Mahabharat - Episode 72

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The preparations for the arena ...
... which had started in King Shantanu's era ...
... was now complete
Never again will we see such an arena
Nor such an army
Nor such an assembly of brave warriors
The roots of this Holy war, this ultimate war ...
...are in Dhritirashtra's heart
Dhritirashtra is eager... say something but cannot say it.
Though Dhritirashtra is unable to ask...
...Sanjay knows he wants to know about Kurukshetra
He is sad for not only Hastinapur...
...but also its King
I see all this and even I am lost in thought
The story stands at such a place that...
...even words have to be spoken with care
The story stands on the verge of the sacred Geeta
Which means as long as the Geeta is narrated...
...even I can only listen
All I can say now is that The new few moments...
...will make the world forever grateful to Dhritirashtra
In a few moments from now Dhritirashtra will ask...
O Sanjay! What did my sons and the sons of Pandu do...
...when they gathered at Kurukshetra?
As long as Sanjay speaks...
...I'll not even move
O Sanjay! What did my sons And the sons of Pandu do...
...When they gathered at Kurukshetra?
The Commanders of both sides have reached Kurukshetra
Bhishma and Dhritirashtra are leading their armies
O Teacher! Did you see the Pandava army...
...arranged by your friend’s son Dhritirashtra?
This mighty army has an array of...
...warriors, archers and brave soldiers
Satyaki, Virat, Dhrupad...
...the King of Kashi, Kunti bhoj and Abhimanyu as also...
...Draupadi's live sons
Now look at our own army...
...which you'll lead into battle against the Pandavas
Who is in this army? Yourself, Grandsire...
...sage Kripa and many other warriors
It is said that they are experts at warfare
O Exalted Teacher!
The Pandava army is nothing before our army
Grandsire alone can win this war
So, I pray that you should all protect Grandsire
I am saying this because ...
... he will not kill the Pandavas in this arena
Grandsire! You have done me an injustice
But you'll not be able to save Arjun from my arrows
What are you looking at?
I am looking at all the lather figures ...
... Grandsire, Sages, Brothers ...
... Friends and Sons
Why look? You are not seeing them for the first time
True! I am not seeing them for the first time
You also knew that all these friends and relatives ...
... would stand to wage war in this battlefield
Is there no difference between knowing and seeing?
Take my chariot to the centre of the two armies
I wish to see both armies in the proper perspective
I'll take you there but O Arjun ...
... why did you not say this before the bugle was blown
Because war became certain after the bugle was blown
What is Arjun doing?
Don't worry. Krishna is Arjun's charioteer
His chariot cannot stray
Does Arjun dare to launch a Ione attack because ...
... Grandsire will not kill the Pandavas?
Is there no other warrior in the Kaurav army?
Where is Arjun going?
He seems to be in dilemma
But why the dilemma when Krishna is with him
I am a dilemma
The warrior who defeated us in the Virat war ...
... is attacking the army ...
... which is unfortunately commanded by me
But has Arjun forgotten that the war has not yet begun?
Krishna has stopped the chariot
What is this riddle?
We are at the centre of the battlefield, Arjun
These are not armies but mighty oceans
O my Lord!
-What's it Bhim? He ate my porridge
I'll get lots of porridge made for you tomorrow
May I sleep here, Uncle
How often have I told you not to call me Uncle
I am your lather's uncle
Won't you embrace me?
My clothes are soiled by travel
Your clothes will be soiled
My clothes are eager to be soiled by your dust
Don't you like to play?
When the teacher is teaching It's no time to play
Looks like you'll learn everything
I did not teach you this
It was you who taught me!
How long will you look at them?
Let me look at them
Who knows who I'll get to see after the war
and who I won't see
O Krishna! Whom do I seek to wage war with?
And whose lives have I staked for this war?
On both sides stand people from the same dynasty
The man in white clothes who stands on a white chariot ...
... has given me nothing but love and affection
I used to sit on his lap with my soiled clothes
And yet, he would embrace me
He is my Grandsire, Krishna
That is Sage Drona who gave me knowledge ...
