2012 Open Season: Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program

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Hello and welcome to Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program, known as FEDVIP.
My name is Connie deLorimier and I work in the FEDVIP Program office at OPM.
The questions we will discuss in today’s webcast are:
What is FEDVIP? Why would I need FEDVIP?
Am I eligible for FEDVIP? What benefits are available?
How much does it cost? What plans are available?
How do I choose a plan? How do I enroll in FEDVIP? And
Where can I find more information?
What is FEDVIP? The FEDVIP Program started in 2006 and was implemented to provide comprehensive
dental and vision coverage that is not provided in most FEHB health plans.
FEDVIP provides comprehensive dental and vision insurance at competitive group rates
You can enroll in a dental plan, a vision plan, or both.
This program is completely separate and different from the Federal Employees Health Benefits
Program (FEHB).
Some of the Program wide features include: No pre-existing condition limitations for
enrollment, Out-of-network benefits,
Pre-tax premiums for active Federal Employees, And the only waiting period is for orthodontia.
Most FEDVIP dental plans and all the Vision plans offer out of network benefits. If you
live in an area in which there are no network providers in a 35 mile radius, then the FEDVIP
plan will pay your out of network provider the same amount as they would pay a network
The program has 3 enrollment types - Self, Self plus one which covers one other
eligible family member, and Self and Family which covers all eligible family members.
Your enrollment in your dental and/or vision plan will continue from year to year, unless
you elect to change your enrollment during the annual Open Season.
Unlike with FEHB, You do not have to be enrolled in FEDVIP for 5 years in order to continue
your coverage into retirement. If you join one of the 4 nationwide dental
or any of the vision plans, you are also covered overseas.
Joining FEDVIP can save you money on your dental and vision expenses. Did you know that
the average preventive dental visit is about $150 and THAT’s if your dentist does not
find any problems with your teeth.
Routine eye exams can cost up to $100 plus the cost of glasses or contact lenses.
FEDVIP also can help with more than just routine services. Under dental it covers \things as
fillings, root canals, crowns, and orthodontics for dependents under the age of 19.
If you are thinking about Lasik surgery, vision plans can provide discounts of up to 25% for
this procedure
All Federal and Postal employees who are eligible for FEHB are eligible for FEDVIP. The key
is eligibility. You do not have to be enrolled in an FEHB plan, you just must be eligible.
Retirees under any Federal retirement system are eligible, if they retired on an immediate
annuity (including disability) under: Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)
Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or any other Federal Retirement System.
And, as mentioned before, you do not have to be enrolled in FEDVIP at the time of retirement
in order to enroll at a later date.
No matter which Dental Plan you choose, you are covered for all 4 classes listed here:
Class A, Preventative: which covers services like routine visits, x-rays and cleanings.
Class B provides coverage for minor restorative work such as fillings.
Class C provides major work, such as root canals, crowns, and onlays
And if you have dependents under the age of 19, Class D provides for orthodontics. Most
Plans have a waiting period for orthodontics, so please refer to the Plan brochure if you
are considering coverage for this reason.
Your vision plan covers a comprehensive eye exam. This is very important as an eye exam
can show indications of high blood pressure as well as glaucoma and other diseases.
Plans will provide for glasses, frames or contact lenses - which ever you prefer. Since
most Plans allow benefits on a yearly basis, you can choose glasses one year and contacts
the next. Plans cover Progressive bifocals, antireflective coatings, tints, high strength
polycarbonates and other options, with a co pay
And if you are a member of the Flexible Spending Account Program, (FSAFEDS) copays and other
covered out of pocket dental and vision expenses can be paid using pretax dollars. This means
more savings to you. For more information on the Flexible Spending Account Program please
tune into the next webcast presentation on FSAFEDS.
Dental premiums are based on the area where you live. These are called rating regions.
Vision plans do not have rating regions. Active employees pay premiums through payroll deduction,
on a pretax basis. FEDVIP plans are paid for entirely by the employee, the Government does
not pay any part of the premium.
For more information on premiums please visit. www.opm.gov/insure/dental/rates/index.asp
for dental rates. For vision please visit www.opm.gov/insure/vision/rates/index.asp
Rates are also listed in the 2013 Guide to Federal Benefits, and on the back page of
the individual plan brochures.
FEDVIP provides four nationwide plans - Aetna, GEHA, MetLife and United Concordia. These
Plans are available over the entire United States and overseas. 3 Regional Plans are
also offered, GHI which serves New York, New Jersey, and certain counties in Pennsylvania
and Connecticut, Humana Dental Company is in 26 states across the South and Mid Atlantic
Region, including the District of Columbia and Triple S which serves Puerto Rico
Three Nationwide vision plans are also offered, FEP BlueVision, United Healthcare Vision and
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Choosing a plan is very specific to you and/or your family’s needs. Do you need root canals
or crowns? Do you need only preventive and diagnostic services? Do your children need
fillings, or do you have an adolescent who will need braces? Once you have determined
what your needs may be, then you should check your FEHB plan brochure to determine what
is covered. With these facts in mind you can pick a plan that compliments your FEHB coverage
and provides benefits for the services you and/or your family may need.
You can compare Plan benefits by using the Plan Comparison Tool on www.opm.gov/fedvipcompare
and www.plansmartchoice.com. Once you have decided which plans you are interested in,
you can learn detailed information by reading the Plan brochures which are available online
at www.opm.gov/insure/dental/planinfo and
BENEFEDS is the enrollment portal for FEDVIP. To enroll in FEDVIP you must contact BENEFEDS.
You may enroll online at www.BENEFEDS.com or, you may call 1 877 888 3337, Phone usage
is very heavy during Open Season, so we encourage you to enroll online.
There are 3 opportunities to enroll Open Season, which this year runs from Nov 12 through Dec
10. New employees have 60 days from their date of hire to enroll. You may also enroll
or change your enrollment within 60 days after you experience a Qualifying Life event. Qualifying
Life events for FEDVIP may not be the same as those for FEHB. The 2 events which will
allow you to enroll outside of Open Season are: you return from active military duty
to a Federal civilian job, or you lose your current dental and/or vision insurance. You
can find a list of Qualifying Life events for FEDVIP in the FAQ section at www.benefeds.com.
More information on FEDVIP is available online at www.opm.gov/insure/Dental and www.opm.gov/insure/Vision
Information on BENEFEDS is available at www.benefeds.com or by calling 1-877-888-3337. TTY is available
by dialing 1-877-889-5680 You can also Email us at fedvip@opm.gov