Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Shadow Box

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This is a really fun shadow box to make with unique kitchen spoons that are wooden spoons.
To make this you need a little bit of raffia, some spaghetti, some tricolored pasta, whether
it's rotini or another. I like the color because it adds to it. Two little squares of cardboard
with holes punched in them and a wire put through them, your two spoons, and then a
cruet of some kind. I have three different kinds here and each one gives it a different
look. The first thing you're going to want to do to make this shadow box is to take your
little pieces of cardboard that have the wire in the back, and your colored rotini and just
spread some really thick Tacky glue, or even some Elmer's glue on your cardboard and just
cover it with your rotini, piling it up so that you don't see the cardboard through it.
Make sure that that's completely dry so your rotini doesn't fall off. And, while you're
doing that, you can take your spaghetti, a handful of spaghetti, whether you use the
white spaghetti or the wheat spaghetti. And, the secret is to actually wire it first with
your wire so that you leave a little bit hanging out the back. And then, tie it with the raffia.
Because you really want the wire to hold it securely and you're also going to be able
to use that wire, then, to put it into your basket. And then, tie it with some raffia.
And, if you want, you can use a little bit of glue to keep your raffia in place so it
doesn't go anywhere. Once you've done that you're ready to assemble your shadow box.
But, before you put your spoons in it, and if you don't have a shadow box that has an
opening this big or if you don't have a basket that has an opening like this, you can always
push the wires through the bottom of the basket, or actually glue these to the basket. But,
I pushed the wires through and tied them on the back, and then I put my spaghetti in the
middle and also wired that to the back. And then I just placed my spoons inside. Now,
my spoons were longer, you need spoons that are going to match your basket. So, you may
want to take your spoons with you to find a basket so you'll have spoons of the right
size. These spoons you could get by with a smaller basket. But these spoons were a perfect
fit and I didn't even need to secure them in the basket. I could actually use them for
spaghetti. And put them in the basket and then it gives you a different look depending
on what type of cruet you want to put in here. I found this little bottle and just filled
it with some herbs and artificial flowers, put a little raffia around it, filled it with
some oil and put it in the bottom of the basket. So that's one look. You can do the same thing
with a cruet, fill it will oil and vinegar so you have that look, and put it in here.
That changes your look a little bit. Or, even, a flat bottle with a cork in it and put it
in here. And, again, you can put colored water in it, you can put some herbs and some oil
in it. Whatever you want to do for your look. But, there you have it, that's a very simple
and quick, easy way to make a shadow box for your kitchen that's very attractive and unique,
and a very fun way to use your wooden spoons.