... taught me everything that he knows
He taught me more that he taught his son Ashwathama
I have come to light and, if possible, kill him.
The very thought makes me go cold. My throat is dry.
My hands, which hold the bow, become numb
My body trembles more than it did in winter
The Gandiva slips from my shoulders
How can I kill the people I honour and respect?
I cannot turn Kurukshetra into my family’s cemetery
Why don't you say something?
I am listening. First, finish what you are saying
What can I say?
I won't build my palace on the corpses of my dynasty
I don't want this happiness which stinks of blood
Shall I kill the teachers I honoured?
Shall aim an arrow at those who taught me the art?
I don't want victory at this price
Let alone this earthly kingdom ...
... I don't want Heaven at this price
Duryodhan may have cheated us ...
... insulted Draupadi and the dynasty ...
... but he is still Elder Father's eldest son
should we destroy the dynasty for a piece of land?
O Lord! Even if we lose everything and ...
... are saved from the sin of ending the dynasty ...
... we will have won peace cheaply
Why this lifeless dejection in this hour of trial?
Despair wins neither heaven nor lame
Before you call out my name, tell me ...
... when destruction stares you in the lace and ...
... Truth looks to you for protection and victory ...
... how can you display such cowardice
Strong men do not lose themselves in dejection
Do not become impotent in this hour of trial
O Destroyer of the Enemy! O Victorious One!
These un-Aryan feelings will win neither lame nor Heaven
You will hate even yourself
O Arjun! Give up this weakness
Stand up and light!
How can I stand up and light?
How can I kill Grandsire? Or Sage Drona?
How can I kill those worthy of respect?
Shall I defeat those who taught me how to win
It is better to beg than raise my hand in attack
At least I won't stain my hands with blood
Is it better to win or lose this war?
The Kauravas stand before me like enemies
I know I cannot live without killing them but ...
... it won't be easy to live after killing them
Aren't they my brothers? Tell me?
Of course!
Is that all you can say?
But that's all you asked
This war is not to establish relationships or identities
Recognise your duty and decide because ...
... only you can take a decision
I cannot take a decision to save you from ...
... the responsibility of this war
This war is yours and so is the result
I cannot see my duty clearly
So, become the guide of my soul
I know I stand between Truth and Untruth but ...
... cannot decide on which side Truth stands
Guide me O Krishna!
Save me from this despair
I cannot light in such a state
O Krishna! Should I light or not?
So saying Arjun kept quiet
Arjun's questions are of eternal value
How can he light Grandsire and the Sages?
It is in keeping with the Warrior Code
What can I say to that?
I am not even a warrior
But you can think like a warrior
I think they won't even ask for Indraprasth now
In that case even Duryodhan will be satisfied
Then I'll coerce him into giving them live villages
War will not take place now because ...
... if Arjun does not light who will?
And now, he will not raise the Gandiva
... till his questions are answered
He will not light till then
And even Krishna cannot answer his questions
Once again ...
... see what Krishna is saying
As you wish
O heir of Bharat!
Krishna is smiling at Arjun
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 1 1 ''Yoga of Knowledge''
O Arjun! Those who are dead are dead
The wise do not grieve for those who die or live
They grieve for neither birth nor death
You talk like a wise man but your words are foolish
Before you grieve find out ...
... if they are worthy of your grief
Are not Grandsire and the Sages worthy of grief?
Would I deny it if they were?
Remember one simple truth
It is the Soul which is of essence, not the body
Death is not its end because it is eternal
Death is a momentary respite
The wind does not end with the breath
Man is first a child a youth ...
... and then an old man. Then Death
This is the journey of the body
The Soul goes beyond that
It moves from one body to another
The journey which ends with death is that of the body
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 20 ''Death & Soul ''
The Soul's journey is eternal
The body is left behind and the Soul moves on ...
... assuming a new body ...
... just like we discard old clothes for new
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 22 ''Transcendental Truth''
Why grieve when the Soul cannot be destroyed?
Why grieve the destruction of the body?
The body is not eternal, It is to be discarded
It is the Soul which is eternal
Will those before us be there after the war?
What is Being and Not Being?
