Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Ice Maker Assembly (Whirlpool Part #D7824706Q)

Uploaded by partselect on 01.04.2011

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. You’ve decided to replace the ice maker in your refrigerator.
It’s actually a pretty easy job, it shouldn’t take long. All we’re going to need is a
quarter inch nut driver. One thing we do need to do is disconnect the power to our appliance,
a good practice at any time. You may also want to disconnect your water supply if you
decide you need to move your refrigerator forward to work on it.
First of all, we need to clear some space in here. If your model fridge has a dispenser
in it you’ll need to remove the ice bin. Pull down on the tab, slide it forward and
if there’s ice cubes in it, it will probably be heavy. Slide that out, put that out of
the way and you’ll find one quarter inch hex-head screw mounted on the left side here.
That will need to be removed, the ice maker will lift out, pull it out far enough to disconnect
the harness.
Ok, now that we’ve removed the quarter inch screw tilt out on the bottom of the ice maker,
pull downward. That releases it from the two mounting tabs on the side here and here. You’ll
be able to see the wire harness connection at the back. You need to squeeze the two tabs
together on that, pull the wire harness forward and then we can take the icemaker out to transfer
the other parts.
Ok, let’s start with the bale. Remove it from the back bracket, push it through the
hole. Be careful not to bend it. Rotate it out of the front engagement hole. To install
the bale you need to put the end tab, the elongated tab into that oval slot in this
position with the bale facing downwards. Be sure it is firmly in place, line up the back
tab and press it through, just like that.
All right, to remove the harness the first thing we want to do is take the front cover
off. Disconnect this white wire from this tab. Just lift gently on the tab, pull the
wire out. Then we need to depress this clip to pull the wire harness out. There we go.
To reinstall the harness slide it into the opening until the tab engages, put the white
wire under the clip and it’s installed. The last thing remaining is to put the cover
back on, firmly in place and line up the mounting bracket. Tighten the quarter inch screw and
we’re ready to reinstall it into the freezer. Now that we’ve got the ice maker sitting
in place we’ll take the harness and connect it to the connector at the back of the refrigerator.
We want to make sure that our water fill tube goes into the spout at the back of the ice
Locate the mounting tabs on the ice maker to the tabs located on the freezer wall. Press
them firmly into place, snap it into place and then we can put our quarter inch screw
to hold it there.
Before we install the ice bin we need to make sure that the auger coupler lines up with
the auger drive in the freezer.
Ok, we got our new ice maker installed. You should have ice in a couple of hours. Good
luck with your repair.