HTC Desire HD - Get alerts with the Notifications panel

Uploaded by HTCShowMe on 14.11.2010

The Notifications panel helps you keep on top of everything – you can access it from pretty much anywhere.
To open the panel, press and hold the status bar, then slide your finger down.
Or, you can also open the Notifications panel from the Home screen by pressing MENU and then tapping Notifications.
Any new emails, messages, missed calls, and upcoming appointments will appear in this panel.
To see all your notifications, just scroll down. And to get more information, tap any notification to get the details.
See? If you tap this new message notification, you're able to read it.
You can also switch apps using the Notifications panel – up to eight of your recently used apps will appear here.
All you have to do is slide your finger left or right to see them all.
That's not all. You can also pause music or jump to the music app by tapping the album art.
And you can see any updates or downloads that need your attention.
Once you're done catching up with notifications, press and hold the bottom bar of the Notifications panel,
then slide your finger up the screen.
Or just press BACK.
It's that simple.