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bjbj{P{P Hi my name is Lexi Marman, and I m a hard of hearing student here at California
State University of Northridge. My major is CTVA, Cinema Television Production. I was
born hearing, but the doctor had noticed that I had a fever when I was born. And so they
gave me a medicine, and the medicine was too strong, so it overtook the nerves I have the
hear cell in my ears and it made me deaf and my parents didn t find out until I was two
years old. I was born and raised here in Southern California, and I went to a regular school
in all program where they taught us how to talk, and I learned sign language later on
in life. m completely deaf in my right ear, but i have a little bit of hearing in my left.
With that a little bit of hearing, I use the thing called the hearing-aid and it s kind
of like a microphone, and so I have a smaller microphone in my ear. ve always been interested
in television production and movie and theater and film and the relationship everybody has
with each other. It s just a lot of fun. I never forget I came to CSUN and i picked CTVA
as my major and it was kind of disappointing to see how some people judge me before my
work. They judge me the fact that I couldn t hear that I wouldn t be able to succeed
in that major or in class. I have to study extra hard because I don t want them to say
oh the deaf girl messed up. So I m always in extra step ahead of everybody else s and
so i like that it forces me to really have to study. The national center on deafness
is an awesome the amazing support group of people and they provide services here so the
deaf and hard of hearing students can take classes all throughout Cal State Northridge.
Hi, I'm Gary Sanderson and I m the interim director of the national center on deafness.
We were actually established back in 1964 when the first deaf student arrived here.
A visionary man, Dr. Wayne McIntire, had a deaf daughter. he was worried about her future,
so he pulled together deaf and hearing leaders from around the country to create a national
leadership training program in the area of deaf and hard of hearing services and the
program has grown from 2 or 3 deaf students a year to right now where we have 179 students
whose deaf and hard of hearing in a classroom. One of a thing that many people think is if
a person is deaf they can t do certain things. I d like to think a different way which is
if a person is deaf they can t hear and that s it. If you have a deaf student in the Cinema
TV Film Arts, the student themselves will know exactly what they need to make the communication
clear. I have an interpreter that follows with me in classes. And sometime I have a
note taker but I prefer an interpreter and they sit in front of the classroom and they
sign everything that the teacher said, so it s always nice to have that extra person
stay with me. m very involved here on campus. I m part of a deaf Csunnians organization
which is provided by the national center on deafness. recently about two years ago I competed
for a miss deaf CSUN and I happened to win miss deaf CSUN and then whoever wins the title
of miss deaf CSUN they go on and compete miss deaf California, and I won Miss Deaf California.
My boyfriend's name is Matt and he s been an amazing support. He s such a beautiful
person inside and out and it s so nice because if we go places and i don t understand something
he ll sign it or he ll help me try to figure it out what people are saying, and it s so
nice to have that kind of support you know he s my best friend. s an amazing experience
to see ok you know some people are open to it and some people don t know how to deal
with it and some people don t know what to say like they don t know she s deaf is she
going to be able to direct. When you re deaf, I think you have kind of extra sense because
you re not able to hear. You have an extra sense to see what s going on and you feel
things more. Ready to take black, take black, ok camera 3 can you tighten up please? Great
awesome! s a battle it s kind of a tough experience to me to have to go through but in the end
I know I m gonna look back and I m gonna be like you know this.. i actually did it. I
m graduating soon. So this is all been an amazing experience and CSUN and the CTVA department
is amazing. They re phenomenal. h+z" h+z" urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags
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