[TV Review] H8R S01E01 - Hated Celebs: Snooki and Jake Pavelka

Uploaded by MaxKrovenReviews on 26.09.2011

I decided to watch this series because i thought the premise was
gonna be something different
to what it actually is:
confronting celebrities with one of their haters in the hopes of winning them over
sounds like a good idea
but on this first episode we can already see that things are not working
how they're supposed to be
First celebrity on the the show was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi,
who confronted this big guy supposedly from italian heritage,
who felt Snooki was misrepresenting italians in general
I kinda took offense
in the way this guy went
against Polizzi
basically because he was putting her down because she was born in Santiago
and as a chilean citizen myself,
seeing his disdain for her country of origin was just annoying to watch
Most of this segment was hate from the guy towards Snooki,
then getting the hate
returned from her
And this is the point where i felt this show was missing the target:
instead of having some type of facilitator
who could have mediated between the celebrity and the hater,
they just put the two of them together to figure things out by themselves
I didn't feel Snooki presented herself in any way different to what people see
on the Jersey Shore show
and in the end the hater seemed to fall to pressure in order to say
he didn't hate her anymore,
which Snooki immediately misrepresented as this guy now being
someone who loved her,
something he never stated himself
A really bad conclusion, in my opinion
Second in line was the guy from The Bachelor,
Jake Pavelka
and this case was even worst than the first
They made Pavelka "act out"
the way the tabloids supposedly represent him in front of his hater
(an scene girl)
which, needless to say, only made the girl hate him even more
And it was around this point when it was made clear
that the entire goal
of this show
rather than it being conciliation between two people
it's all about having fun
at the expense of the celebrity being hated on
Pavelka looked genuinely hurt
by all the hatred this girl was sending his way
and by the end of his segment, nothing changed, as the hater didn't change
her mind at all
So, instead of being a show about getting along and being civil to one another
H8R is just a celebration to hate
and more of a comedic reality show if anything else
and i for one didn't care too much for it
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