Talking "trash" about Deaf people is audist!

Uploaded by DrDonGCSUS on 09.05.2011

Ghetto. The dictionary defines this word to mean
A section of a city populated by people, usually of an ethnic or minority group,
who are restricted to this area due to economic conditions or public policy.
The definition itself is fairly neutral.
But, when people hear this word, they attach connotations to it.
They think of people in ghettos as poor, lazy, of lower morals,
drug-using, violent with gangs, and the like.
They are not seen as wanting to better themselves.
This is not always true,
but that's what comes to mind when people hear the word "ghetto".
While I was growing up, my mom always talked about
wanting me to be Oral because she didn't want me to end up in "the Deaf ghetto".
Where did my mom get that phrase from?
From the John Tracy Clinic, which is a strong Oral program.
They in turn got it from the A G Bell Association.
They use the word "ghetto" in order to create those negative associations with the Deaf community
and reinforce the idea that Oralism will save their Deaf children from this imagined fate.
It promotes the idea that to be Oral is better.
Why am I discussing this?
Recently, one vlogger called people in DVTV --
DeafVideo.TV -- "Deaf Trash".
"Trash" is another word associated with people who are of lower
education and are not upwardly socially mobile.
By using the phrase "Deaf trash", it causes people to associate Deaf people as substandard.
Plus, on one blog, I saw a person take this association further:
"Deaf Ghetto".
This means that this trash talk can be directly connected to
AG Bell Association and the John Tracy Clinic are strong bastions of audism.
They perpetuate that negative view of Deaf people as substandard.
Some people try to say that there was a misunderstanding and that we must look at the message, not the words.
The message is (possibly)
about how people are targeting other people instead of their ideas.
Maybe so.
But you can say that without using offensive names like
"trash" or "ghetto".
If YOU use words like "trash" or "ghetto",
in reference to Deaf people,
If we, Deaf people as a community,
cannot respect ourselves and avoid using words like
"trash" or "ghetto" to describe ourselves,
then why should we expect Hearing people to respect us?