[Real 2PM] Caribbean Bay CF making film

Uploaded by 2pm on 15.08.2011

I am cold
It’s cold hey it’s cold 우영
It’s cold 우영
우영 It’s cold
Ugh-oh 우영
It’s cold
Hey manager
I am cold
우영 is mine
Let’s go to the bathroom
Bro it’s cold
Can we go like this?
Follow me to the bathroom
Now no time for us to do this
I am cold Wait
I am colder
우영 Wait me up
I am colder
Hurry up
It’s cold
우영 Make clothes with this
Something you can do best
What do you wanna do
I want to travel with 우영
To Swiss
우영 Let’s practice singing
I am going to the bathroom
Why am I in the bathroom
We have to overcome this moment
You can do it
You are having a hard time
I chose the song
Yo yo 장우영
We wanna hear
We all wanna hear
Because I have a sore on my tongue
You can’t hear it
우영 is cheering hard for us
I am gonna make a chicken comb
우영 chicken comb
What am I doing?
Were you shooting me like this?
It’s not this
I have to see if the water is hot or cold
Oh, it’s hot
준호 수영 at 5m
Dive into the water
김준수 shark
Hurry up you’re too slow
Watch out
The water is hot
Water looks real cold
It’s cold
준호 There’s a diving board next
My hair will get all messed up
Try it after finishing everything
I can’t wait
Junho’s diving
Check it out everyone
He is my younger brother
준호 run
Way to go
Bite bite
Get an octopus an octopus
You com in
They say swimming is good for physical therapy of your knees
My swimming will turn the Hottest on
Anyone with a bad year Do not come in
The water pressure will hurt your ear below 3m
준호 When did you learn swimming
In the elementary school
For 3 years and then stopped for 10 years
I want to see 준호’s swimming under the water
Too bad
Backstroke Backstroke
You can’t do backstroke
My hair
So cool