Wegmans Super Pasta Summer Salad

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Our Super Pasta Summer Salad calls for, what else?
Wegmans Super Pasta, which is made with whole grains.
It has a lot of fiber; it's also an excellent source
of protein and Omega-3s. Now this recipe calls for
one box of spirals. Our Italian Classics
Basil Pesto sauce, as far as I'm concerned,
is just the best. It's made with hand-picked
baby basil leaves in Genoa, Italy, and it has very
authentic flavor to it. Made with Grana Padano cheese.
If you don't have the time to make it yourself, go with this.
It's a great convenience. This recipe calls for two
varieties of summer squash. I need one zucchini,
and also one goldbar squash. Now the goldbar is
very similar to zucchini, except that it's obviously yellow,
very bright in color. I think it's a little bit more meaty
and little less seedy too than regular yellow squash.
So I think we have everything we need here.
Let's get cooking. In this pot I have
one bunch of asparagus that are cut up into about,
oh, one and a half-inch pieces. So I've had the asparagus in here
now for about a minute. Now I'm gonna add
the rest of the veggies, and I have a half of a red pepper
cut into thin strips, one zucchini, and one goldbar squash,
and I'm just gonna add that, and leave it in here for about
30 seconds is all really-- not for very long, just enough
to take the crunch out of it, and just to cook it
very, very quickly, but it should still be
very al dente. Okay, the veggies are cooked,
and we're going to remove these and shock them in ice water
to quick-cool them. So just dump it in there
until they're totally immersed. Couple times like that,
that'll do it. Okay, now we're gonna
take the vegetables, and transfer them
to a bowl. Alright.
And we turn-- let's get every little bit out of there.
And we're gonna return the basket actually to the boiling water
where we cooked the veggies. So let's immerse
that back in again. And we're gonna use this
water to cook the pasta. So let's transfer the pasta over
here and give it a quick stir. When you put it in, make sure that
it comes back to a nice rolling boil. And cook it according to package
instructions until it's tender. Okay, we're ready to
finish this up, so we got everything cool to room temperature,
now we're gonna add the pasta into this very large bowl.
And all the veggies that are pre-cooked.
And we have a container of cherry tomatoes cut in half.
And about three green onions, sliced very, very thin.
And to that goes our dressing, our sauce, and that's
one whole jar of Italian Classics Basil Pesto, this is the best basil pesto.
Very, very...fresh flavors, delicious. Okay, add all of that to that,
and then we also have the zest of three lemons.
That'll add a nice punch of flavor to it.
And to that we're adding a half a cup of fresh lemon juice.
And finally we have a third cup of shredded Pecorino Romano cheese.
So, I'm gonna add that to this. Get rid of all that.
And with our very large spoon, and very carefully,
gently toss this whole pasta salad together.
This serves about 12 people, just perfect for a summer party outdoors.