Marriage Equality Matters

Uploaded by marriageequalitynz on 05.12.2012

Ka nui taku aroha mōu
I'd love to be able to marry the person that I love
what we all have in common is love
I love you
it's about families
marriage is only a word
it's about love
I thought we lived in a free country
I thought my kids were growing up in a place
where everybody has the same rights
it's everyone's right to love who they want to love
marry the person they love
I don't say I love you to everyone but
when I do say it I really mean it
it's just that freedom to be yourself
and to share
what you have
with other people
my - oh, god
my love
because it's love
eventually you get to choose the person that you love
hopefully be able to marry them too
we're lucky we're able to marry the person we love
I can marry who I love
I love that I have the right to
have married the woman I love
I love being in love
everyone is equal
I actually love love
what is love?
I would love
to be able to get married