Interview with Na`Vi.LighTofHeaven before final DreamHack Summer 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 19, 2012

- Hi LighTofHeaven.
- Hello.
- Tell us about the last games.
You played vs EG and got to the final.
How were the games?
- We won all lines in both games.
After that we played aggressively.
It allowed us take the advantage in all the battles.
- Who of your teammates was good in action?
Were there any critical points?
- All the players were awesome.
We increased advantage clearly and confidently.
- What do you think of the
forthcoming game with mTw?
They show quite impressing results lately.
- It’s very interesting to look at them.
They used different styles in all the games
and got to the final as well.
- Did you have any special tactics for the previous games?
- We usually play on skill.
- Do you have any tactics for the final?
- We keep them for the International.
- So we have to wait.
- We save everything for the International.
- Are you upset to have played with DARER
in the play-off, not in the final?
Well, the game with DARER…
- No.
Why should I be upset?
The earlier, the better.
- Do you consider mTw to be the most worthy
to get into the final?
Didn’t mouz deserve it more?
- mTw beat mouz and that’ it.
- You show far not the best results
in online lately.
Once you even lost the first position
in GosuGamers rating.
Why is it so?
Why do you usually show better results on LAN?
- It’s connected with summer.
Few people were on vacation and we
had to gain good shape again.
We practiced and returned our stability.
- Stalker, Invoker…
did you completely move to aggressive DOTA
or should we wait for any carries?
- Our style is mostly aggressive.
It’s far more interesting to play
actively and quickly in 20-35 min.
- How will things develop at the International?
Will anybody perform tight game lasting 70-80 min?
- I expect to see a lot of new stuff.
There’s gonna be battle between Europe and Asia.
We’ll see whose DOTA is better.
- Did you have pracc with Chinese teams?
Can you predict their tactics?
- We played a few games.
They prefer late game lasting 60-90 min.
- Ok. Let’s talk about finals again.
How many times did you play vs mTw?
How do you estimate your chances?
How comfortable is this competitor for you?
- They are very comfortable for us
as we know style of each of them.
It’s easy to guess their future actions
and understand both their picks and game.
- Ok. And the last question.
How do you like DreamHack?
Did it impress you?
- It has perfect gaming atmosphere.
It’s filled with gaming.
Here are smth like 5 or 10 thousand computers
and everybody’s playing.
- Ok. Thank you and good luck at the finals.