Didrik Solli-Tangen - Interview at TV2 Nyhetsfrokost

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This morning it started approaching Christmas gradually, and
according to the tradition the Salvation Army is going to have their Christmas
concert, like every year with a lot of various artists.
This year they have got Didrik Solli-Tangen on the team. And he is of
very great present interest with a new CD. He is sure to present something from it at
the concert in Oslo Concert Hall today. We have got a visit from Didrik
Solli-Tangen and Andrew Hannevik, communication manager in the Salvation
Army… a good Sunday morning to both of you!
Thank you so much, the same to you!
And a good Advent - this is the First Sunday in Advent! Today, Didrik, you are
going to perform in the Salvation Army Christmas concert. Which relationship do
you have to the Salvation Army, and what did you think when they asked you to
participate there? D: As usual it isn’t difficult to say no
….eh… it’s not difficult to say yes, I mean hihi!!
Btw are you a yes-man? D: Yes, usually I am a yes-man, and my
relationship to the Salvation Army is… everyone connects them to that bell and
the soup kitchen which are the characteristics… so it is very nice to be
able to help them. - This Christmas concert – do you
feel related to it? D: No I don’t really. This is the second
year that I – not celebrate Christmas but am here in December. I have never been
at the Salvation Army’s Christmas concerts before, so it’s fun to be part of it.
AW 1: Andrew – you asked Didrik
Solli-Tangen if he would participate. Why was it important to you to engage him?
A: We want to make a good Christmas concert with good artists and good
singers and musicians. We thought Didrik was a good choice, a nice young man who
sings well and who can help us focus on the things we are dealing with in the time
before Christmas. - And Didrik Solli-Tangen, you have
released an album. We can show this one. It’s called Guilty Pleasures, and there will
be given samples from it at the concert today. And before we go on talking we…
- We too have a sample… - Yes we have. The song is called "Compass"
- This is one of the songs you will sing later today… But as to Christmas, I
have heard you haven’t been so much at home in recent years? Which relationship
do you have to Christmas? D: I have a good relationship to
Christmas, I like it a lot, and the Christmas season, Christmas music,
Christmas flavors, whatever is connected with Christmas and immediately puts us in
a Christmas spirit. I think we should take some friends with us to a Christmas
workshop, or bake Christmas cookies. These things are very nice I think, and
especially Christmas Eve itself when you have Christmas dinner, and go to church.
Now, I sing in church on Christmas Eve… - I have been on your webpage and
seen your schedule now in December, which is quite busy. You are going to
many places, sing in several churches in the weeks to come – Christmas may never
be quite the same again after the breakthrough you have got?
D: No, of course not. But in some way I can quote Alexander and many others
who… Alexander Rybak said recently, “Christmas is a time for giving”, and when
you do what you do – and I do singing and music – that’s a nice way of giving
back to people. - It’s a time for giving Andrew – the
receipts from the concert Didrik will be part of today, what are they going to?
A: Well, the Christmas concerts we are having in the Concert Hall are actually just
the start of a month full of activities and concerts, where we are out with the
Christmas pots, where we have outdoors concerts, and the earnings go to relief
work for needing people in Norway. - Christmas is much about good
food and wrapped gifts and being together with our loved ones. But not
everybody is so lucky, something which you may see often…
A: Yes, many people toil and have trouble making ends meet, and then of course,
when Christmas comes and they want something extra, it’s hard to make it
possible. That’s why many people come to us and get help with some food, a sack
of wood, a pair of warm winter boots for a child – which enables them to celebrate
Christmas as well and have a good time with their family and friends. And then of
course there are those who are alone, and there we have also got a number of
Christmas events all around the country, both on Christmas Eve and on other days
where they can participate. AW 1: So Didrik – is it a sort of honor to
be a part of this as an artist of the size you have become now – you have been
asked to contribute, like in this Salvation Army Christmas concert, and actually
really contribute to something good? D: Of course, this is a pleasure. I feel it
every time, no matter which charity it’s about, I think – ok now I can contribute in
a larger scale. As a student you didn’t have so much money to put in the boxes
or to give, so in a way it’s giving of yourself. It’s not a big thing for you, but
you know it helps a lot, and that’s nice. - But giving of yourself – there must
be a limit for you. How do you think this recent year has been? Did you happen to
think, “This has become more strenuous than I had imagined”?
- Ok there has been a lot going out, it has gone in one direction only giving of
oneself, that’s right. But I have a dear supportive family, a good brother who I
share the apartment with and a great girlfriend, so it’s all about having good
people around you who support you, then everything is possible.
- How has it been for you to release this album?
- Well, incredibly exciting! It has been a process which I have been allowed to
participate in all the way, from gathering songs to getting to write songs of my
own, or be a part of the song-writing, participate in the recording process and
watch how everything takes shape, and now eventually to sit there with a product
in my hands, a virtual product and actually having something to be proud of.
It has been big fun. - Is it spooky that people must think
things about it, or to hear things and really listen to it? Or is it good to give?
D: Both yes and no. I think that people may think both this and that about this
CD, but the fact that I have been allowed to release a CD at all, is incredibly
positive, so this may rather be a good memory to keep in mind if this pop career
doesn’t go… up in the sky. AW 1: Ok, are you thinking this could go
in any direction? D: This could go in any direction, and I
have a school waiting for me, and I have a classic music part which is closest to me.
Now I have had the opportunity to live out my pop dream and to do what I may have
been dreaming about as a boy so… I’m very satisfied!
- A hectic day for you today, for there is not only one concert you are
going to have? A: No, we shall have two concerts in Oslo
Concert Hall, at 3 and at 7 p.m., and if there are people who want to listen to
Didrik and the others, I think there are still some tickets left. We look forward to this
which will be a nice start of the month of December.
- I’m sure you have to rush off; there are sound tests and lots of things to
prepare… D: There is a lot to happen now…
- Thanks for coming here to us! - Thanks for having us!