There never was a Time when all of us ...
... did not exist
Nor a Time when all of us ...
... will not exist
Why do you feel that this life is the complete life?
This life is not a complete life
We were, we are and we will be
As for happiness and sorrow, what of it?
Like seasons, they come and go
Those who are unmoved by happiness and sorrow ...
... those who remain uninfluenced by them ...
... are worthy of salvation
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 14 ''Nature of Challenge''
Be free from the doubts of killing and being killed
Only those who are born can die
The Soul is beyond Time
The body is born, not the Soul
If the Soul is not born how can it die?
The Soul exists. That's all!
It spans Time from end to end
It is unborn, eternal and holy
It is indestructible and without flow
So, do not worry about killing and being killed
Only the body dies and ...
... even after its death the Soul does not die
Weapons cannot kill it, lire cannot burn it ...
... water cannot dissolve it or the wind dry it
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 23 ''Transcendental Truth''
Why do you worry now?
O Krishna! Do I call a Soul Grandsire?
Is my affection merely for a Soul?
Is that white-clad elderly man ...
... merely a Soul?
Did not the body, which you call the Soul's clothing ...
... bless me many a times?
is the Sage who taught me archery merely a Soul?
I do not deny that Souls are holy and indestructible ...
... but I am talking about the body
Am I not related to these bodies?
Souls are not born but surely people are
Of course, people are born
But emend this argument of yours
Those who are born will die Why grieve the predestined?
Those who are born will surely die but ...
... death is not the end for they will be reborn
This is the unshakeable Truth and none can avoid it
Not I. Not you. Nobody.
Bhishma has the boon of wilful death but ...
... death is still inevitable
In this cycle of birth, death and rebirth ...
... where's the place for grieving?
Those before you existed before this birth but ...
... you don't know what they were
They will exist after this birth but you won't know
Their existence for you is confined to this birth
Beyond it, it is unknown, underlined
Before this birth they did not exist for you
After this birth they will not exist for you
So, Arjun why grieve, for a life ...
... whose death is predestined ...
... and cannot be changed by you?
Grandsire, the Sages and other relations ...
... were not known to you before birth ...
Hence, it is useless to grieve for them
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 2$ ''Advice''
Is Krishna explaining or inciting Arjun?
Will Arjun listen to him?
Is he not responsible to his Elder Father
Can he deny his dynasty and relationships?
Will he use divine weapons against my sons?
How can I answer these questions?
Only Krishna or Arjun can answer them
I want answers to my questions
So, listen carefully
As you wish!
Dhritirashtra is in a dilemma
He could not stop the war
Lord Krishna explains to Arjun
Do not grieve
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 31 ''Face the Challenge''
Why are you so surprised?
Like the tearing of cloth is predestined ...
... the death of the body is the ultimate Truth
Why grieve for the Truth?
Man is not a mi_ure of Body and Soul
The body is the vehicle for the Soul
Do not worry about the body and do your duty
Even according to the Warrior Code ...
... you must wage war
It is a warrior's duty to light Evil
Today Evil stands before you fully armed
It is your duty to light it
I brought you here to ask you:
What is my duty? What is Truth?
Who are you?
I am Arjun, disciple of Drona!
What else?
Son of Kunti!
What else?
A warrior!
Your are Drona's disciple
because of that Because you are Kunti's
son you are a warrior So, basically you are a warrior
To abide by the warrior code is your duty
To light Evil is the warrior's duty
To light injustice is the Warrior's Code
If in this crucial moment you do not light Evil
... your lame will be eroded as also your code
if this happens, your enemies and the world ...
... will call you an evil man and a sinner
The coming generations will call you a coward
O Arjun! Do not be lost in the questions of ...
... victory and defeat, life and death
If you win you will get success and a kingdom ...
if you die, you will go to Heaven
Get up Arjun and light. Happiness, sorrow ...
... profit, gains, victory, defeat are all the same
It is not only the Code but also your duty
Geeta Chapter 2 Verse 37 ''Arise, Resolve to Fight''
The Soul does not die
It is the Body that dies
Do not let your mind ...
... be lost in this dilemma