Noël : Nail art bleu water marble glamour / How to : Blue water marble nail art very glamorous

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 22.11.2011

Hi girls, today I will show you how to make this nail art.
It’s a water marble in shades of blue.
I hope that you’ll like it, and what you’ll get to your water marble.
First for a water marble, you need to apply a layer of white varnish bring out the colors.
Of course here it is dry.
I will then protect my skin. It’s important.
Otherwise you will spread it out and it will be hard to clean.
I lay two pieces of scotch tape like this.
You can also put Vaseline on your skin.
It works pretty well, all you need to do then is to wash your hands (Used nail polishes can be found on
To remove the varnish that has ran out.
For this water marble, I have chosen 4 nail varnish from the web site
I will open them all not to waste time.
Then I will make circles in the water as you can see.
If after 2 or 3 circles, it doesn’t spread over
Don’t go further; your nail varnish is not good for it.
Here it works pretty well.
When it doesn’t spread, I will stop it.
There’s no use continuing otherwise it will be ugly.
Then I take a doting tool and a towel
And I will start doing my drawings in the water.
I clean my doting tool after each drawing.
And when I have a nice design
I blow in the water to remove the solvent
And to dry the foil.
Then I turn the pot and I dip my nail
Inside of it where I have a nice design.
Do not dip your nail at the center of it
Because you will have a bad result.
Then with my pen, I blow on it.
And I remove the residues of varnish on the surface.
I remove my nail out of it and I have the water marble.
With a pair of scissor, I cut the scotch tape and I remove it.
I use a tweezers to avoid get my hands dirty
And before it gets dry, with a cuticle stick
I scratch the cuticles so that it does not encrust my skin.
When the nail varnish is dry a bit
With my finger I press on it slightly to burst the water bubbles.
If when bursting the water bubbles it makes a white hole
Apply some vanish of the same color
Then with a flat brush and acetone pure, I will clean my skin.
Don’t forget the bottom of your nail
It is not very attractive to have the varnish everywhere.
And at last, I will add some glitter and the final top coat.
The water marble is done! Here is it!
Don’t forget that this technic doesn’t work with all kind of varnish.
It doesn’t mean that you are not good if you don’t succeed.
Most of the time, it is because of the nail varnish
Or it is because you are too slow while making the circles in the water.
It needs to be done quite quickly and to have to good nail varnish. Good Luck!
Products needed are on: www.manucure-beauté.com
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