Holy Spirit Baptism - A Gift Not a Qualification

Uploaded by finalcall07 on 14.08.2011

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a GIFT, it is NOT a QUALIFICATION
Jesus GIVES it to you, to equip you for work of service in His Kingdom
Many people are just looking for the GIFT
and then when they have received the gift they think that now they are saved and sealed
and they've got a ticket to Heaven. Dear freinds the gifts are to equip us for work of service
and God gives good gifts to everybody. It is not because we deserve it
It is because He is a Good God
and because He promised it
There are many people who become discouraged
when they asked for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and they don't receive it
Some people receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit just straight away
when they come to Jesus
others wait longer
Jesus Himself is the BAPTIZER IN the HOLY SPIRIT
He baptizes in the Holy Spirit
Dear friends, I waited a long time. Some other believers who came to Jesus the same time as I did
received the gift before I did
and I became very discouraged and I felt there was something wrong with me
But dear friends, I did not realize that I had to be seeking the KINGDOM OF GOD
and NOT the GIFT
Some people just want the gift
because then they feel that they are qualified now
they can go and sit back and they are on their way to Heaven that is not true
The gift is given to us to edify us, to equip us, for work of service in the Kingdom of God
And as we make ourselves more available to Jesus
We must ask Him for more gifts
and that will enable us to do the work of service
more effectively because it is NOT BY POWER and it is NOT BY MIGT
it is NOT by the power of the reasoning of the mind that a soul is saved and comes to Jesus
it is by the working of the Holy Spirit of God.
And we must make ourselves available to Jesus
so that his Holy Spirit can live in us and work through us
Because Jesus promised: He said we will speak in new tongues
He said that we will lay our hands on the sick
and they will recover
And that is for you and for me
and for all of those who believe in Jesus Christ, who follow Him
because we are His Body dear friend
So if you have not received the gift in the Holy Spirit yet
the BAPTISM in the Holy Spirit
with speaking of tongues
Do not become discouraged dear friend
seek Him with all your heart
and become totally obedient because He wants to teach us obedience
so that we can be suitable suitable sevants
for the Kingdom of God that we can serve Jesus
and build the Kingdom of God
and destroy the kingdom of satan
Dear freind, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is promised to you
but you've got to seek it you've got to seek from Jesus
all the equipment all the power
He wants to give to you to be an effective witness
Dedicate yourself to Jesus, live holy, remove everything that there might be
that is a hindrance between you and Jesus
sanctify yourself Set yourself aside for Jesus Christ
and then He will use you
He will fill you with His Holy Spirit
He will put His gifts in you so that you can be an effective witness
Dear freind, without Jesus we cannot witness
we NEED the power of the holy Spirit in us
and that we get by PRAYER
you got to spend time there in the presence of God praying and praying and praying
and once you have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
then you can pray more effectively
because the Spirit of God in you prays according to the will of God
and edifies you, builds you up
so when you go out to witness you go and you witness in the power of the Holy Spirit
Do not become discouraged Seek Jesus with all your heart
and He will pour those gifts on you my friend
Make yourself available to Him sanctify yourself unto Him
Jesus loves us all my dear friend
it is not that you are not good enough
maybe your DEDICATION is not serious enough
Seek Him with all your heart
and seek Him with all that you are
and He will certainly, most certainly
pour the BEST GIFTS unto you to be used by you in the service of His Kingdom
May Jesus bless you. �