon enough Baneling will just be hosted by us 2.
We're the best! Start!
Isn't Collossus a really cocky and rude guy? He's taking off his socks on broadcast. I can smell it up to here, what a *beep* niveau.
To answer your question, yes, he is a very cocky and rude guy.
To elaborate on the bare feet thing, in 1998 at the US Open Golf tournament, Park Sae-Ri used her bare feet to play a ball that was in the bunker.
That was during the IMF period (T/N: economical crisis in Korea), and her determination and passion gave strength to all people.
Also, you know the singer Lee Eun-Mee, right? You don't know her?
I'll just act like I know her, for now.
How can you not know Lee Eun-Mee?! She goes on stage barefooted because she says she wants to be as close as possible as to the fans, so she lowers herself and shows her passionate performances.
For those reasons I'm also wearing no socks! Sorry about you having to see my feet.
Do you know why in those cases it's special that they are barefooted? Because they usually wear socks and took them off during an important moment, but you...
I knew that you would say something like this, that's why I brought some socks!
Ahh, how can you bring worn socks to the set?! You are really doing this broadcast with your feet (T/N: Korean idiom meaning that he sucks at it)
If Flash advances, will Gisado be treating the fans for food?
Let's do it! If Flash and Jaedong advance, Gisado will be buying after the games. Everyone come to the studio!
Do I really have to?
Players I think Flash needs to overcome in order to be recognized as a force, in SC2: MKP, Byun, Creator, Squirtle, Seed, Parting, DRG, Leenock, Symbol. He needs to beat every single one of them to be recognized.
I think that would be a very vague method. I watch a lot of UFC and if a new player had to beat all of the best players to be recognized, that's just impossible.
I think it would be enough to beat players that have certain specialties, like beating a good offensive, defensive, and controlling player. I think that would be enough to get recognized for one's skill.
So for StarCraft II, what three players would that be in your opinion?
Hmm I think for Protoss, Seed or Parting, for Zerg DRG or Leenock. But considering recent results, Curious or Life would be good, too.
For Terran, I think like 2-3 Code S Terrans should be fine.
But I hope I can get a conract with Flash that says that he has to stay in Code A for 2 years.
Anyway, Flash needs to beat all these players!
If you do well in Season 4 Code A, do you advance to Season 5 Code S? I understand the basic format, but I'm not sure about the order of everything.
Among the people who have been mainly watching StarCraft I at OGN and have only recently started to watch GSL, there's some that have problems understanding the format.
So I'll explain it a bit. After making it through the Code A offline qualifiers, you make it to Code A. In Code A you will have a total of 3 matches, Round 1, 2, and 3.
If you win in Round 1, you advance to the next round. If you lose in Round 1, you are out of Code A. If you lose in Round 2 or Round 3, then you will be placed in the Up&Down matches.
If you win Round 2 and get to Round 3 and win there again, you make it to Code S directly. If you lose, you go to the Up&Downs.
So how do the Up&Down matches work? All players are divided into groups of 5. The players of a group play against each other Bo1 and the 2 winners of the group advance to Code S.
Now for Code S, the Code S commentators can explain that.
So what's the worst case that could happen? It's to lose in Round 1. Just don't lose in Round 1 and you're fine.
Baneling is great, but there's one thing. Please increase the content.
For us, personally, we think it'd be great to have a longer show. But if it gets too long, than that's no fun really.
For example, if the meat is nice it's not like you feed someone 20 servings of meat.
But I'd actually like that.
I would also like that, actually, hehe.
I'd eat that for a whole week, keke.
But anyway, we want to show you a lot of content. During the show we did before Baneling, we considered airing unedited versions of the recordings.
But you have to cut out the bad stuff to make the good stuff shine. It's the same with a tree, you have to cut the strange branches so it grows nicely.
In case of the Gisado tree, Mr. Chae cut off the branches... so that's why you are growing nicely now.
Mr. Chae on the right and Engine on the left, I will cut those branches.
But if you get to cast Code S, you'll be like 'Code S Fighting!'
Of course!
Who is bigger, Angella Kim or Choi Hana (the GSTL Interviewer Girl, Collossus' girlfriend). What body part, I mean, it's up to your imagination.
Ah, well, their height is about the same.
In terms of ambition, Hana has bigger ambition.
But Angella is also very ambitious. She wants to start a business with her name as brand.
I think their height is also about the same.
I'm not sure what else the guy who asked this could've meant.
If you want more details, please ask Collossus personally.
Who is this? Who asked this!?
Putting in no effort is even worse than having no talent. If you have talent, but don't practice hard, you'll end up like Fruitdealer.
Hm, I think that's basically the truth, yes.
The biggest thing in my life, hmm... how do I say this?
Well yes, girls are the most important, but after that. I really think that effort will never betray you, that's the kind of mindest I have.
I did not always think that way. Back then, my parents used to tell me, 'whatever you do, always go at it with the mindset that you will become number 1.'
Before that, I was always like, 'how could I possibly get 1st place, I'm happy with reaching the quarterfinals.'
But you also have to dream big to achieve something.
And as you know, Code A is the biggest stage in the world of StarCraft.
Dream of Code A and fulfill your life!
Did scriptwriter, Ms. Oh and and Coach Park (Prime), date?
Park... ehh, we're talking about our scriptwriter, Oh Het-Nim, right?
Ms. Oh's little dog earns more money than her.
The income of that dog is a few thousand per month, maybe 10 thousand!
If that dog would call Coach Park, I think he would pick up that call.
That dog, it was on TV and is friends with celebrities. For example, Tony from H.O.T., but also others.
It's not Ms. Oh who raises the puppy, it's the puppy who is raising Ms. Oh!
Do you know how the dog chews gum? He lies on the floor like this and chews gum while waiting for Ms. Oh to come home.
Would those two really be dating?
I mean, Coach Park is pretty good looking. He's tall and built, an attractive guy.
So Ms. Oh was hitting on him for about a year... but he didn't give in.
He's someone who doesn't know anything but work. He's very passionate and the heart and soul of his team.
Ms. Oh has learned a lot from this. You know there's this saying, 'there's no tree that will not fall after hitting it 10 times'. This has now changed to, 'there's no tree that will not fall after hitting it 100 times.'
You could also say something else, not 'there's no tree that will not fall after hitting it 10 times', but ... ok we'll stop
We're going to get fired..
Rain wasn't good from the start, he got better by participating in tournaments.
Rain is really starting to get good right now. Players just get better by competing and by trial and error.
It's difficult to make a name for yourself in tournaments, because there are so many games and players.
But you know, let's say your skill level is at 100% during practice, but when you play broadcasted matches it's only at 50%.
But after being on broadcast a few times, you realize, 'ah it's this kind of feeling'. And then you will be able to show 80%-90% of your true skill.
A while ago, Gisado posted on his twitter that he wants to quit and go back to how it used to be and you did some broadcasts on Afreeca TV. What was going at that time? Please tell us, be honest!
First of all, thank you to the one who posted this question. Thanks to you our show might flourish!
Ok, then, tell us!
Ah well.. it's a while ago, I'm not sure exactly when.
Ah, come on, don't cry.
I think maybe it was... was it at that time when I had no work?
You know, a person needs to have money to live...
Okay, enough, stop stop.
Season 2 of our show has come to an end now, oh wait, it's not season 2, it's episode 2. I think it was a lot of fun.
I have a request to all our viewers. It's nothing big.
I don't want you to buy me a car or introduce me to girls or anything. I'm waiting for someone to introduce me to a girl, but anyway, after the show, we are reading the feedback, if you liked it or not and so on.
If you have an opinion, please share it. If there's 90% who like it but none of them lets us know.. or if there's only 5 people who like it and we read those 5 comments, then we think the show is great, even if it isn't.
Or, if only the 10% who don't like it post comments and that's the only comments we read, then we'll think the show is no fun. We need your feedback so we know which direction we should be going. So please share your opinions!
Do we have to use these?
We have succesfully finished today's show. We will return next week with an even more honest and open show!
Are we done?
Good work. Have a drink, it's not cold yet.
Could you please look at the weather forecast before you send me somewhere?
I didn't know it was going to rain..
It's really hard.
But we're having a good response.
Did you see the feedback?
What do you, yourself, think about the show?
Did you read the comments?
That's not important. I think it's important to know how you feel about it
I am trying very hard and try to make it fun, but the comments are like, 'what a poor guy..'
You just need to better check the battery and how much footage you have left.
But you said it's 2 hours?
Yeah, so within those 2 hours, you have to finish everything up.
..just look at the comments, Mr. PD.
Let's do our best. The feedback is okay. We're all like, 'this is great, this is the best we've seen from Ik-keun since he came to this company', so don't worry.
The people at the subway stations also think it's great...(not really). I can't raise my head athere anymore.
It's great if more people get to know you. Also, you're starting to get to know the players more. I've heard that one player thought that you are Gisado?
Because I was wearing a helmet, someone thought I'm Gisado..
Who was that?
SKT_Fantasy said that...
Do you think that we're almost there or that we're still far away from your goal?
It's still a long way to go...
Well, anyway, let's do our best.
Send me when there's better weather, please.
Don't worry about that. That Hot6, I just asked for 1 box, not sure who put the second box there.
I want to decide where I will be going.
Okay, you can decide.
And you cannot interfere in my work, regardless of where I go.
Also, money for snacks and money for dinner on that day.
Okay, I'll give you five bucks.
Where in Gangnam can you buy dinner for $5??
Okay, let's do $6.
Let's try our best then.
But I decide!
Yeah, you can go where you want next time.